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Journey into the 19.5 Vortex

Dolphin Merkaba

Activating the Star Tetrahedron

 for the manifestation of one’s highest potential

Experience the 19.5 Vortex

And commune with dolphin

Big Island of Hawaii

March 8 to the 14th, 2020

When a Star Tetrahedron is placed inside a sphere (Earth), with 2 of its opposite apexes touching the North and South poles, the remaining apex points line up on the planet’s surface at 19.5 ° North and South latitude.   It is one of the sacred geometric shapes, through which energetic, inter-dimensional vehicles known as ‘Merkabah’ or ‘light-bodies’ manifest.  At 19.5° latitude, we experience the intersection between the light body of the planet and its surface.  As human beings we are cosmically uplifted and able to make contact with the star nations.

Dragon line vortex

Here, at one of the planet’s 10 major vortices, where the dragon lines converge, there exists an almost palpable inter-section between Earth’s surface and its ‘Merkabah’ (light body).   This vibrant location creates a portal or star gate where prayers and intentions made here are broadcast into the world and beyond.  Kealakekua means “the pathway of the gods” in Hawaiian.   The many sea caves hold the spirit of the ancestors.  They at times choose to appear in the landscape. For me the appearance of the skull was confirmation of my journey which began in the 19.5 vortex in Teothihuacan 20 years ago at the time of the Grand Cross alignment.

Cave of faces

The universe is vibrating matter and we are reminded that everything is connected. Everything we are and everything we see is made up of the same essence, consciousness, energy, and divine spirit, whatever you choose to call it. When you truly grasp that as a concept, you understand what you desire is already present. What you have to do is figure out how to harmonize with it on the same frequency.    Here in the 19.5 vortex you will have an opportunity to experience the magick and healing of these waters as I have chartered our own private boat to guide us into this bay of liquid light, abundant with some of the most spectacular sea life and crystal-clear waters.

Sea Turtles

These waters are connected to the dreaming time. When you believe that what you want already exists and align with the frequency of it by quieting your mind, feeling and dreaming…. that desire must manifest.  These sacred waters facilitate raising one’s vibration to realize the manifestation of your inspired awareness.

Milky Way Stars

We will spend our evenings beneath the stars wayfinding.  Wayfinding is the traditional navigation methods used by indigenous people to connect to the celestial realms for guidance, to find their way home or to discover new lands.  This ancient art of connecting to the stars is important for us now as this decade begins as it reminds us who we are.  We are voyagers, people of the sacred blue who have forgotten to navigate with the stars and their movement to find our way.   It is a deep connection to everything that surrounds you.  You and the sky, you and the sea, you and the forest the stones, the animals.  A reminder we are NOT separate, we are one.

Kona Cloud Forest

As we connect deeper with the ancestors, we need to remember we are becoming the ancestors for the next seven generations.  We need to act responsibly and be the ones the next generations can look up to.  Accountability, not accomplishment is what matters most.  As we step away from the hustle to advance and accomplish more in a material world, we will discover that what truly  matters in this next decade as we step forward,  is kindness, compassion, becoming stewards of our sacred blue, honoring and accepting all who share our water star.  Something transcends realms here in the 19.5 vortex, the mana is calling the voyagers of the past to deepen our connection to our environment.

Kona Cloud trees

As we continue to journey between realms, you will experience the magnificent Cloud Forest as the elder trees open to share their secrets and the mysteries of the 19.5 vortex.

Kona Cloud forest

The clouds of the forest are not clouds, they are in fact the breath of the trees sharing mana with the human who approaches with an open heart.  Here we will join together with the natural world to pray and receive the blessings from these elders.

Kona plants

Everything you see is growing from lave not soil.  There is an incredible strength to survive and grow towards the light that is displayed in the symbiotic relationship everything in the forest has with one another. These ancient trees learned that they are stronger together and truly support one another.  Something the human world seems to have forgotten.  We will send our vision for the new decade through the dragon lines and the world wood network of the tree roots. Scientists call these mycorrhizal networks. The fine, hair like root tips of trees that join together with microscopic fungal filaments to form the basic links of the network, creates a symbiotic relationship between trees. All trees are connected to each other and work with the unseen world in activating the dragon lines.  They are key in restoring balance to the world of human.

round sea coral

Coral is the oldest of our ancestors, it is the heart of the sea.  Science has found the ocean connects us on a molecular level.  The same molecular structure of the coral is found in the lungs and heart of the human, the same microbes similar to the whale and dolphin.

swimming with dolphins

Swimming in the sacred blue with the dolphin, raises our vibration to be all that we were born to be.  Dolphins see our divine potential, they see who we are without our self-imposed limitations. When they swim close to us and we experience their sonar, they awaken us to the memory of our own magnificence.  They teach us to live in love, in the moment with no regrets.  The waters hold sacred geometric shapes that facilitate the release of ancient wisdom into our psyche when we enter the water world with an open heart.  Sacred geometry is the language of the heart.   The dolphin carry the light frequency of Kuan Yin and the Buddha teaching us, compassion, kindness, acceptance and allowance.  They work with the dragons to infuse the vibration of love in the water pathways.  Being in their presence you are forever changed.

2 Dolphins

I invite you to navigate into your own soul story in the 19.5 vortex as you emerge into the world of nature. To cosmically level up for the next decade.   Here heaven and earth come together in a dance of celestial light.  Our days will be journeying into the landscape of the 19.5 vortex in ceremony and learning.  Our evenings will in meditation beneath the stars to integrate.  Make a commitment to yourself to be all that you were born to be as we begin this next decade together.

If the navigator calls to you for this soul awakening experience, please contact me for more details and a registration form.   [email protected]

There are limited spaces, so I encourage you to register as soon as possible if you feel the call of the dolphin and spirit of the island.  I am happy to share accommodation recommendations with you as well.

Waves of love and dolphin cuddles, Robbyne

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