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January Planetary Influences

Planet alignment

Happy 2020

It has begun, a new decade and a new beginning to step into our full potential.  This wild ride becomes our dance into this decade. January 2020 will be an incredibly potent period in which to plant the seeds of what you want to develop far into the decade. I can’t reinforce this enough, that together and united, we are strong and have the potential to create a new reality.  Divided in judgment and fear we will fall.  Our trial run is over and the game is getting real.   Are you ready?  Of course you are.  If you feel any discomfort it is because there is a deep knowing that we have to step up our game, we need to cosmically level up.  Our world has changed and will continue to change.  It is breaking down so we can build it back up.  This is a year known as the Year of the Puma where we will need to master walking in balance, grounded, focused and centered.

For those who have a relationship with the plant beings I have created a new oil to support one in their journey invoking the spirit of the Puma.  These will be infused in the energy of the red rocks of Sedona at the time of the Grand Transformation Alignment..  A description is below.

year of puma

Path of the Puma – $60.00

In our busy and chaotic lives, we forget the value and grace that comes with stillness and introspection. The Puma inspires us to take time each day to be silent and reflect to maintain our balance. A powerful ally when one is experiencing disharmony in mind and thoughts as the puma spirit can provide support to guide you in the right direction by bringing into your awareness the steps needed to move towards your highest destiny and form.  Things that happen in the external world can impact us and throw us off balance, The plant beings in this oil and the spirit of the Puma which has been invoked using alchemical magick, inspire us to go within and continually work on letting go of the ego.  This powerful combination restores balance and a sense of calm as we tap into resources of strength and power to step forward.  Place on the wrists, rub together and breathe in the restorative power essence of the Puma.  Place on the heart to raise your vibration to one of love.   Rub in a clockwise motion on the solar plexus to release the need to control the situation and allow yourself to be in the flow.   If you would like to order the Path of the Puma Oil, please contact Guy at [email protected].

planet Uranus

January 10th/11th.  Uranus direct 2020

Revolutionary Uranus will go direct on January 11th and everything we have been suppressing will erupt, fueled by the Full Moon lunar eclipse and the Grand Transformation.  Even if we have been resistant to the changes we know we need to make when Uranus goes direct, we have no choice but to go along for the ride. If we can trust, in the end we will realize that these changes brought us to a much better place. Uranus is here to push us, so once it moves forward, resisting won’t stop these changes from happening. The changes we make during this period can actually help bring us to a point of greater stability as we begin the next decade. This is all part of the transformational times we are living in, and such change is needed to redirect humanity toward a better future. In acknowledging the forward motion of Uranus, work with the added benefit of the first full moon of the decade to illuminate the new path that this decade is offering.  Remember to live in love with no regrets.  To repeat a word I learned while recently in the 19.5 vortex on the Big Island, Ho‘okuleana, an action word which means, “to take responsibility”.  As this decade begins, we are asked to have more compassion and show more kindness as we infuse the dragon lines with love.  This is your opportunity to let go of an aspect of yourself that you have outgrown.  Take responsibility to make change.  Changing ourselves first to change the world.

wolf full moon`

January 10, 2020- Full Moon Cancer Lunar Eclipse

An Eclipse is one of the most significant events in astrology. Although they happen several times a year, the effects of an Eclipse can last for months and often trigger the themes and lessons of our soul’s journey. The reality that this full moon is occurring within the same window of the Great Transformation puts us on alert to pay attention to that inner knowing and the external signs that confirm that knowing. This full moon offers illumination into our soul story. We are able to see what we were unable to see before. We have an opportunity on this night to use the Wolf Full Moon to activate the memory of our soul plan which has been buried deep within us.  The wolf is the terrestrial way finder of the animal kingdom and can show us the way.   Wayfinding is the traditional navigation methods used by indigenous people to connect to the celestial realms for guidance, to find their way home or to discover new lands.  This ancient art of connecting to the stars is important for us now as this decade begins, as it reminds us who we are.  We are voyagers, people of the sacred blue who have forgotten to navigate with the stars and their movement to find our way.   It is a deep connection to everything that surrounds you.  You and the sky, you and the sea, you and the forest, the stones, the animals.  A reminder we are NOT separate, we are one.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a Full Moon Ritual to open your consciousness to receive the guidance that is there for you.  I will be posting a guided meditation to connect with the Wayfinder.  Click Here

pluto and saturn

January 12th/13th The Grand Transformation

Albert Einstein taught us that if we match the frequency of the reality we wish to attract, we will receive it.  This weekend with Uranus going direct, the first full moon lunar eclipse of the decade and The Grand Transformation there is an opportunity for dramatic and positive change to take place. This doesn’t mean an instant fix; this means the cracks in our systems and beliefs will break and crumble providing the opportunity to build on a solid foundation.  On that solid foundation we will begin to build a new reality. Take the time to sit in stillness and listen to your heart. What is your soul story? How can you be of greater service?  My time with the dolphin reinforced an awareness that we really need to prioritize what is important.  Our relationship with ourselves to continue to shed all the layers of illusion that create our self-imposed blocks to the fulfillment of our dreams. The relationship with family, friends, life partners.  Our relationship with the environment, our sacred blue and the natural word.  Our relationship with love.   When Saturn and Pluto form their first exact conjunction at 23 degrees in Capricorn on January 12, 2020, they will initiate a new cycle, shifting the emphasis into new structures, systems, governments, communities, corporations and ways of being.  This is cathartic and will require inner focus, determination and courage.  (That was the message from my recent encounter with the Tiger Shark). We will need to persist in the face of opposition, learn to surrender control but never settle for less or forget who we are.  We need to raise the bar as it is up to us.  If we face our challenges with grace, slow down, take the time to pause, listen to our inner knowing, remember the wisdom of our heart we will make significant progress and create the foundation that will endure.  Invoke the spirit of the Puma to walk with you.  Make an offering to the earth and create a random act of kindness today.

New Moon Rising

January 24th – 25th – New Moon

The New Moon in Aquarius marks the beginning of a new cycle. Look to the future with a brand new, positive, and hopeful vision; focus on extending a hand of support, express love for those around you; recognize the value of your friendships and social networks; recognize that some level of detachment and distancing ourselves from our habits and attachment to the past will help us break away from destructive behaviors that are holding us back. With this potent Aquarius energy, we have the chance to make progressive changes in our lives.  As we begin this decade make a commitment to create communities of like-minded people, to transform conflict into peace.  This new moon marks a conscious shift to create a new paradigm of love, truth, integrity, respect and compassion. For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be posting a New Moon Ritual to create the new paradigm of your personal reality.   

Embrace the change and invoke the spirit of the Puma to help you find solid footing in a dramatically shifting reality.

Wishing you a wondrous new beginning, new year and new decade.

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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