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On January 21st the Goddess was inaugurated with the Festival of the Secret Chamber


On January 20th Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of a very divided America. On January 21st the Goddess was inaugurated and awakened in the heart of the world. There became a United Global Alliance of support and love.

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I do however acknowledge his grand purpose. I have been curiously aware of my physical reaction to this man and yet I know it is something in me that has to be addressed and brought into balance. He is the catalyst to do this, as I know I hold a deep memory of the divine feminine being suppressed and diminished from many lifetimes. Yet this is so much more than Women being suppressed. This is the suppression of a people because of their color, sexual preference or religion. This is the suppression of the unseen world and the neglect we humans have shown to the natural world and the earth mother herself. This is a world being angry and feeling powerless. We the people of our beloved earth have transferred these emotions on to this man.   A world of complacent humans who have just accepted things or felt they had no real power to make change.  We have allowed our world to evolve into the chaos of uncertainty and fear we each feel.  Donald Trump is just the soul who has agreed to awaken us.

Not all have been complacent  as I have recently seen the movie Hidden Figures and was greatly inspired by the three women portrayed in that movie. (Timely that this movie be released in the Year of the Goddess Awakening.  I honor those countless individuals who throughout history from all nations have risked their lives to stand for a cause they believed in. Those who would die for the Goddess. I have vivid memory of this as well, and perhaps my physical reaction to a man who reflects to me such an imbalance is helping me to heal. We are all mirror images of one another and woven together. It is simply my belief that when we have such a reaction to an individual or situation we are judging something that is reflecting a part of us back. We have a choice as a collective concsiousness.  Do we hate this man for what he represents or do we take the opportunity to look deeper inside to see what needs to change within us.   Hate will not work.  It never has and simply can’t in an energy of duality where we either stand in judgment or we embrace love.  Do we commit to step forward and make change?   We talk about it but do we live it?

When I was guided to be in Egypt in November with an amazing group of 33 souls I didn’t know I would be in Sehkmet’s temple the morning of the election holding an Ankh, the Key of life before the lion headed goddess when the first message that the Goddess was awakened came.. “The time has come, change is now moving through the lands and you will need to find your balance. You are being gifted wisdom to make wise decisions and power to stand in your truth as a faith keeper”. Her name comes from the ancient Egyptian word Sekhem, which means power. Revered as The Lady of Life, Sekhmet is often depicted as a fierce warrior goddess with the head of a lion holding the Ankh in one hand and the staff of wisdom in the other.

I found the numerology of Donald Trump becoming the 45th president fascinating. In the year of the goddess awakening, the very year a new nine-year cycle begins, this man was being inaugurated in the energy of 9. Nine represents Higher wisdom, completion, spiritual knowledge.

In my own way I still struggled with the inauguration. Feeling uncertainty and praying that somehow this country would change and rally together. I recognize there is equal blame on both sides for this division within America, and an inability to work together. Red and Blue need to blend into purple, the color of transformation.  We need to stop the pattern of fighting for the self-interest of a party and find a way to work together.

I began to remember the experience we had been gifted in the Temple of Luxor where the ancient ceremony known as the Festival of Opet “the Festival of the Secret Chamber” occurred. During this festival the king would make a ceremonial precession from Karnak along the avenue of the Sphinx’s to the temple of Luxor, located 2 miles away. The king would make his way to one of the innermost chambers of the temple. There, the king and his divine essence (called the ka, created at his birth) were united and the king transformed into a divine being. Our group of 33 had done this. The memory of that night was stirring inside my heart.

The U.S. Capitol mimics the exact sacred layout of the Luxor temple. The Opet Festival is echoed in the inauguration ceremonies of U.S. Presidents as the head of the government. I tried to reason that somehow the inauguration had supported the Goddess and Donald Trump was aligning with his divine self.

And then….. from a simple sentence…..”I think we should march” came the thunderous roar and on the morning after the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Goddess was inaugurated. The ancient ceremony was taking place as millions lined the street to unify with the collective “ka”. The Goddess was awakened.

I was incredibly proud to be part of our community in Mount Shasta as there were equal amounts of men and women, children and elderly, all faiths, colors and beliefs marching together in the snow. And then…..the news media began to send images of the millions gathering around the world supporting the love revolution.

In that moment any possible doubt I had was dissolved. The anger I felt in my heart was changing. I felt our small group in Mount Shasta was creating a wave of love and light as we sang and moved in harmony planting the seed at the root chakra of the planet. I began to see on Facebook our spiritual community was out representing the Goddess and marching all across the country. The texts were coming one after another. WE were creating change together.

A united world was awakened. All the way to the last continent of Antarctica. The full essence of the Goddess was awakening.   This is only the beginning and we must each take the responsibility to keep the movement alive within us. As I always receive messages from the Goddess to give me guidance with her signs I awoke this morning to a winter wonderland as my home was blanketed in the most beautiful white layer of light.   Snow and ice hold the highest vibration of the element of water sacred to the Goddess.

Just outside my bedroom appeared a mother and baby deer. The deer is the messenger reminding us to approach everything with unconditional love, kindness, compassion, gentleness and peace. I made my way through two feet of fresh snow to give the deer an apple honoring the Goddess and giving thanks to be woven into this wonderful spiritual community with each of you. It felt good to be alive in this human body.

Together we must weave the light and carry this movement in everything we approach.  We must not hate, we must seek to understand on that everything happens for a reason.  It is enough to know the Goddess is awakened.   I am finalizing the details for the Dark Madonna journey to return to the lands of the Goddess to activate the dragon lines and bring forth the memory of the Church of the Rose. Celebrating the divine feminine and awakening the Goddess and the teachings of the Maria Magdalena the last week of September and first week of October through the lands of France and Spain. I will be sending details the end of the month. This movement has stirred a remembrance within the landscape of these lands and the sites of the Goddess seek to release the knowledge to the spiritual pilgrim.

I know there are many who are not able to join us on the spiritual retreats or journeys so I am offering a special reading to awaken the Goddess within. This is a written reading sharing with you the three aspects of the Goddess you are aligned with and how to work with the support of the Divine Feminine. It takes me time to align with your soul and the Goddess to see which Goddesses are influencing you. THE TRIPLE GODDESS is reflected, through the Maiden known as the innocent one, the Divine Mother Goddess, known as the nurturer and finally the Wise Woman, known as the Crone. The Goddess has been expressed through every land and culture and we each have a unique relationship with the Goddess. The Goddess Reading identifies how you can best awaken the Goddess within. Included will be your connection to the three different Goddess aspects, and the mythical beings that guard the doorway to the unseen world. This is usually a 3 to 4 page reading as I provide rituals on how to call upon the Goddess. You will also receive a Goddess crystal charged in the energies of the Sacred Mountain known as the root chakra and one of the mythical essences to support the relationship you have with you mythical ally. Those who wish to order the Goddess reading including the Goddess crystal and mythical elixir please contact me directly.   The cost is $150.00 plus shipping.

Lets celebrate the grand awakening of this new nine-year cycle.

Love, cuddles and rainbows, Robbyne

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    Such a beautiful read. I was brought to tears reading through this all. So many things I am experiencing that relate to his writing and help to assimilate those feelings and experiences. Thanks you xx

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