Isis Temple Egypt

Having been to Egypt numerous times in the last 18 years, I know the impact these lands can have on your soul but I had no idea how powerful this journey in the year of Self Mastery would be.   In a world that seems to be divided, those who had been called by the Goddess quickly came together.  It didn’t matter the religion or belief one held, nothing mattered other than something had stirred so deeply in our hearts that a destiny set in motion thousands of years before had brought  this family together. I watched as instant bonds that had transcended time were formed.    We had come from Australia, New Zealand, America, Switzerland and Denmark. Each person had a different story as why they had been called, but there was a knowing that we needed to be together in the Year of Self Mastery, a turning point for our beloved water planet to pray for peace, to seed a new vision into the source of the dragon lines. On some level we knew this was a journey into the soul that would change each of us forever. We would be gifted with courage to step forward into our full potential.  Many had struggled with the decision to come, but the voice in their heart and spoken louder than their head and they had committed to the journey.  

I live my life with the belief that if something changes or is taken from you it is replaced 100 fold.  That would be the theme of this ever changing,  journey through the lands of an ancient civilization. Our itinerary was changing from the very beginning.  When we arrived in Aswan and boarded our cruise ship I was told the government had stopped all boats from sailing on Lake Nassar and we now needed to make a change.  In that moment I realized I had no control and in early morning hours we began to scramble to come up with an alternative itinerary.  It was the night of SamHein, known as all Hollows Eve and my focus needed to be on the ritual I was to perform in the Temple of Isis.   I would deal with the changes when the sun rose.                                       

We would be allowed access into the temple of Isis in the early morning hours. The thought of the dramatic change in the itinerary slipped into my thoughts but as quickly as it began to take my focus, I glanced  to the left of the coach as we approached the temple, and  a fox  appeared standing as a guardian.  I always look to the natural world for guidance and wave of certainty came over me as I knew the fox was sacred to the druids as a messenger that a solution to any challenge would be found.   I took a deep breath and relaxed back into the knowing that Isis herself had summoned us and this journey was not up to me. What was required of me was focused intention on what I needed to create in her Holy of Holy Sanctuary.

We entered the area where we would board a small boat making our Imramma across the holy waters of the Nile River to Philae Island where the Temple of Isis stood in her magnificence.  An Imramma is a spiritual journey across sacred waters that allows you to enter into the veil of the unknown in search of your soul’s truth.  In silence we each focused on the journey  that would take us deeper into our own knowing.  The magick was beginning.


As our boat pulled up to the temple,  a shooting star shot across the sky directly over the chamber of the Holy of Holies.  I knew it was the presence of Isis herself.  The timing seemed surreal as the Orion Belt formed perfectly between the two towers of the temple. Surely we were being blessed. Each person would approach the altar and move through the sacred initiation placing their hand on the Cross of the Nile.


We had  come to receive the blessing and guidance of the Goddess for our journey. We had been given permission to enter the sanctuary on the very eve when the veil between worlds is thinnest.   We formed a circle and joined together to pray for peace, to bring more love into this world that was being torn apart with anger, fear, greed, judgment and separation. We could feel the power of our group infuse love into the dragon lines.  I felt my feet vibrate from the intensity of the infusion of light.


There was only love within our circle and I could feel the light of others praying with us infuse their light into the circle.


We emerged from the darkness as the first rays of light were appearing across the land.


Together we would watch the sun rise.


The unexpected event of having to move from our cruise ship would begin the never ending story of magick.  We needed to integrate and celebrate life.


That afternoon we sailed along the Nile River in our felucca experiencing life the way the ancients had celebrated the creative life force of the ever changing river. We danced and sang as we took a moment to let go of our burdens and illusions. Those things that were preventing us from being in our Mastery. It was time to let go.   We each knew this was part of the journey that had called our souls home.


The change of our itinerary brought a very special gift the next morning as we journeyed to the Temple of Khnum on Elephantine Island to the Temple of the creator God.  Here beneath the current temple was the source of the creative energies.   The place where the clay that forms when the Nile River floods was used by Khnum to form all of life. Our timing was divinely orchestrated and with a chance encounter we were allowed access into the underground crypt where no one is allowed.   On this particular day the director of the archelogical dig had opened the underground crypt for her students. The passing of the guides created the opportunity to connect to source.  This would become the theme of our journey. Doorways would open and the magick would unfold every step of the way for our group of spiritual seekers.  It was only because of the change in our itinerary that we found ourselves here at the source of life.  Another lesson in trusting the sudden course direction that occurs in our lives.



 We would continue to experience the temple alone as we climbed to the stargate where one can access the Dream Walker through the window of creation. A powerful day that was granted by the divine as we relaxed into the changes that divine spirit had set in motion.


Another surprise visit was created for our group to watch the sunset that evening at the Old Cataract Hotel which holds so many stories of her own. A place where authors, artists, actors and actresses had visited. Kings and Queens, diplomats and presidents of many countries had stayed. Their presence was felt as we walked the hallways of this magnificent palace and sat beneath the celestial skies. The old world and the present world seemed to join together with no divisions in the fabric of time. It was surreal but I knew the authors and artists amongst us were being infused with the creative powers of those who had walked these corridors before.  We were sitting on the Nile River bathed in the starlight. Our journey had begun on a new moon and with divine timing would culminate with the Full Moon 14 days later.


 Join us tomorrow as the magick just begins to unfold in the root chakra of the Nile River.

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