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Enchanted Ireland Land of the Wee Folk

To Be Announced in the Future

Have you forgotten what it is like to see the world through the eyes of a child, to experience innocence and play? Can you even remember the last time you played? Ireland is a place of childhood dreams and fantasies as well as a sacred kingdom to the world of faery and elves and the people of a deep spiritual faith. Home to the ancient Celtics, one can step back into time and reconnect to the old ways of magick.

We will travel through castles and stone circles, faery rings and magical forests where one can still hear the voices of the past chanting their melodic songs of healing and offering. A world alive with leprachauns and mystical animals safely hidden in a veil between our world and theirs. If one approaches these magical places with an open heart and chooses to listen with a pure heart many secrets of the past and guidance for the future can be revealed to the spiritual traveler.

I have had numerous opportunities over the years to work with a very special soul who is an expert in creating experiences that are far from ordinary that literally transport one from the world of the mundane into the world of magic. Every part of this journey will be a unique experience bridging the past to the e future. Jamie George, with Gothic Images is a delight to share experiences of magic with and I promise there is a surprise around every corner when he joins our group. Chance encounters, delightful dining experiences, time to sit and allow the faery realm to play with you. Incredible beauty from rugged coastlines to beautiful landscaped hillsides, you will find it all in this magical land. We will perform ancient Celtic ceremony, you will learn how to communicate with the faeries and magical people and you will feel your heart coming alive again with joy and innocence.

We will perform a very special ceremony in New Grange, a passage to the underworld and visit some of the sites not well known to the tourist where the wisdom of the past is stored and can be retrieved when one enters again with an open heart.

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