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Introduction to the Path of the Rose

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Unless you are willing to walk into the unknown, the chances of making a profound difference in your life will be minimal.  Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself and remembering the Law of One.  As we delve deep inside our hearts, we start opening up like a beautiful rose, to our own inner guidance. The mystical 33 petal Rose calls, awakening us to remember universal truths as we reclaim our Divine Feminine essence.

We MUST continue to search for our personal truth, not what the media tells us or the conspiracy theories we are being bombarded with that creates further confusion.

We MUST take personal responsibility to stay educated on the best ways to maintain our immune system, and even more important our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

We MUST  do the work to support the upgrading of our body temple by allowing ourselves to move through the emotional triggers as they arise.  With Saturn the planet of karma still retrograding the core of our belief system will be brought into our awareness.  Our insecurities and self-doubts that hold us back will arrive front and center to challenge us to address our fears.  Our regrets, resentments and disappointments will challenge us to leave behind the old vibration of lack and victimhood.  Being able to look through the lens of the heart we can gain greater wisdom, focus on what we are creating and free ourselves from the illusion that blinds the path opening before us.

As we continue to navigate through these times of confusion and uncertainty where international travel remains limited with border restrictions and quarantine requirements the teachings of the Path of the Rose are more important than ever.  As I have found myself now positioned amongst the elder Red Stones of Sedona, I am offering an online sharing of the magick.  Similar to a private retreat to walk with me on a spirit walk, I can also create an inner spirit walk to share the teachings and experience the magick of the natural world.  I create for you a shamanic experience to tap into your own intuitive knowing with tools to assist you in shifting an old belief system,  guided meditations and powerful processes that will support the journey we are all taking as  we experience the resetting of Lady Gaia. This is a journey into you and can take place in your home at your time.  It requires a commitment to do the work and a desire to step forward as we are asked to cosmically level up.  I will be sharing the ancient teachings of many cultures and providing modern day tools to help you navigate.  This is a journey of exploration and remembrance.

For more information please click PATH OF THE ROSE.

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