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Thank you to all who participated in sharing their light at the time of the Conscious Convergence.  I have heard from many of you how powerful the weekend was.  For me I was told I needed to prepare for this significant moment in time by first going through my own initiation and to walk in the footsteps of those who had gone before.  Thirteen years ago this journey began  following the trail of  the ancestors and entering into the ancient mysteries of the land of Aotearoa (New Zealand).  In 1997  after an encounter with a very special man, Barry Brailsford, a new path would open for me to follow. This very wise. humble wisdom keeper of ancient knowledge has shared the teachings of the Waitaha people through his many books and lectures.  For me it began with one book, Greenstone Trails which opened the doorway for the answers to come that I had been seeking since childhood.   The meeting with Barry would begin what has become my never ending story, a journey to every continent and chance encounters with men and women from every land who hold the ancient wisdom.  Now thirteen years later this deep calling inside would present another opportunity to meet with this wise elder who would again share with me the next part of my journey.   I have walked in this world of man all my life feeling as though I was only a visitor, but this place, known as Aotearoa,  felt like the source of my very being.  I felt I had finally come home.  No wonder the Dalai Lama identifies this sacred sanctuary of Castle Hill as the Center of the universe for here is a university of ancient wisdom.

Over the years since my first meeting with Barry I have returned to Castle Hill on several occasions with groups I was guiding but never had an opportunity to spend more than a couple of hours amongst the magnificent stone beings.  This time it was clear, that to prepare to hold the space for the Conscious Convergence I would need first to prepare and become a clearer vessel.  Barry offered me the piece of my puzzle that I needed.  The web we are woven into was connecting me to everyone and everything I needed to support this journey.  I was simply asked to trust and allow things to unfold.  This is something I have been doing since my encounter with the Mayan elders in 1999 when they told me that no matter what I was asked to do in the years to come I needed only to trust as I was protected and the journey would reveal itself.  It was my destiny and the ancestors were calling.

The weather predictions for the two days we planned to be in Castle Hill were rather bleak.  I prayed the night before for clear skies as I knew a challenge lay ahead physically for what I needed to do but I was prepared for the weather prediction of rain, cold and miserable conditions.  Every time I had been to Castle Hill since that first meeting with Barry it had rained but I had never traveled to where I needed to go for this monumental shift of the planet.

I dressed for every possible condition and had to smile as I looked in the mirror and realized I was a fashion expression from many nations.  From the boots on my feet made in New Zealand, the pants from the states, the sweatshirt from Australia, the hat from Iceland and the gloves from Switzerland, I was ready to meet any challenge.  I consider myself to be a global citizen and claim no particular faith or country as my own.   I honor everything and everyone so it was fitting that I be attired in such a global representation of clothing.  When we arrived it was misty.

The mist would soon part and we would be gifted with the most glorious sunny, clear and dry day.  The ancestors had heard my prayers.  We began the journey that had taken the ancestors years to make.  This was not an easy journey as the higher we climbed the steeper the path got.   There was snow on the ground and the rocks were quite slippery.

I fell so many times and have the bruises and aching bones to prove this was not an easy journey.  At one point my husband made the comment, “You have to really want this if you are going to make it to the top”.  Although every part of my body now ached and I had bruises on my bruises from so many falls ,I knew my purpose and I was determined to keep going.  Such is the path of the faith keeper and the one who walks the trail of peace.  No matter how many times you fall, no matter how many bruises you acquire from life’s disappointments, if you want something you must pick yourself up and keep going.  It is after you fall that you realize how strong you are.  All my life I had been tested but this was the ultimate test both physically and spiritually for me as I knew after these two days in Castle Hill I would not be the same.

Finally we stepped through the doorway of the ancient stones to the place of higher learning.  This was graduation.  Not only had it taken me 13 years in this lifetime but I knew it had been many, many lifetimes of learning that had brought me to this place on this day.  When you finally reach the ridge of the stones of the ancient of ancients you can feel the energy shift.  There are two very special stone beings.  One holds the male energy and is known as the First Navigator, the other is the Female stone, the mother, holding the presence of the dark mother Goddess, the Black Madonna, White Buffalo Woman, Kuan Yin, Grandmother Spider.  For the Maori and the first nation people of New Zealand she is known as Marotini.  As I stood beneath Ra Kai Hau Tu, the male stone, I asked for courage and strength to be a faith keeper.  I asked for the knowledge of how to guide those just awakening as a navigator.  I prayed to be a teacher and pure channel, a messenger, to be free of ego and walk as a humble servant.  The greatest teachers and wisdom keepers I have met need not claim to be anyone.  They just are who they were intended to be, walking the path of peace in a gentle and humble way.  I felt something inside me shift that day, a renewed sense of power.

I went next to the Mother stone and felt embraced with her love.  There within the stone is a place that felt as though it was an opening into the womb of the mother.  I crawled into this place and felt I had returned to be nurtured and to receive guidance.   I had lost my mother three years before very unexpectedly but I felt her with me in this place. After a period of time I felt I was born again, leaving all struggles, doubts, fears, and burdens that I had carried for lifetimes behind.  Born again as a vessel to hold light from the stars without any limitations.  This was my destiny, this is why I had been born to walk amongst the world of man.

Another chance encounter (what I know now , this  was divinely orchestrated by spirit and written in the stars long ago) would bring our group of five this day together.  The last to join our group was a beautiful Maori woman who held much of  the ancient wisdom of the those who guarded the lands of Aotearoa.  Maikira shared her story of this stone we stood beneath.  The ancient story of creation speaks of Tane Mahuta the great Kauri tree who separated Father Sky and Mother Earth to allow light to shine upon the earth into the world of man.  Tane Mahuta used Red Ochre to create his female counterpart and breathed the essence of life into his partner creating the balance of male and female.  My husband (who I must add is coming along nicely) took a photograph of this amazing stone and we were all quite surprised to see that the stone itself was illuminated in a magenta/red color.  What was even more amazing was the entire star system of our galaxy somehow appeared in this picture as well.  Confirmation we were walking amongst the star beings.

Five hours from the time we began this journey through the stones of learning to the place of graduation at the summit of higher learning we were finally down the hill and back at our car.  I was ready and forever changed to now hold the space for my role in the Conscious Convergence.  I knew thousands would be joining us the next day as we walked for the first time the Marae of the the Navigators and Star Walkers.

Check back with us tomorrow as I share the experience at the time of the Conscious Convergence as we shifted the reality of the planet through our focused and collective prayer for peace.  There is more work to do and things will greatly accelerate now for the awakened.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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