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Inner Journey to Sacred India
And the Heart of Ayurvedic Healing
Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant
Retreat One October 21 to October 28th,
Retreat Two October 29th to November 5th

High on a mountain in a magnificent rainforest exists an India from another time and place. The purity of the land and the heart of Ayurvedic Healing, the oldest healing modality practiced on the earth today was born in this region. Ayurveda, an ancient science that unifies the mind, body, spirit, allowing one to restore the physical temple to a place of balance and aligning the heart and head of man with the God Consciousness.

My personal journey to this magical place on our beloved earth was as always divinely orchestrated by spirit. The guardian of Chamundi Hills truly carries the essence of the divine Goddess walking in human form. Following a clear vision she received in a dream this lovely woman was told to build an Ayurvedic retreat center from the Deva of Chamundi Hills. This manifestation of her vision serves as a silent place upon the earth matrix where one can step back into time and connect with the ancient healers of the past. When one is experiencing stillness, one can find that place between worlds where their past, present and future can all merge together. This healing retreat center lies in our world with a parallel crystal light library containing the ancient secrets of truth from the Veda masters. The doorways to wisdom now opened into our world once again.

2007 is the Year of the Great Awakening, the Remembrance of our true identity and our God/Goddess connection. If one is to have a sound mind, one must first have a sound body. The physical body must be treated with the same respect we use to approach the great temples and places of worship of the past. This particular site allows one to truly be in the moment and in that stillness a great discovery can take place. Our main purpose in being here at this time is to find our way back to God and the Goddess. We as individual particles of starlight each have a unique service we are here to perform. This retreat is designed to heal every aspect of our expression to allow one to be fully present in that divine service.

I have specifically been guided to create intimate group experiences to combine individual Ayurvedic teachings with a daily Shirodharo treatment for each participant. This unique experience of warmed medicinal oil being poured directly onto the third eye while the body temple is completely relaxed activates the energy point to produce self-healing and receive clarity through vision. This experience produces a very deep state of relaxation assisting in relieving stress related problems and increases ones life force building ones immune system. The ancient Vedas of India knew how to tap into the universal life force that exists for all of humanity to assist in removing obstacles and blockages. Our world is awakening and we are being called up to assist the masses, as the realization that we are so much more than we have believed for thousands of years becomes part of a collective consciousness.

Each day one will experience the magic of this sanctuary which opens one to parallel worlds through deep processes and meditations. You will experience a very special Hindu ceremony known as Pooja which clears one of self-destructive behaviors, doubts and fears and opens the doorway free of obstacles to experience the fullness of this life expression. We will be accelerating the light frequencies within the throat center to speak the words of God, the Third Eye to see through the eyes of God and the Crown Chakra to hear and remember the words of God.

We will have a very special encounter with a wonderful animal ally and experience an intimate relationship with this guardian of ancient wisdom, For those who desire, you will have an opportunity to ride the resident elephant and share in the experience of nurturing him as he enjoys bathing in the river. We will have a special evening experiencing the traditional culture of the past through a wonderful feast and ancient dance as you are transported back in time to a place that is free of worry, stress, and responsibility.

Other unique excursions to explore this beautiful country and the parallel worlds of nature have been created for your experience. A journey through the backwaters to be with the nature guardians and a special visit to the healing temples has been arranged.

A special diet is offered daily containing the high vibrational energies so important to create this mind, body, spirit alliance and most necessary as there will be another infusion of higher frequencies of light being sent to the earth matrix at this time. Most of the food is grown within this beautiful sanctuary. The space is limited to 15 individuals per retreat to allow complete unity of the group experiences and time for individual Shirodharo treatments. The first group experience begins on Sunday, October 21st for 7 nights. Those in the first group will be experiencing a very special Full Moon ceremony. The second group experience will begin on Monday, October 29th. We will have this retreat center exclusive for our group and all experiences. A wonderful healing room built in a treehouse is available for private sessions for those who are interested in additional healing experiences utilizing the color silk wrapping and tuning forks as well as channeling sessions. These sessions can greatly enhance and facilitate the Ayurvedic treatments and experiences as well as detox the mental and emotional bodies.

For those of you who desire to incorporate a second week of Ayurvedic healing experiences such as detox, rejuvcnation, lymphatic drainage and particular ailments such as arthritis, joint inflammation, blood disorders, a special additional program can be made available for you. In all of the great civilizations of the past, Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, their were healing temples of light utilized by the people to restore balance, to remove negative patterning, to open ones intuitive channels to the one source of universal power we are all connected to. The sanctuary of this Ayurvedic healing retreat is built upon the crystal grid where those healing temples of the past once existed in our realm of consciousness.

If you are called to experience an India like no other, to experience that state of nirvana we dream of experiencing, to relieve the stress and worry that creates the mental, physical and emotional imbalances the external forces of our outside world creates, I invite you to join with me for an experience like no other.

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