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If You Haven’t Heard Nature Whispering To You lately, Now Is a Good Time to Listen

I have come to one of my favorite places on the mountain to listen to the Goddess who speaks to me through the natural world.  My daughter and her boyfriend as well as their two dogs are with me and it is a gorgeous day to be alive.


I feel blessed to live in this magickal sanctuary known as Mount Shasta.  We have hiked from the Middle falls to the top and step into the river to cool down.  I am seeking guidance for direction now that Mercury is direct.


Immediately we come upon a water snake who has made the perfect Infinity Sign, the figure 8.  Nature is speaking, reminding me this is the Year of Manifestation.  It is also  the year when we are given numerous opportunities to master our ability to  live in a world of duality.   We are always experiencing opposing forces as we are guided to find our still point.   So powerful is this message.  Nature is clearly displaying the orborus which represents,  in order to move forward we must leave the past behind.


In order for there to be a new beginning there must be an ending.   Nothing could be more appropriate than this message with Mercury now moving forward and each of us being pushed to take a leap of faith as we move closer to the fourth and final Total Lunar Eclipse that will occur in late September.

I leave this beautiful animal messenger alone to sun on the rock and find my own place to sit and be still beneath a great standing tall one.  I am listening to the river and the winds that are gently blowing through the trees.  I hear from the wind to look up.    I see a shadow on the river, it is  a winged one.


I can not believe my eyes, it is a Great Bald Eagle.  In the twenty years I have been coming to the mountain I have seen maybe ten eagles.  Never  has one flown along the river within a few feet of me.  My heart is racing with excitement.  Nature never disappoints when we come with an open heart.  The eagle lands directly across the river. Always in the past when I have been gifted with a visit from the eagle,  the winged one has landed high in the trees.   This one chooses a branch that makes him quite visible.

To many Native American tribes, the wings of the Eagle Spirit represent balance of the male and female.  From their high perches and  their ability to soar in the sky, the Eagle can see life in its entirety, both the good and the shadow. The perspective that the Eagle spirit brings allows us to see through situations and see the true meaning that is beneath the experience at hand.  Eagle connects you to the power of Spirit so you can let go of fear and uncertainty in your life.  Eagle helps you break free from limitations so you can truly soar.


This one is looking directly at me and I can hear his message loud and clear. He speaks to me of the time we as a human race are moving through, assuring me that all is in order, but unless we each learn to connect to the natural world we will become lost in our fast world.  I am told to prepare as there will be many who will be drawn to this powerful vortex, the root chakra of the planet and the amethyst mountain of Saint Germaine.


Three years ago Saint Germaine came to me as I sat at the healing waters and clearly told me I was to live here at the mountain.  The mountain was calling to my soul.    I was being prepared.  I was asked to connect deeper to the mountain in order to guide those who seek to know themselves through the landscape of the mountain, into  the unseen world  where all of nature could share.

I have been here  on the mountain  for all three of the total lunar eclipses that are part of the Tetrad of four that began in April of 2014.  Each has significantly changed my life and brought me greater clarity and sense of purpose.

I remember that I also was here for the  total lunar eclipse in 2003.  That night the mountain spoke and  I was told to carry the Andara Crystal to  Glastonbury, England in November for the lunar eclipse at the time of the planetary alignment known as the Harmonic Concordance.  Glastonbury,  home of Avalon, is connected with an amethyst bridge to Mount Shasta.  The dream Isle of Iona also sits upon the same dragon line that weaves these sacred places together.

I will be on Iona for the fourth and final total lunar eclipse.  The eagle with its intense gaze and grand presence shared with me that the wisdom that will be gifted  in the magick time of the final total lunar eclipse, through the Obsidian Stone Being known as EB is to be carried back to the mountain.   For those who may be called to experience the mountain I will be  guiding a shamanic journey  to celebrate at the time of the turning of the wheel, the holy day known as SamHein on October 31st.   Also known as All Hollow’s Eve in the northern hemisphere  is one of two nights when the veil between worlds is the thinnest.  Beltaine is the other.  All of nature opens to the human at this time.


October is a beautiful time to be on the mountain.  The seasons are changing, the trees are turning magnificent colors of red, orange and yellows.  One can feel a stirring deep inside as the mountain opens to share. There is a stillness on the mountain as the summer tourist have left for the season.   If you are interested in being part of this sacred turning of the wheel and experiencing the magick of the mountain to listen to the guidance of nature, I will be sending more details in the next few days.

I am also currently scheduling private shamanic journeys for October and November for anyone who would like to journey deeper within for guidance and direction as you learn to listen to the natural world.   If you would like to know more about these life changing transformational experiences, please click here for more details.

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Much love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne




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