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If We Want A New Humanity…. We Must Change Ourselves?

There is a very special place near Akaroa where the spirit of the Totara, the whale spirit is very strong.   This is a sacred place where one can connect with their divine self.  The landscape here allows one to travel the back of the whale to the place of reconnection.  With each step one walks with purpose towards their destiny.




Slowly we climbed to the top of the whale, pausing in the middle to honor the four directions.  It was a stunning day after the storm that had come through the afternoon before. 

We laid on the earth mother, earthing and receiving her healing energy.



Energized from the sun we continued to the top to the sacred stones where we offered flower petals to honor our journey. 




There is a mystical doorway here at the top and when one sits in stillness one can feel their connection to the celestial realms.



As we returned back to the mainland the tide was coming in quickly.  We offered shungite to the waters and our prayers of healing with gratitude for this journey.   There was a clear message as the tide moved rapidly in, that we had reached a point on our personal journey where we just needed to get on with things. We could no longer hesitate or make excuses.  It was time to step forward.


If we waited we would lose a grand opportunity to step forward.  How many times have we hesitated and waited thinking we were not good enough, fearing we would fail. 


We were energized, ready for our journey into our own knowing to continue as we headed to the place of the great stone beings known as Castle  Hill.


 Castle Hill is a place of great  magick where the dragon lines join together. 


The Dalai Lama having walked these sacred lands had stated this was where heaven and earth come together.  

To experience the wisdom and healing of these stone beings is a magnificent gift for the seeker who travels to walk amongst them.



Even though the weather forecast was heavy snow I knew in my heart the weather would clear to allow us to enter the university of the Waitaha.    A great wisdom keeper who had opened the pathway for my journey in 1997 Barry Brailsford, had shared with me then, that when I returned from Tibet I would walk with others, the path of the starwalkers.   Little did I know that in 2013 that very opportunity would come where I found myself in Tibet at the time of the Wesak celebration.


Now 17 years later the prophecy shared with me from Barry was being fulfilled.    My heart was filled with gratitude that I had the priveledge of meeting these wise wisdom keepers who had certainly shared their knowledge freely with me over the years  to in turn share with others.



I walked with a great sense of awe and humbleness to be walking with this beautiful family.  Like the Waitaha of the past we had come from many lands and now would walk in a sacred way honoring the stone beings as they shared their wisdom with each of us.   

We were walking as one light with our hearts fully embracing the moment.  Three beautiful women who called New Zealand home were also joining us, bringing their light.  Melanie, Sue and Gloria, I knew were weaving the energy of our group back into the sacred lands.



This is a place where one must walk with an open heart, with respect and without ego, honoring nature and reflecting on ones journey.  When one approaches these stone beings in such a manner, great healing occurs and insight for one’s journey is given. 


We would spend seven hours with the stones, healing, growing, listening and honoring the journey that had brought this beautiful group together.  We would sing to the stones.   When we were ready to walk through the star gate,  Lorrie played the singing bowl to the stones.  As she opened the pathway it began to snow.  We were being blessed by the  Goddess.  There was magick all around us.  One could feel we were not alone, the ancestors and star walkers were amongst us. 


We each took our turn in the birthing stone known as Marotini.  The place where one feels their connection between heaven and earth as your soul spirals back to source.  Here we each made a commitment to walk a path of beauty and to step forward as the full expression of who we had come to be.



It had been a powerful day for everyone.   We were exhausted that night but felt a sense of completion for the journey and a feeling of rebirth.

The next morning we would fly to Queenstown for our last three days of integration in beautiful Glenorchy.  This was a place where magick and enchantment could be found and would be  the perfect place to end our journey.

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  1. Edie

    What a beautiful trip!! Wish I could have join you.
    Much love to you!!

  2. Julie Davis

    Truly Beautiful and Magical
    Thank you
    May Peace Prevail on Earth
    Bright Blessings and
    Hugs of Light
    Julie xxx

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