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If Enough People will do their inner work,

this soul work will pull us through any emergency.


Having just returned from another amazing encounter with the sea angels in the spiritual center of Atlantis, I again feel grateful and transformed.  A beautiful cohesive group joined together in support of one another.   I think we all knew that this journey was so much more than we had each thought when we answered the call.  Many had resistance and questioned what they were doing days before as Hurricane Dorian unleashed with a fury and a powerful message for our global community.

I experienced the intensity days before the hurricane and prayed we would find our way to come together.  Even the crew of Wild Quest was different this time and brought a whole new energy to this experience.  Always beautiful to be with these wonderful souls.  Together we shared the moment of entering this powerful vortex in the the aftermath of Dorian.  Bimini had been protected but no one knew if the dolphins had returned.

Wild Quest Dolphin

We had beautiful couples join us.

WildQuest Dolphins

Men supporting their Goddess wives and holding space for our group.

Octopus altar

Powerful wisdom keepers who brought their medicine  and knowledge,  creating an altar to hold the teachings of the sacred blue.

WildQuest Dolphins

We celebrated birthdays, new beginnings and opportunities presenting themselves on our journey.

WildQuest Dolphins

I believe we each had profound moments of knowing it was enough to be committed to the process of doing our inner work so we could step forward to support the shifts taking place on the sacred blue.

Wild Quest Dolphins

The dolphin did come and absolutely filled our hearts with joy.  I felt a deep connection with everyone who had joined our pod on previous journeys and felt gratitude that our pod continued to grow.

WildQuest Dolphins

Our last day in Bimini we would travel to the Atlantean road.  I knew something powerful would happen here.

WildQuest Dolphins

I had gifted each person with a selenite heart to infuse with prayers and a collective vision of ONE POD, ONE WORLD.  We needed to look beyond our differences and judgments, we needed to find that place of deep, unconditional love which begins when we love ourselves.

WildQuest Dolphins

We needed our light to shine in those hearts so we could release them on the Atlantean Road.

Wild Quest Dolphins

I held my own heart in silent prayer and when I opened my eyes there was Ryland, a beautiful five year old who had come with his beautiful family.

WildQuest Dolphins

The goddess who was his grandmother, her two lovely daughters who were priestesses and the beautiful shining rays of light, Marley and her brother Ryland.

WildQuest Dolphins

The intention he placed when praying for the dolphin brought tears to my eyes.  We had hope and these waters were a Hope Site.

WildQuest Dolphins

The waters were still stirred up from the hurricane and visibility was not there.  Amlas and Captain Chris decided to do something they had never done in 20 years for our group.  We would free float over the road as a pod.

WildQuest Dolphins

They positioned the boat at an angle where we all entered the water as one.  We would simply float together over the road and feel into the energy.  We couldn’t see it so we had to be completely in our hearts.  (Yet another divine message from spirit).  Guy took my hand and I closed my eyes.  Instantly I drifted through the portal to another time and was met by a great master who began to share with me where we were drifting.  I could hear the voices of many speaking.  During the float we all released our hearts.

WildQuest Dolphins

Selenite would dissolve into crystal light and carry those prayers and wishes through the current of the Sacred Blue with the sound of the dolphins.  It was the Sedna Full Moon and I knew thousands were joining together in sacred ceremony and silent prayer.  The ripple through the universe was palpable.

I knew we had made a difference.

The next morning Michael shared with me a message she had received that morning.

People often asked Karl Jung, “Will we make it?” referring to the cataclysm of our time.  He always replied….”  If enough people do their inner work, this soul work will be the only thing that will pull us through any emergency”.  Michael didn’t know that the Master that met me through the veil shared a similar message.  This was a powerful confirmation.

A truly amazing week of transformation and reconnecting to ourselves.   We learned not to have an expectation about anything…. instead have an experience.  Wonderful new relationships were formed.  Hearts were opened.  Amazing healing took place.  Thank you, Bimini, for sharing the seven layers of Bimini Blue with our pod.  I have already set in motion our return in 2020 for those who may wish to join our pod and experience this life changing moment of reconnection.

We will carry the gifts of the Bimini Blue to Avalon as we return to Glastonbury and the sacred landscape of the Goddess.  Thank you to everyone who shared their beautiful light in prayer and ceremony at the time of the Sedna Full Moon.  We are making a difference.

Goddess Venus

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Love and dolphin cuddles, Robbyne

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