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Iceland Land of Fire and Ice

To Be Announced in the Future
At the top of the world lies a mystical island, home to the elves and faeries, the mysterious realm of the unseen beings. Many cultures including the Native American Indians, and the Tibetans believe in hidden energetic leylines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole that hold the divine feminine energy.

To experience the distinctive terrain of Iceland is to experience truly another world. The island itself holds energy of strength and courage left in the earth itself by the Ancient Vikings a strong, powerful and mystical civilization that ventured to this new and remote island to begin a new life. Iceland is one of the most powerful points on the planet to set new intentions.

This is a journey where you will experience a land that exists in another time dimension and feel the power of the elements. We will journey to the far North close to the Arctic Circle and for those who desire an optional experience to the remote island of Grimsey, which will place you directly on the latitude of the Arctic Circle. The north is the place of completion and when one stands on the latitude line there is knowingness that one is about to embark on a wondrous new beginning, a new chapter in their life. The ancestors reside in this special place and reveal themselves to those who see and hear with their heart seeking guidance and direction. We will spend several days in the north at the mystical lake where it may be possible to experience the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights an expression of God painting the midnight skies with light. A magical emerald green light that burst into other colors appears and many say they can actually hear the sound of the lights.

80% of Icelanders believe in elves and faeries keeping the magic alive throughout the country. We will visit a special elf kingdom in their ancient village. You will have a rare opportunity to climb into a lava cave, which holds the Goddesses expression of light through magnificent natural ice sculptures. Here the perfect balance of male (lava) and female (ice) are brought together to create a sense of harmony and balance as you find yourself deep in the womb of the earth mother as we will experience a powerful rebirthing ceremony. We will visit a wonderful geothermal pool that holds healing and rejuvenative waters for our physical bodies and one can experience a variety of culinary delights at our special accommodations which will be our home exclusively for several days. We will travel to the south to experience a very different terrain of striking cliffs overlooking crystal clear seas, waterfalls of magnificent power home to the water sprits, undines and sea nymphs. Geo thermal activity home to the fire spirits and we will have a special opportunity to climb to the top of the Holy Mountain. It is said when one climbs in silence without looking back when they arrive at the top three wishes will be granted. We will perform our own special ceremony connecting to the world of the unseen beings asking for magic to be restored in our lives.

Iceland is truly a place of magic and visiting this tiny island when the tourist have all left can provide some truly unique and life changing experiences.

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