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I saw that you were perfect and loved you…

Mirror rose

“I saw that you were perfect and loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more”.   Angelita Lim

Valentines Day, February 14th, is accepted around the world as a day to celebrate love.  An opportune time to celebrate everyone in your life, not just a partner or spouse.  It is also a day to celebrate the Magnificent One that is your magickal child.  Celebrate all aspects of you, even those wondrous imperfections that make you…..you!!!   Take the time to acknowledge the positive qualities, of those you love, that they bring into your life.   Instead of focusing on the irritations, or things you feel lack in your partnerships make it a day to just be in the energy of love wherever you are and with whoever you are with.

butterfly heart

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”

Change your belief to one of love and watch the miracles unfold around you.

We have officially begun the Year of the Earth Pig and will soon be celebrating the next Full Moon in Virgo dedicated to the Divine Mother Goddess Isis on February 18th and 19th.  For those of you who are members of our online subscription series I have now posted the guided audio meditation to work with on a deeper level with the energies Isis offers on this night, as well as the sacred ritual you can create to summon these magickal energies to you.  I continue to work on the personal messages for those of you who are members of the Moon Cycle subscription series.   As these are individual messages from your magickal child they do take me time for each one, so bear with me as yours is coming.  The personal messages are for those members who have signed up for the annual series, not month to month.  If you would like to join our subscription series to receive monthly new moon, full moon, Sabbat Celebration rituals, ancient teachings and a guided audio full moon meditation please click here.

Whale Breach

I have now returned to Maui to continue my work with the sacred blue and the whales. I will be swimming in the ocean, sending waves of love on Valentine’s Day with the andara crystal.

Castle Hill

I am returning home to Waiheke Island in New Zealand in March and am currently scheduling private retreats on the island and private sessions.  For those in the Southern Hemisphere, I am also creating an inner journey of discovery to connect with the Magnificent One in Tasmania, the isle of the dragon lineage and will be returning to the southern island of New Zealand to Castle Hill for the WESAK Full Moon in May.

Sending you love and wishes for an enchanting February.

Love and whale love songs, Robbyne

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