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Every once in a while, a line in a movie or a quote from someone will touch deep into the core of my soul.  I feel a tingle run up my spine and I know for me that this is my truth.  My guidance usually comes from the natural world, as when I enter the silence, I can hear my own heart speak.  With nature there are no hidden agendas, no narratives to manipulate one for the personal gain of another.  No greed, no deception, just truth.

river reflection

I have discovered one of the greatest challenges we humans face, is to find our truth.  It becomes a lifelong quest on our path of spiritual growth.  Nature, stillness, and solitude facilitate one’s ability to discover that truth if we give ourselves permission to just be.

I had taken a day to joyfully have purple woven into my hair to celebrate life and just because I can!!!  It makes me feel alive.   I glanced at a magazine and began to read an article about Jim Carrey, the comedian and actor, who was announcing his retirement.  He wanted to live a simple life.  When asked why now, his words became my truth.

“I Have enough…..I Have Done Enough and I am Enough. I just want a simple life, to put paint on canvas”  I was so moved by the simplicity of those words and the feeling of absolute truth that I actually had to wipe tears from eyes.  Imagine if all of humanity lived with that thought.

“I Have enough…..I Have Done Enough and I am Enough”.  There would be no need to compare oneself to someone else, to evaluate your life and look for what was missing. There would be no jealousy. No haters, no greed.  There would be no need to be on a hamster wheel to make more money, have another house, another car.  We would find our value in the simple things of life.  We would believe we were enough and could then accept everyone else for who they were.  We would be able to stop judging.  We would become better stewards of the sacred blue.

reflection river

I now wake up every morning with those words as my mantra.  As I realize this is my truth, I relax into removing expectations from how I think my life should be and instead have gratitude for how it is.  I no longer feel the need to fix things or babysit others as I view the world through the lens of my heart.  It is neither good or bad, it just is.  Many things we observe in the external world cannot be explained, we need to believe there is a higher purpose.

star gazing

In living the truth that… I Have enough…..I Have Done Enough and I am Enough, I am in a constant state of gratitude which becomes a modern day alchemy that aligns me with opportunities and adventures I hadn’t even dreamed possible.  Instead of focusing on what is missing in my life or the need to improve, I am in a state of acceptance.  Acceptance for the challenges that have supported my growth, the humans that have been my greatest teachers along the way.  The events I have lived through and the moments I have chosen to create boundaries to remove toxicity from my life.

grandmother tree

I remember a clear message I received from Grandmother Tree on Mount Shasta at the turning of the wheel years ago.  Also, a very simple message when I asked how I can be of greater service.  What can I do to be in my purpose?  Her response….”It is enough for you to just show up and be but be in joy”. I remember having the same sensation of tingles running up my spine as that was my Truth.

My prayer and focused intention is that all of humanity find their truth and realize it is a simple life of communing with nature, following your passion and living your dream that makes an extraordinary life.  No one can do it for you, but it begins with a commitment to self.

violet ray

If you would like to dive deep into your soul story with innocence and excitement to find your truth, I invite you to journey with me into the sacred red stone elders.  Walk with me along the sacred river and listen to the message of the Long Person, listen to the soulful song of the whales and dolphins in the sanctuary which holds the memory of their playground.  Feel the power of expansion hidden in the movement of the stones as you explore the Sacred Sedona Hexagram.   Awaken the dream that has been woven into your soul and gather the wisdom of the ancestors in sacred ceremony. Walk the sacred spiral as you reconnect to source or travel the sacred hoop in ritual and ceremony.  Find your truth on your own personal journey.   To reboot your life, you need to change.   There is so much magick to be discovered.   Live the words. “I Have enough…..I Have Done Enough and I am Enough”.   For more information CLICK HERE.

Wishing you a magickal Full Moon.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a guided meditation dedicated to the transformation of the butterfly and a powerful ritual for this lunar moment. CLICK HERE

Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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  1. Bless you Robbyne, This last week a great stillness and peace has descended on me, coming about through your help with the Grand Resetting Chakra Clearing Reading, which I have been working with and intergrating energies which I thought I had dealt with but needed healing on a deeper level. Then this morning reading the words “I have enough, I have done enough,I am enough”. resonated deeply, after just writing a love letter to myself, which I will offer to spirit this evening in ceremony at a sacred fire.

    Dear Sister thank-you so much,
    With much love
    Sue xx

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