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I Am A Seed

“I AM a seed, no matter how small I appear to be I AM important.”  How powerful the message that nature provides to the human in hopes that he/she will find their way back to the dream that was woven into them by Grandmother Spider.  In the final months of 2014, known as the Year of the Seed of Life, connecting to the seed we carry in our heart, continues to be the most important thing that each of us can do.   This is part of our returning to our true nature, reaching our highest potential and becoming the full expression of the dream.  We need to remember the Dream was dreaming us.  We  must create the dream as it has a higher purpose than we even know.


Such is the teaching of Tane Muhata, known as the Lord of the Forest.  Located on the North Island of New Zealand is the Waipoua forest.  Home to what was once a magnificent forest of Kauri trees, the oldest of the great standing tall ones in the world.    Diminished to only 2% due to the ignorance of the human world, the wisdom of these great standing tall ones still remains, for they have never forgotten their purpose which is to  grow towards the light.



While most visitors to New Zealand will make a visit to the Kauri Museum which highlights the destruction of the Kauri forest, I choose to create the opportunity to connect with the spirit of the Kauri tree and those of the enchanted world to feel the life force.

In Te Hana, there is a beautiful wood carver and master craftsman, a  guardian of the ancient lore, named Kerry Strongman.  To be in his presence is the gift of standing before a wise elder who shares his love for the spirit of the Kauri Tree with those who are blessed to meet him.   He is a gentle and humble soul,  full of love and a true expression of light.  I have known him for years and every time I am with him he offers wisdom for my journey.


A beautiful dancer I have also known for years, gifted us with a powerful dance to call the spirit of the Kauri into the world of human.  Anita’s fluid motion weaving the world of human with the world of the enchanted ones brought most people to tears.  I felt a stirring in my heart as the seed I carry began to pulsate with light.  The spirit of the Kauri speaks of the seed we hold within and all that may come from its yearning to grow towards the light.  During these  moments when the human honors nature, there is a beautiful synergy created where one remembers their connection to everything and everyone.


Grateful for the inner journey into the heart, we continued north to Hokianga Harbor.   Here it is said that Kupe, the legendary Polynesian navigator and explorer, settled in Hokianga.     Hokianga is considered to be one of the oldest settlements for the M?ori, and is still a heartland for the people.  This is a place to quiet the mind by embracing one’s fear and finding ones truth.


We were gifted with a magnificent day, no winds and calm waters.  Here at the mouth of the harbor, a magick can be felt.  The harbor has a shifting sandbar and is notorious for the destruction of the sailing ships that were involved in the taking of the sacred trees. There however has never been a waka (canoe or sailing vessel for the indigenous people) taken in these waters.


We hiked to the entrance of this powerful harbor to sit in stillness.  Each of us took the time to understand the turmoils we create in our world.  A place where one makes a conscious choice to leave the drama behind and embrace their personal truth.


At Twilight, known as the between time, when the veil between the world of human  and that of the enchanted kingdom opens, we gathered again to enter the sacred forest.  It is always my way to travel the outward path without the distraction of the crowds who see the trees as only a stop along the tourist trail.


This night had far more importance for the spiritual seeker, as we were here to give something back to the forest.  All the sacred sites around the world become depleted of energy as thousands travel to receive guidance and healing,  but often forget to give something back.  My path is one of giving life back.  Unlike the pyramids, or holy temples around the world,  the forest is a living sanctuary and needs to be nurtured and supported as well.   To awaken the dragon line and sing to the song lines was a commitment my soul made long ago.  The Code of the Dragon is imprinted in my heart and the words of a vow taken long ago ring true to my soul.

Our beautiful guide, Bill sang his song honoring the tree spirits and opening the way of our journey.

Te Matua Ngahere

As the daylight slowly faded into the twilight we gathered before the Father of the Forest known as Te Matua Ngahere.  When one first approaches this ancient one believed to be over 3000 years old you are overcome with a sense of what could be shared with the human had we not been ignorant in our dealings with nature.   These magnificent ones still hold the ancient lore of the dragon line.  To sit in stillness here at the base of the tree, one can return to their own knowing.  The Kauri tree brings the gift of balance.  As it sheds its bark it sheds its past reminding the human to do the same, to open the way to the future which comes with each new moon.


As twilight turned into darkness beneath the sliver of the new moon, we entered the sanctuary of the great one, the Lord of the Forest, Tane Mahuta.    I had gone before to prepare an altar with candles.   Each candle representing the different faiths, cultures and religions that we humans have created.  Each candle representing each of us.  Here in the forest  all are seen as equal.  Each light woven together to create one beautiful source of light.  Even one candle light shines bright within the darkest night.  We are the seed carriers, the children of the universe that are meant to bring light into the darkness of the world of human.

We created  a circle to pray, passing the Andara crystal from one heart to the next offering our prayers of oneness and unity.   As is always the case when I feel the forest respond with love I could barely speak as I was overcome with emotion.

When we were finished Bill offered the water we had blessed with our prayers back to the forest floor.  We extinguished the candle light and stood in the darkness, our heart lights now activated beneath the canopy of the forest and the star beings.  We had been blessed.



We returned the next morning with joy and innocence to greet the day and Tane Mahuta as we said our good byes.  We were off in our steel waka to continue the journey of the Sacred Waters.

I AM a seed.   You are a seed.  We are all the same.  Born into greatness but it is up to each of us to realize that greatness.  It is not about control or power, it is a path of humbleness, respect and beauty.

Love and blessings of light from the land of rainbows, Robbyne

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