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Humans see only a sliver of light that exist within the universe…

sliver of light

My world has always been one that is closely associated with the green temple, the world of nature. When I am running out of breath from living in the human world I need to go to these emerald green sanctuaries and breathe in the universe. This is where I find my navigational compass and can hear the voice of the Goddess speak to me through the Great Standing Tall Ones.

I have recently celebrated a passage into the next chapter of my journey and when Guy asked me where I wanted to spend it, I knew I needed to be in the Redwood Forest, a true sanctuary of the Goddess.   These magnificent and ancient beings were calling to me.  They are the oldest and tallest of the great standing tall ones  and offer so much to the human who answers the call to walk the pathways of learning within the very first temples, the green temple.

It is said that in order to move forward one must know where they have traveled before. It is the marker that opens the pathway to show us where we are going.

Dragon tree

I had spent an entire year reviewing, reflecting, shedding layer upon layer, seeking counsel from the natural world, and on the last day of my 59th year I found myself with some of the oldest beings on the planet. The forest can teach us so much if we choose to journey into the heart of the Green Temple. Here you are far removed from fear, judgment and illusion, for nature is pure in all that it shares. I felt the dragons all around me and invoked the spirit to join me in the forest. I was pleased that they had chosen to show themselves in the images that Guy was taking to record this amazing day.  The Mother white dragon appeared in the far left and my companion dragon revealed himself directly above me looking down.

Trees in the Forest

While it appears our collective humanity has lost sight of the ways of the green world, those who follow the earth religion hunger to touch and be touched by the powers and wisdom of nature. In this exchange, we awaken once again to the living world.  When we spend time in green spaces we attune to the exchange of our breath with the trees. The green breath of oxygen from the tree spirits with our red breath of carbon dioxide. The Earth is alive. The web of life connects us all, breath to breath, and essence to essence. What your mind has forgotten, your body soon  remembers when you walk amongst magnificence..

path in the forest

The gifts of nature are far grander than anything we can imagine. Among the benefits associated with forest bathing is a boost in one’s immune system functions, reduced blood pressure, improved mood, increased ability to focus, increased energy, improved sleep and an opening of the heart center to live and experience joy.  This ancient forest, one of the oldest in the world holds the keys to a better world.   These ancient  beings   live in community and never define themselves as greater than another.  The needles are rich in Vitamin C and as the human breathes in the essence it provides healing on many levels.

i have often felt if we brought our children to these places when they were young, they would grow to have respect for all people, they would protect the natural world and radiate love.  If adults visited these places they would remember who they truly were and how we too are woven together as a global community.  The forest is the template of hope.  In a world that is in turmoil the green temple offers much.

Doorway to forest

The sign said, “Stay on the Path” but that has never been me. I ventured through a doorway and entered a realm that exists in the unseen.   I was taken deeper than I have ever been and felt a layer of the old me fall to the floor.     When I stepped back on the path, I realized this was a place in the forest that had been burned. The forest was regenerating itself and yet the forest was beginning the next thousand years that it takes an old growth forest to create.  This temple of green teaches that a broken human who has rebuilt themselves is true strength!

number 13

The end of the trail brought me to the final marker number 13. Identified in the forest as Full Circle.   I smiled as the 13th was my birthday and that would be the first day of my new decade. I was entering the realm of the Wise Woman, honoring my past and setting intentions for the new  path I was going to take. I had indeed come full circle.

Violet tree light

On the actual day of my birthday I would venture into the most enchanted forest I had even been in. I stepped between two elders and instantly knew a gateway was opening. Guy somehow captured a picture of exactly what I was feeling. I had been completely enveloped in the violet ray at the moment of my birth.  While I stood in this magickal place the wisdom of the elders was to gifted to me with their words whispered gently in the winds.   “To be a star in the world of human, you must shine your own light….follow you own path….and never worry about the darkness of the unknown.   That is when stars shine their brightest”.

I always look to see what animal allies will join my path and felt honored to have chipmunk and Elk join me.  Of course they seemed to pose for Guy.

Chipmunk in tree

Chipmunk is  known as the ambassador of play.  This small animal being  explores everything with its hands which probably explains why Guy is always telling me…”Don’t touch anything”.   When chipmunk appears it is the most opportune time to make a wish.  How perfect as I did indeed made a grand birthday wish.   Chipmunk’s presence alerts you that the faery folk are near and this afternoon in this enchanted realm they were everywhere.

Wild Elk

Elk brings stamina and as I totally intend to rock the sixties,  I was quite excited to see this beautiful animal ally. I still have mountains to climb, forests to walk, oceans to swim, caves to explore and rivers to travel, I figure well into my nineties.   I received my first perk entering the new decade as I now qualified for a senior discount (I prefer to call this a Wise Woman discount) Best part she didn’t believe me and needed to see my ID.  I have heard 60 is the new sexy 40 and I plan to live it that way.

in the trees

I invite you to enter the green temple of the Goddess with me.  Here you can find your purpose, heal your heart and experience the magick once again. The elders will share with you universal wisdom as they  provide the tools how to walk in balance and truth.  The dragons will assist you as you remember who you are.  I will be creating small intimate encounters in the natural world in 2019 for those who hear the call of these Standing Tall Ones and wish to go deeper into the teachings of the Path of the Rose in nature’s schoolhouse.    The Redwood Forests of Northern California along the coast of the Pacific Ocean offer the opportunity to experience your own grandness.

Love and enchanted moments, Robbyne

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