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Here We Go!!!

 Video to highlight and  share  a little more about this exciting time we are entering so you can join me on this ride called life.



I feel as though I am on an adventure ride.  I’m strapped in.  My heart is pounding in my throat, my eyes are closed, I am holding the handrail, I am taking several deep breaths…. but I AM READY to ride this adventure into the unknown because every cell in my body is telling me this is the only way to breakthrough to the other side.  I have had my mental melt down, my mini emotional break down and somehow found  my way to my still point once again.  Not so easy when one is highly sensitive to solar flares and planetary influences.   One more deep breath and  I am ready for the high energy infusion we will be blessed with during the  the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon  and Equinox at the end of this week.


The truth is, I would so rather do this roller coaster ride where unlimited opportunity presents itself around every twist and turn,  than go round and round on the same merry go round,  telling myself the same story and watching life pass me by.  I am IN THIS to WIN THIS.   We are on this ride together so lets celebrate because we absolutely are….. without a shadow of a doubt….. going to WIN in every aspect of our human experience.  We just have to believe and hold on.

I think my recent experiences in New Zealand have truly prepared me for this time.   I have heard all the negative aspects and fear based interpretations of the time we are in.  I KNOW this is a planet of polarity and some days are rougher than others but I refuse to do the drama and be part of the fear.

My response….I have simply added a few more colors to  the violet in my hair and I AM READY.  I will not let fear hold me back.

Enjoy the ride….it will be worth it.  Get ready for the changes because we are already in them.  This is a time of rising from the ashes and embracing the essence of the Phoenix.  A part of you is dying and another magnficient part of you is being birthed.

May the sun shine brightly on your path as you remember why you are really here.  I am off to Toronto and look forward to a wonderful gathering with a beautiful group of people.  We will be back on the Mystical Mountain the end of March.

Much love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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15 Responses
  1. Maree Greenaway

    Beautiful presentation, though my video was stopping and starting all the way through! Might just be my computer?
    Well done guys.
    Happy Equinox.
    See you soon Maree

    • admin

      Hello Maree, thanks! More than likely it would be your internet connection.

  2. Pamela Phoenix

    Thank you for the beautiful video Robbyne. To see goes beyond reading and I enjoyed it so much. I wish you well and my thoughts are sent with you on your journey’s as wishful thinking. Bless you.


    Pam XXOO

  3. Laura

    Thanks!! Loved the video and all you spoke of.. I intend on setting up an altar. I’m holding a Yoga Nidra(deep relaxation) class on Saturday a few hours after the Solar Eclipse Equinox… shall be interesting. Hope to see you in NZ sometime..or Mt Shasta. My Grandparents lived near there and Mum remembers it well, although, nothing of ‘that spritual stuff’ 🙂 enjoy the energies. arohanui, Laura

  4. dana z

    Loved this video!!! I could feel your energy thru this video!
    Miss you!

  5. Bronwyn

    Thank you for providing such an informative video for us all to learn from. Waiting in eager anticipation for your meditation that is to follow! Presenting to us in a video gave everything more meaning and seemed to be more personal. I haven’t seen you before so it was nice to be able to finally put a face to you too. 🙂
    Sending you lots love and light. xx

    • admin

      Dear Bronwyn, thank you for your kind words. The meditation has been posted under our Sabbat Celebration subscription. If you are a member of our subscription please enjoy it.

  6. KaKae

    Loved your new video. It is lovely to see and hear you.


  7. yvy

    Hullo Robbyne-This is lovely-I almost felt that I was actually there listening to you-very soothing and informative-Warmest of blessings to you

  8. Susan Gunn

    Thanks Robbyne. I am to look for a black candle. I will revisit this video before the eclipse later this week. It was great to catch up in Australia a few weeks ago almost. A visit to Mt. Shasta will happen – not for this eclipse unfortunately though. Blessings and light, Susan.

  9. mary Grace

    hi Robbyne, thank you so much for video present. Absolutely slowed the tilt-a-whirl
    I was on enough to slip off and into Light’s loving arms of grace. YES lets anoint the candles and celebrate the journey, with more love, ight and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank
    you! Blessed travels!

  10. mary Grace

    hi Robbyne, thank you much for your video gifts. Absolutely slowed the tilt-a-whirl
    I ‘ve been on;to slip off and into divine arms once again.
    YES lets celebrate as we anoint the candles with praises and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank
    you! Blessed travels!

  11. Kim Tubbs

    The excitement is building this week as I prepare. This is just one more key to unlock the new life story to live. Visuals are so perfect for me. Blessings. Kim

  12. Dianne Kilpatrick

    Thank you Robbyne for sharing the way to set up our altars for this special day. I met you last year at Stradbroke Island and had a wonderful time at your retreat. Hoping I will get an opportunity to attend some others.

  13. Maui Cheetah

    Hi Robbyne! Wow this was the best Weave the Web Ever!!! Well done on the video. So great to see your beautiful face (and how many more colors in your hair?) Much love and congratulations!

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