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Greetings to our wonderful spiritual community,

I have shared earlier on Weave the Web my visit to Mago Retreat Center in Sedona at the time of the New Moon on June 23rd but have just returned from this magickal place once again.  My experience there in June had stirred a deep memory inside of me and left a longing to know more.  The story of Ilichi Lee played again and again in my mind as though the universe was rewinding the tape.  I began to have vivid memory in the dream time of a place and a time long ago.  The memory of the spiritual community I was part of thousands of years before.  A time when mankind lived in harmony with nature and there existed amongst mankind a deep understanding of the connection between heaven, earth and human.        The roots of these teachings date back thousands of years with the foundation being the three truths of the cosmos. First, everything begins with the One, and returns to the One, which has no beginning or end. Second, the One expresses itself as Heaven, Earth, and Human, all existing within the Human Being. Third, the Oneness of all must naturally express itself in actions that benefit all.

On my first visit to Mago Retreat Center I had the most amazing encounter with a very special woman named Amy, the earth guardian of Mago.  When I looked into her eyes and we embraced I felt my heart burst open. I could not hold back the tears as I felt the most beautiful wave of love join our heart together.  I knew we had known each other before and the Spirit of Mago, the vision of its founder Ilchi Lee was reuniting a family from long ago.  I knew then that I would return.

I had come to experience Mago to create a retreat but I found so much more.  Since it was a new moon, I had set the intention with my dear friends who joined me that night to be guided as to my role in supporting a New Earth.  I knew that over the course of the next couple of months the earth would be experiencing a huge energy shift with the three eclipses and I desired to be in a place of balance and harmony to receive the guidance that would be given.


When I first stood before the shrine of the Dahn Guhn one look at the face I felt a remembrance that this face had come to me often in the dream state or when I was deep in meditation.  I knew that something was being stirred inside my consciousness.  After the Solar eclipse on Mount Shasta I was guided to return to Mago for the final lunar eclipse in the series of three.   There is a story of Ilchi Lee, the founder of Mago, which is very powerful for all of us when we feel stuck, uncertain, confused, frustrated or even hopeless.  When it appears there is no way out of a situation or no resolution to a challenge in sight.  When we become emotionally paralyzed and sink into a deep depression.  Ilchi Lee had been given a great vision from the universe to create Mago Center but at the time had no resources to fulfill this vision.  He had no clarity how to accomplish what seemed as though it was an insurmountable series of challenges.  For months he struggled with the confusion and felt despair.  Finally in desperation he called out to the universe to give him a sign.  The earth began to tremble and from the sky a bolt of lightning shot to the earth.  Illchi Lee had his answer.


On Wednesday, August 5th, the night of the Full Moon, at the precise moment of the lunar eclipse I was guided to prepare and altar at the place where Ilchi lee had received his answer.  Here at the place known as  Mission Point, I would find myself with four other beautiful souls.  The five of us created a five pointed star and were positioned to hold the space during the time of the eclipse.  We placed our intention that heaven, earth and human be joined together as one, as they had thousands of years before.  We prayed that this place would become a beacon of light, a sacred space of hope, strength and clarity for all souls who would be called to come to this land to connect to the earth once again.  Just as we set our intention a crow began to call and the energy within this sacred point began to grow with power and more light as each of you positioned all over the world began to add your vision and prayer to this circle.  For many, we are facing uncertainty about our future.  Uncertainty about our individual lives, and most importantly the uncertainty of our environment and our world, still  expressing judgment, separation, violence and conflict.  It may appear that there is no resolution from the darkness and yet there is.

As Gary called in the ancestors through an ancient chant and drumming, I saw not only the elders, Shaman, grandmother wisdom keepers of the indigenous tribes from all over the world but also the 49 Dahn Guhns, ancient teachers of the spiritual community joining us as well.  The next wave of energy came and I began to see each of you joining the circle and taking your rightful place standing next to the Masters and teachers.  I saw the priestesses and guardians of both Avalon and the Temple of Isis join with the guardians of the Goddess as the Templar Knights approached.  They had all come to support our journey of discovering who we were.  They had each left their teachings for us to remember, but now they made it clear, it would be up to us to become responsible and step forward as expressions of love, light and peace to show others the way out of their darkness.  It would not be them who would guide us, it would be us.


Something else happened in that moment.  I saw the East and the West join together.  The message was clear; two worlds were coming together as they had been thousands of years before.  The teachings of the lands of the East and that of the Western world were joined together in perfect harmony.  Each offered something that created a joining together as a community, tools for soul growth, vision, and the key to our global birth of oneness.  I understood why I had experienced such a sense of deep emotion as I had looked into the eyes of a long lost sister.  From two different worlds, from thousands of miles of separation, we had been joined together in this place.  The joy that I felt was the joy of the Earth mother that this place was becoming a center of oneness for people of all faiths, cultures and beliefs.  It was beginning and the dream was being anchored into the Cosmic Web which weaves all of us together.

That night as Grandmother Moon rose to her highest point, Pauline, Cuddle Bear as we affectionately call our dear friend Gary, and I returned to the shrine of the Dahn Guhn.  The statue of the Dahn Guhn was completely illuminated by the brilliant light of Grandmother Moon.  I felt the presence of the Dark Mother Goddess shining her light on mankind, passing on the teachings to human as she has always done through spiritual teachers, healers and leaders.  The three of us lay on the ground between the statue of the Dahn Guhn and the direct pathway of the Full Moon.  Our third eye and the point on the skull where the neck and head are joined together known as the Medulla Oblongata was being flooded with the light of illumination from the Mother Goddess.  I felt the holy trinity being expressed through us.  The mother Goddess passing her knowledge through the teachings of the Dahn Guhn all being merged into our human expression.

As the clouds cleared away and the Moon stood alone in the magnificent sky we witnessed bolts of lightning sent from the heavens to the earth  illuminating the darkness with a magenta ray.  I had never experienced magenta lighting, but tonight it filled the sky.  I felt the presence of the Black Madonna confirming she had returned to assist in awakening her sleeping children through the magenta light  as bursts of lightning and the illumination of light from the moon to guide our journey.

Love and Rainbows,


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  1. Maria Rodriguez

    Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. I was also wondering if you by chance knew the artist info on the image you use here, of what looks like a heart within an eye? In gratitude, Maria