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Happy Valentines Day

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Please enjoy a gift of love on Valentine’s Day … as a wonderful new resource becomes available for those interested in creating positive change in their lives. Doors will open to reveal many talented healers who are part of an online community dedicated to sharing tools that can provide the keys to a life of freedom, health, and happiness while bringing awareness for healing of the mind, body and spirit. Through music, imagery, light, sound, earthing, thoughts and love WE CAN shift and HEAL…


My Healing Rooms.com is a wonderful gift and sacred space, a labor of love and the vision of a very special woman, Barbara Slaine of Liphe Balance at www.liphebalance.com had the courage and insight to follow her dream and bring together healers and teachers from many modalities who offer their wisdom and gifts to you.

It is with great honor that I was asked to join this very special community. Each of us have tried to share wisdom and teachings that can support you as the individual and open endless doors of possibilities for our global community to join together. This is just the beginning. As the healing rooms grow.

The intention is to share and offer the universal truth of love, encouragement and support. As our earth journey continues to expand with endless possibilities we will also need the tools to support us in forward movement. Find your truth, explore healing modalities and meet wonderful teachers as you open the doors of the My Healing Rooms.com.

THE DOORS OPEN ON VALENTINES DAY 2014 to a place where you will meet a community of acclaimed healers…learn about a world of life-changing modalities …benefit from complimentary demonstrations and access information that is personal, purposeful, powerful and proven…..

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love and Rainbows,


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  1. Kaytie

    Lovely video, Robbyne, and timely for me too! Thank you.

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