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Happy New Moon of Transformation

purple moon

I can feel it in the air, a wave of hope and possibility.  Today is the New Moon of Transformation and I have now posted several wonderful rituals to celebrate this special new moon for those who are members of our online Sabbat Celebrations and Moon Cycle subscription ritual series.  Please click here

November brings a special energy of heightened spiritual awareness and an opportune time with Venus in Retrograde to set intentions to transform our relationships.  We can add more sparkle and magick to our current relationship and partnerships and it is the perfect time to set intentions to attract in new partners and relationships into our lives.  November is also the 11th month and the month to release our frustrations, disappointments, unresolved anger and put all our energy into what we wish to create.    2019 will anchor in with the turning of the wheel on December 21st and it holds amazing possibilities.  I will be sharing the energy of 2019 in another email.

earth grid of light

After months of traveling throughout parts of the world I have returned to America where an election that the world was watching took place.  I awoke this morning to what I pray is the beginning of a purple wave of transformation.  The House is Blue and the Senate is Red.  On this beautiful new moon lets set aside our differences and take a moment to visualize two paint cans sitting on a shelf.  As we blend the blue and the red together into one beautiful crystal bowl, we energetically create the purple ray, the violet flame of transformation.  It is up to each of us collectively to breathe unity and oneness through prayer into our external expression.

The First Nation people have said America is dying internally.  Death always leads to rebirth and what affects one particle of light on our water planet affects everything.  If we didn’t have that awareness the world would not be watching the result of this election.

Tonight I pray for unity and that the leaders of this country unite to make right choice and decision for the highest good of this land as well as our water star planet.   Each side may claim they won,  I choose to see we all  win if we come together!!     In celebration of the purple wave on this new moon of transformation I am off this morning to have a purple wave put in my hair.

White Buffalo Woman

We are heading to Austin Texas as we gather with a wonderful group of Goddesses next weekend to honor the Path of the Rose and share the teachings of White Buffalo Woman.  America was entrusted with the wisdom of the Chanupa, the sacred pipe of peace.  White Buffalo Woman brought tools for transformation to the people of this land to be shared with everyone.    We will be celebrating peace and unity as we shatter the illusion of separation and division in ceremony anchoring the violet wave of hope.  It can start with us.  The wave has begun.  It has been prophesized that it will be the divine feminine that restores balance and harmony to our water planet.  I have never been more hopeful.

Wishing you all a magickal night.  Happy New Moon.

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Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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