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Happy Mother’s Day Gaia

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.    As we celebrate Mother’s Day all over the world today and tomorrow, it is an especially powerful time to celebrate our earth mother and all that she gifts to the world of human.  As we continue to move through these times of uncertainty and dramatic change, she gifts to us sure footedness to stand tall, stamina to move forward with courage, nourishment of our mind, bodies and soul.  She offers wisdom if we simply take the present moment to connect with her heartbeat.  She is the Goddess to all faiths and cultures around the world and belongs to all human beings, but a majority of the human world has forgotten who she is.   We have disconnected from the source that truly brings us to our center and gives us life.

Last night I was blessed to experience stepping through the veil of illusion we have collectively created into the dreamtime.  A journey that has taken me deeper into my soul than ever before. I had the gift of experiencing Sika, an amazing musician and spiritual messenger who honors the earth mother and brings forth her wisdom through the sound of his didgeridoo. It is not a message spoken in any particular language that can be misinterpreted by perception; it is instead a message heard by the human heart. Deeply, powerful messages created through the union of human breath and the branch of a tree.   This gift from the natural world,  speaks the universal language of love.   The trees that are used to craft this instrument, are naturally hollowed out by termites which burrow in to the ground, lay eggs and the larvae eat up the inside of the eucalyptus tree.   Humankind once had the ability to gain insight from the trees, stones and waterways.  They once spoke to the animal spirits to receive warnings and guidance.  They once knew how to utilize the power of the moon times and the great central sun.  They could listen to the messages of those who had gone before in the winds.

If you would like to experience the power of the didgeridoo and the story that unfolds when one opens to the earth music please visit Sika’s website at www.caitlinsika.com.

Years ago I visited the West Arnhem Land of Australia and had profound memory returned to me.  On this journey I would continue to Uluru and Kata Tjuta deeply sacred to the Anangu people and source of ancient wisdom.   As the guardian of an obsidian stone being named EB which came to me after my encounter with many elders and shaman, my journey has taken me to all continents on our beloved earth mother to experience these portals of wisdom where the veils are thin and the ancestors speak.  Where wisdom and knowledge is hidden just beyond the veil in the dreamtime.

In June we will begin a series of three eclipses.  The first will be a  solar eclipse on the New Moon the beginning of June, followed by a Total lunar eclipse on June 15th/16th (depending on where you are) and the final  eclipse in this trilogy of celestial movement will be a solar eclipse at the time of the  new moon in August.    I am guided in the early morning hours of the Total Lunar eclipse where it will be visible, to be at the base of Uluru, the source of the rainbow serpent, keeper of the dreamtime in Australia.  For those who may be called to join me I am creating an inner Shamanic journey to step into the unseen world at this time of remembering.

If you would like more information on the Uluru journey, please contact me at [email protected].

I will then carry the memory retrieved from within the great stone being back to Mount Warning and Murwillumbah, creating a gathering for those who wish to enter the dreamtime of remembrance at the sacred mountain known as the Cloud Creator and  the celebration of the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere.   It has been discovered that the same component of silica found within the crystal beings is found within our blood in our DNA.  This discovery confirms that we are truly one expression of source, vibrating in different frequencies, manifesting by choice our own experiences.

From Australia I will be weaving the web to different sanctuaries around our beloved earth to create gatherings of light.  I will be sending out further information on upcoming events in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Mount Shasta, Canyon de Chellys and Switzerland for the remainder of the year as all the details are finalized.   We are currently updating the website for future journeys, workshops and individual shamanic experiences for those who wish to enter the dreamtime and activate the rainbow serpent, so I invite you to check the website for updated information.

As you honor the divine feminine and acknowledge the mystery of women on this day of celebrating Mothers, also acknowledge the original mother who supports your journey and humbly give something back.  Create a water offering of love by filling a bowl or glass of water and adding a rose or other flower that you may be drawn to. The essence and beauty of that flower will merge with the water.  Hold the water over your heart and take a moment to give thanks to all of nature and the unseen world, that supports the world of human.  Let the nature beings know your heart is open and there is a willingness to walk gently on the earth mother with an open and loving heart.  As you make the connection to the unseen world you will feel the magick returning to your everyday experience.  Be joyful, celebrate our Mother and allow the child inside of you to play.

Wishing you magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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