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Grandmother Wisdom Tree


I have returned from Sedona and the grandmother Wisdom Tree.  So many of you joined with us as we gathered at Grandmother Tree.  Everything was so divinely perfect as this visit was very unexpected but the call was strong and I had no choice but to follow the guidance. Pauline and I got the last two seats on the plane 24 hours before we were to leave.  (Divine intervention)

A very special soul, good friend, powerful elder and healer, Singing Bear had just returned from a trip to Canada and had arrived the night before. When we called him and shared with him what we needed to do, he came right away to join us and to bring his powerful healing medicine.  We needed the balance of the powerful male energy and the gentleness of the Goddess.

As I walked the trail to the Grandmother Tree, I felt such different emotions.  The land was grateful we were there, the unseen world was welcoming us and my heart felt joyful, in the next moment, I had a terrible ache in my heart and waves of sadness would rush through my consciousness.

I thought, “Oh my God what have we done as a human race, we have acted with little respect for nature.  We have not honored the old traditions in the way they were gifted to us by the creator.  We have acted out of greed and ego.  We have caused the pain of others”.  I felt nauseous in my stomach.   I say the words “we”, because we are all joined together and when one damages the web we all feel the energy of that experience.  If only we could understand what Chief Seattle long ago tried to share….


“Man did not weave the web of life – he is merely a strand in it.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

The sacred valley looked magnificent as the leaves on grandmother tree shimmered in the sunlight.  So magickal is the sacred valley that Deb had taken a recent photo where the nature beings came to greet her.  The faeries and elementals were very present.  Grandmother’s roots were strong and as I nuzzled up against her I felt her embrace.  She was grateful we had come.  Together the five of us, Singing Bear, Deb, Ted, Pauline and I called to the ancestors and summoned the spirit of the hawk.


At the same time we called to the spirit of the Hawk, another beautiful spirit from the Mayan lands, our sweet Shaman, Fabian was aligning the energies in Tulum with ours at the Grandmother tree.  Fabian sent the following email to let me know he and his wife Gaby were also with us.   “I  will call  upon Grandmother Toci, so  she will   spread her love & mercy to all who were involved and to all of us. To those who decided to jump to the other side in such a way, I will honor their journey with the Zempasuchitl flower, our orange flower that honors the path of the soul to the house of the light, so they may have a trip without attachments”.

We did a prayer asking for forgiveness and praying that the three souls who had sacrificed their lives to bring about awareness would be set free and that healing would come to their families and loved ones who now struggled for understanding and were grieving the loss.    We prayed that what had occurred would never happen again and that man would have respect for the sacredness of the traditions that had been gifted to us by Great Spirit.  We prayed for healing for everyone and that great awareness would come.  We asked for forgiveness that man had misused power on this sacred land.  We prayed that as we all joined together we could wash away the sadness and fill the valley with a ray of magenta light that would bring love and joy back to this place.

I felt each of you join us.  Even if you had not received the message in time, because you are connected to the web, your soul was there and together we created a beautiful energy of light.  I also felt the ancestors and many souls who had passed into the other world join us that morning as well.


When we left the Grandmother Tree, there was joy in our hearts where there had been sadness.  Singing Bear did a beautiful song calling in the spirit of red tail hawk to guide the souls home and the Andara crystal was placed on Grandmother Tree along with EB, the Black Jaguar that had also been placed in the Temple of The Black Jaguar in Ek Balam and our offering.


It was a beautiful day that we were all a part of.  Thank you, to each of you for supporting this journey and bringing your love.  The Grandmother Tree was filled with light and in this place I felt the spider web begin to heal.

Wishing you magick.

Love, rainbows and blessings, Robbyne

Join us tomorrow for more on the powerful journey to the land of the Mayan.

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2 Responses
  1. Mags

    You all are so beautiful. I pray with you.

  2. Tezcal Balam

    My heart is fulfilled of the love of my beloved family, may the light expand it.