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The Goddess Awakens As the Wheel Turns

Wheel of the Year

On Wednesday, December 21st the sacred wheel of life will turn and the Year of the Goddess Awakening begins. Read more A year of new beginnings, this year I find myself in Maui as I am visiting my daughter for the holidays. Maui is a magickal place for me and creates a powerful triangle between the two places my soul is called to live. Mount Shasta, California and Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

My spirit is a restless one, always seeking new lands and new horizons. I have long known I have gypsy blood but the Hawaiian Islands create the space for me to find stillness to navigate the next part of my journey.   My deep love for the whales and dolphins calls me here as each year the whales return. There is a phenomenon about the whales that are celestial beings from the stars. The humpback whales sing a song that every year changes.

I have known they are in tune with the vibrational changes of the planet and it is their song that holds a harmonic frequency of remembrance and balance. This year I plan to be in the water when the wheel turns on December 21st to swim in the sacred waters of the Pacific. The Maori of New Zealand believe the Pacific Ocean holds the consciousness of the God and Goddess on our beloved water planet.

I wanted to share a profound experience I had on the final full moon of 2016.   I took my favorite hike along the Nipili coast high up on the cliffs. I love the sacredness of this time of day when the sun is setting.

It is a magickal time when dusk touches the landscape, changing the colors of the sky. When one sits in stillness during the ”tween” time, you can easily slip through the doorway into the unseen world of nature. For some reason I had chose a different path and decided to climb out on the very edge to wait for the magick time to come. In the distance there was a great deal of activity as I watched numerous whales passing. I had so wanted a close encounter with the whales as I was seeking guidance for the coming year. I sent a wave of love into the ocean asking to connect to these magnificent beings.

As I opened my eyes a great fin rose from the ocean and began to slap the water. I blinked in amazement and looked around to realize I was the only human being there. Several more slaps as though to capture my complete attention and say “Hello, we are here”.

My heart felt a burst of incredible joy. All of a sudden this magnificent animal rose from the water completely breaching in front of me. I was so excited I nearly fell off my rock that I was precariously positioned on. I so wanted to see if another human being was there to acknowledge what I was seeing but I was alone. I repositioned myself on the rock and the whale breached again. This time I dropped my phone with excitement.

This would continue for a total of five breaches until my heart was bursting with light. I could hear the new song. It was a song of hope, a song of new beginnings. We humans just needed to remember.

The sunset and the veil of darkness began to cover the landscape. I felt I needed to head back as I was on the edge of the cliff and I needed to be back on the path. As I found my way back again the whale breached. It was as though we were moving together. The whale continued the same path breaching up to the moon that was just rising above me. There was no doubt in my mind I had been given an incredible blessing.

I stood beneath the final super full moon of 2016 the Year of Self Mastery and began to reflect on the journey that I had experienced in weaving the web across our beautiful water planet. A journey that began on Mount Shasta and allowed me to weave the light at the beginning of the year to Maui to swim with the whales. This was woven like a beautiful golden thread to Fort Lauderdale and then Bimini to connect with the dolphins and a wonderful group of people that had gathered in the sacred waters of Atlantis.

The golden threads were woven next to the southern hemisphere to Stradbroke Island, Australia to connect with the whales that were returning from Antarctica. Another beautiful group joined together to infuse the song lines, spirit lines and dragon lines with love. The light was carried to Bali and New Zealand before returning to Mount Shasta. In September the dragon lines began to move and the golden thread was woven into Switzerland and finally the ancient lands of Egypt.

I now found myself sitting on the farthest rock along the cliffs edge communing with the largest animal ally in the ocean. I felt alive and full of promise and hope. I am faith keeper and the whale had restored my faith that no matter what we see around us we must rise above it. This message would become even clearer as the morning after the Full Moon I would walk the labyrinth at Dragons Teeth.

It had rained for several days and the labyrinth in some places was full of water. As I approached I watched several people look at the labyrinth but choose not to walk it because of the mud that appeared quite thick in some places. For me, this was symbolic of our human experience. There are times when our emotions flood into our consciousness and we lose our way.  We feel unsupported and slip into a state of depression, (thick mud) unable to move forward. Our vision becomes clouded and we are unable to see the path before us.

I was now alone and stepped into the labyrinth. I was carrying something very special, jewels of the sea that I needed to bless on this morning. I had sunrise and moonrise shells. These very rare shells are found only in the waters of Hawaii and come from the island of Kauai. So rare and so sacred are these shells that they were worn only by royalty and considered to be jewels of the sea.

They are incredibly beautiful and hold the energy of the Goddess. They represent new beginnings as they mirror the natural wonder and beauty of the unseen world. They are the artwork of the Goddess in her finest moment and serve as wonderful tools for ones altar. I have handpicked the best of the best and will carry them into the waters on the Solstice to receive the song of the whales. They can be used in sacred ceremony in the coming year for those who follow the Earth Religion. I have several of these rare jewels of the sea, considered to be a mermaid’s diamond for sale if anyone is interested. They come in a beautiful velvet bag with the sacred herbs of Aphrodite and a special ritual for new beginnings.   There will also be two new oils; Moonrise and Sunrise available at the beginning of the Year when I return to the mountain that will be charged on the first full moon of 2017. (I will send more details regarding these in January).

As I began my journey into the labyrinth at first the path was clear. As I moved deeper towards the center the pathway was quite muddy. I realized I just needed to navigate through it, moving slowly, choosing each step carefully and at times stepping above the path on the rocks themselves.  I found if I just moved with purpose, without hesitation I could easily find my balance. When the path was clear I stepped back onto it. When I entered the labyrinth I set the intention to receive any guidance I needed to walk a path of beauty in 2017.

This was my message. At times when it appears our road is blocked, we just need to stay focused and move forward with determination. We will find our balance when we choose to rise above the chaos, the fear and our insecurities. It became a game for me to navigate the muddy parts of the labyrinth and when the path was clear to reenter. A message about removing oneself from the drama and negativity of others that pull us into the mire and distract us from stepping forward was the guidance the labyrinth was giving me. If we ask the Goddess she will guide us.

When I came to the center I began to place the moonrise and sunrise shells on the altar stone. I buried an ankh from Egypt in the center beneath the rock altar. I was weaving the energy of Isis from Egypt to dragon’s teeth.

As the holidays approach and Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th the final review cycle of the Year of Self Mastery begins. Use the three weeks to listen to your heart song and connect to the spirit of the whale. For those who are members of our online Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Ritual series the Solstice ritual has been posted. Click Here. New annual subscribers will receive a personal message regarding the energy of 2017.

I wish you all a blessed holiday season. I am so grateful we are woven together with the golden thread of love and I wish all of you a magickal 2017. We will need to find one another and stand together more than ever in this coming year to seed the web with a vision of unity, harmony and love.   WE can be the change we seek to see but it will take faith, commitment and courage.

May all your dreams and desires be fulfilled, may you be guided by the Goddess.

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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