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Holiday Greetings Everyone:

I wanted to take this moment and acknowledge each of you for the support, the gifts, the wisdom and the love you carry within your heart that enhances the energy of hope we collectively emit throughout the world.  Thank you for being the divine expression of light that you share with all. As 2018 begins we will find the need for spiritual community even stronger and even though we may not be together physically, each of you carries a light that illuminates our collective vision to the world.  Your light would be truly missed if it were not part of this amazing community.

Take the time to enjoy the magick of this holiday and focus on the things that truly matter, a moment shared with those you care about, laughter, kindness, compassion, joy and love. Catch your breath, pause and feel the magick surround you.  My wish for each of you is the turning of the wheel on December 21st brings you many gifts of health, abundance, vision, clarity, simplicity, inner peace, childlike magick, and love.

If you are looking for a unique and special gift to celebrate and honor someone important in your life, we have several options available.  A gift for the entire year of 2018.

Gift Certificate

Give the gift of clarity and insight with a gift certificate for a Soul Life Reading. 60 minute readings for $210.00 and 90 minute readings for 260.00. Gift certificates are also available for workshops or purchases from our online store. For convenience these can be printed online so have in time for your holiday celebration.

We currently have vibrational sound tools, White Wolf Journeys Oils, Goddess Readings and the online subscription series for Full Moon, New Moon and Sacred Sabbat rituals as well as a monthly guided audio meditation.  This years Moon Cycle and Sabbat Rituals will be created in a different format from past years to celebrate the sacred alliances we are offered in the coming year with the natural world.

There are several new oils being charged in the Solstice energies for 2018:

Honu turtle

Honu – $50.00

The Hawaiian sea turtle known as the God of the Sea, Honu is the sacred navigator.   This ancient one has inhabited the space of the ocean long before human and reminds us to pace ourselves, slow down and take time to nurture and go within.  It is a magickal experience to swim with sea turtle as this animal being can assist one in the search for their true path. The Pacific Ocean holds the blueprint and consciousness of the Goddess and helps the human relax into the remembrance of their divinity.  A combination of high vibrational oils known to open one’s consciousness to the ancient wisdom while navigating through the chatter and confusion of the mind.  An uplifting energy that assists us in staying focused when we fall back into old patterns.  A powerful combination of mint from Egypt, pure myrrh known to open the intuitive channels and lemon from the sacred valley of Peru. Using transference magick to call in the spirit of Honu into the oil. Place on your wrists, rub them together and breathe in this special combination of oils.  Place on the temples and third eye.  Sit in stillness and call in the spirit of HonuClick here  

path of the rose

Path of the Rose -$70.00

This very special and powerful oil, especially significant for 2018 is a beautiful combination of spikenard, the holy oil of the Magdalena, pure lavender from France where the Magdalene began the Church of the Rose, pure violet, rose and myrrh from Egypt blessed on the Holy of Holy Altars in the Temple of Isis and sweet orange an essence of Sophia. The Magdalene was a high priestess of Isis and expressed the physical embodiment of the Creatrix Goddess Sophia.  This oil can heal deep seeded wounds of the divine feminine, awaken the remembrance of the connection we humans have with the Creatrix Goddess opening the pathway for the expression of our true self. Supports one in finding their voice. An oil that assists us in finding our faith when we struggle to stay focused and hopeful.  Place on your heart, third eye, dream chakra and crown chakra as it opens one to be a channel of pure light.  Place on your wrists and rub together.  Breathe in the essence of the Creatrix Goddess as you give gratitude.  Click here

White Horse spirit

Spirit of the White Horse – $50.00

The white horse is a spirit guide that can assist one in finding the freedom they seek and self-actualization to become all they were born to be.  The white horse is a symbol of truth and purity, a powerful presence to assist you in breaking free of the bonds and illusions that hold you back.  The spirit of the white horse can allow you to access the inner worlds where creative inspiration lies.  Created with lavender from the Camargue region of southern France where the horses turn white in the lands the Magdalene arrived from Palestine and a beautiful combination of oils from Egypt and France that create a sense of freedom and expansion.  Using transference magick the spirit of the white horse was called into the oil.  Place on the heart chakra, the third eye and the dream center.  Place on the wrists, rub together and with each breath acknowledge the Goddess who shape shifts into the white horse and can guide you to the inner chambers of your consciousness.  Click here

Soul life reading

A Soul Life Reading – $210.00

A one hour soul life reading serves as a navigational tool to assist one when moving through changes as feelings of uncertainty, confusion and lack of direction arise.  As we enter the second year of a 9-year cycle to birth our dreams and a new life expression the soul life reading can assist in moving forward.  The focus of this session is to gain clarity and awareness of one’s current soul experience. In this session relationships and their purpose of being in one’s life are revealed. Guidance is given to the appropriateness of the relationship and what the soul seeks from the experience. Present life challenges are identified and guidance given to move one through any conflict with grace and ease. Transitional guidance is provided when one finds themselves at a crossroads in their life experience allowing an opportunity to review questions around career, finance, movement and life decisions. A review of the souls energetic blueprint, strengths and destiny are explained. When appropriate, a review of past life experiences influencing the present incarnations are discussed and a course of action to heal and release these memories stored in the consciousness are explored.

3 goddess

The Goddess Reading – $175.00 plus shipping

Triple Spiral Goddess





The Triple Spiral is believed to be one of the ancient Goddess symbols of the Celts. It represents the Triple Goddess.   The Triple Spiral is also used to represent the three realms of land, sea, and sky.  The Celts believed that all life moved in eternal cycles, regenerating at each point. All important things came in three phases; for example: birth, death and rebirth as well as mind, body and spirit.  Having an awareness of the aspects of the Goddesses you are closely aligned with in the Year of Sacred Relationships, Divine Partnerships, Unions and Holy Alliances can support your journey.  The Goddess Reading is done as I energetically connect with your soul and call forth the aspects of the Goddess as she expresses herself as the Maiden, Mother and Wise One.  I identify the relationship each have with you and provide specific rituals to summon her presence.  You also receive a special fire and ice crystal specifically chosen for you.  At the time of the wheel turning, a full moon or new moon I invoke the spirit of the three aspects of the Goddess into you fire and ice crystal. This process is known as Transference Magick.  As the animal kingdom wishes to work with the human I will also call forth your journey animal and bring forth a message from this sacred friend to walk with you as you embark on a new journey of discovery in 2018.  Everything is prepared in a sacred manner and you receive a 4 to 5 page written review of both your journey animal and the aspects of the triple Goddess working with you, specific rituals to invoke the relationship with each Goddess. This is a wonderful gift for yourself or another to open one to the enchanting world.

If you would like to purchase a goddess reading or Soul life Reading gift certificate, please contact Guy at [email protected].  Other items are available to purchase online.

Wishing you an enchanting holiday,

Love and cuddles, Robbyne and Guy

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