Oils and Essences to Support our Journey into the Year of Manifestation 2015


As I continue to move deeper into the rembrance of the magick held energetically within the landscape of New Zealand, it becomes a stronger pull in my heart and a knowing that this is a place to find one’s still point.  Here the energetic pattern of Lemuria is imprinted in all of nature.  The place where the world’s spinning water vortex is found, home to the White Dragon.  The whole of New Zealand is like a giant Infinity sign.  There is little doubt as to why more and more people are being called to return to these lands as we continue to move through these times of dramatic change.

The magick of Waiheke Island and the other powerful places of light on both the North and South island have inspired me to create the oils for 2015.  My love and connection with the enchanted world has supported the process as the plant beings, flower faeries and great standing tall ones have shared their healing medicine and their desire to support the human world.


Pohutakawa – Direction – $50.00

This magnificent tree spirit is known as the Tree of Life.  It joins the human to all realms and gathers the power of the Four Winds.   As we enter the Year of Manifestation and the need to find our still point, this oil can assist us in finding our direction.  Created with the flowers of the Pohutakawa tree that bloom once a year it symbolizes that from the death of the old parts of self a new beginning is born within the sacred rhythm of our journey.  The flowers were blessed at the time of the Full Moon where it is said that if one sits beneath this Tree of Life one can discover the course direction they need to make to fulfill their destiny.


Pounamou – Inner Peace – $50.00

A heart stone of peace found in the fault line of the southern alps on the South Island of New Zealand.  It is a stone of love that helps us see deeper within ourselves to heal the old hurts.   The spirit of the stone has been birthed when the earth moves and shakes, releasing these stone beings to the sacred waters.   Here they are gathered and align with the human who honors them.   This oil is combined with the plant beings known for their healing properties to create a strong vibration to help one move into a state of inner peace.  The Pounamou stones was  placed in the waters that flow from Mount Shasta and charged in the energies of the Winter Solstice.  When we are fearful and anxious we are living in the future.  When we are depressed or have feelings of regret and guilt we are living in the past.  This beautiful new oil brings us to the Still Point of the present.


Paua Shell – Inner Beauty – $50.00

There is a special magick in this rainbow shell, sacred to the Maori.  It holds the mystery of the shining light that we carry within ourselves.  This beautiful oil created with the paua shell and charged in the energy of the FulI Moon holds moonlight which can illuminate the inner beauty within us.  It opens one to a place on their journey, allowing the dreams of the deepest desires to come to life. Excellent to boost ones confidence to walk a path of truth and allow their true colors to shine.   Only through the layers being peeled away is the beauty of what is held inside shown.  The Paul Shell oil helps us to gain an understanding of the lessons that have created layers of learning that often block our beauty.   When peeled away with a deeper understanding of our true nature, the beautiful colors of our soul begin to shine.   Contained within  this oil are the essences of the plant beings known to provide confidence and focus for one’s journey.   


Kauri Tree – Strength – $50.00

Created with a seed of the great Kauri Tree, Tane Muhata known as the Lord of the Forest from the enchanted Waipoua forest on the North Island.   This oil brings about a sense of renewed strength and courage.  Kauri carries the message of the ancient ones to grow always toward the light.   The message  coded deep within our knowing.   “I AM a seed, even though I appear to be very small I am magnificent”.  This oil brings us to the wonder of change.  It reminds us to walk with focus and passion.  Kauri’s powerful straight trunk is symbolic that we are the vessel of light.  This oil is essential to bring us back into balance when we feel we have lost our way, reminding us we are seed carriers, star children of the universe who carry the gift of love.


Southern Cross – Returning Home – $50.00

We are touched by the universe each night when we stand beneath the celestial guardians.  The Southern Cross is the portal returning us home to the place of the deepest wisdom.  Like the navigators of the past this oil raises your vibrational frequency to connect to the wisdom of the stars and the remembrance of the long journey that has brought us to this place.  It creates a magnetic field that aligns us with our destiny and those who can support us to realize our dream in this powerful year of manifestation.  The southern cross is visible from the lands of the southern hemisphere and it is said that this is the doorway that takes us back to source.  A powerful oil containing starlight infused into a crystal heart the night of the Full Moon beneath a Pohutakwa tree, the tree of life anchoring heaven and earth together.  Giving us the balance of the head and the heart.  When we feel we have become burdened with the journey, weighed down by the challenges and hurts of the past this oil lifts us beyond the illusion and back to the memory of the stars.


OBSIDIAN – The Void – $50.00

Obsidian brings the power of the nothing ness.  This is the same potential the universe had at the beginning of its existence.  The state of pure potential.   When we are in the gap, there is a  feeling of uncertainty and we spend too much time trying to figure it all out.   We have nothing to hold onto because we are changing.  Changing homes, changing lifestyles, changing ways of being.  The nothingness is everything.   It is vibrant with possibilities.  It is unmanifest but it contains all.  This powerful oil was created with an obsidian stone being from the dragon line of the obsidian mountain in Mount Shasta.  It can quiet the mind and take us back into our center where this creative potential exists.   When placed on the heart can be used to transform regret, anger, guilt and fear.  Place on the wrists and rub together.  Breathe this powerful essence into you auric field.  Sit in stillness and ask for clarity.  Takes you into a higher state of consciousness to transmute negative thoughts and emotions into inspired thought for creation.

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Andara Crystal Elixir

With the first Full Moon of January I will be creating the Personal Andara crystal elixir once again for those who seek the additional support from the natural world to help in aligning the higher energies of 2015.

The Andara Crystal Elixir is created for each person individually as I connect with your soul essence.  You do not need to be present, it is simply your request that provides the cellular blueprint to align you with the high vibrational medicine available to each of us from the unseen world. The elixir is a natural healing support system that sustains and balances the mind, body and spirit connection, during times of stress, chaos, emotional upheaval, trauma and change.  Each elixir is created in a sacred manner and truly supports the process you are moving through.  The essences used in the personal elixir are from Mount Shasta, New Zealand, Australia, Maui and Tibet, each holding the imprint of Lemuria. For those of you who may not be familiar with flower essences they are all natural, dilute solutions made from spring water, and infused with the spirit of specific flowers, trees, fern, and minerals from nature’s medicine chest. They are used to help balance the emotions and are extremely valuable to support our fragile nervous systems as we move through these times of uncertainty.  I have recently added 18 new essences from the lands of New Zealand and Australia that carry the higher frequency to support the energies of 2015.

These essences will be prepared in a special water base from the source of the water flowing from the Mount Shasta connected to Telos and charged with the celestial light of the next Full Moon.  The water has been infused with the andara crystal and placed in three different crystal singing bowls, alchemically created combining powerful crystal and rare mineral healing properties.  The sound frequency elevates the vibrational healing of the essences. The first an emerald green/magenta ray-singing bowl, the vibration is accelerated to open and align the crown, third eye, heart, throat and psychic center known as the medulla oblongata. The sound frequency of a second singing bowl, rose quartz and platinum to heal the heart and raise your energy field to be a vessel of divine love. The sound of the third singing bowl, the citrine/indium was used to raise the vibration to an even higher frequency.  Citrine is the stone of success and removes all congested energy of control, fear, and insecurity from the lower chakras helping us step forward with greater purpose and the wisdom of truth that abundance is a source within us not external to us.  Indium is the rarest of minerals and works on rejuvenation of the body temple, removing the layer of illusion between the earth experience and remembrance of our divine self.

You will receive an in depth description (3 to 4 pages) of the essences you have tested for and how they truly support your personal journey as well as a description of the animal allies that walk along side you and the messages they bring for your individual journey.  Each personal elixir takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to prepare.

Individual Elixir with full written description – $85.00 for the small and $125.00 for the large.

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