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The Gift of Star Light and the Wisdom of the Universe

Temple of Sakkara

Our final days in Cairo would prove to be the most powerful and a beautiful completion to our journey Awakening the Goddess.

A not SO early morning departure to Sakkara would bring unexpected magick.  After the intensity of the last 12 days I thought one morning of rest was well deserved.

Step Temple

Sakkara is an ancient complex most famous for the Step Pyramid. Here the oldest texts in the world were discovered that give modern man a glimpse to an ancient civilization. There is so much more than just the architectural history of this complex, as it is the heart chakra of ancient Egypt.

Hazem had enough of walking the temple grounds. He complained it was entirely my fault that his body hurt because of the wee morning hours I had chosen to visit the temples. He enlisted the assistance of an animal ally and since I wasn’t finished with my requests for the group, I decided to catch a ride with him. I had his ear and had come up with a grand plan I wanted to gift our group. I had to live up to the standards of Michael who would let me know when I “Was Doing A Great Job!”

It had been 11 years since I had been to Sakkara and new discoveries would now allow us to enter into one of the sacred tombs.

It was a long descent down into the womb of the Goddess. With each step we took we were going deeper and deeper into our own knowing.

Here we would perform a rebirthing ceremony calling in the spirit of the Phoenix. In order for there to be a birth, there must be a death of the old beliefs and the old way of perceiving the world we have created. We are the Master Weavers of our story and it was time for us to change the story that was preventing us from stepping forward.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that lives in the unseen world. She knows when it is her time to die and in preparation will gather sacred herbs as she travels to Heliopolis where she builds her nest. As the sunrises she faces the east and calls upon the sun to ignite the nest. The Phoenix is consumed with the fires of transformation as she allows layer after layer to burn away.   From the ashes a golden egg is born. There is a symbolic gestation period of 9 days where the golden egg vibrates with life. On the 9th day the new Phoenix shatters the shell and is born.

We were allowed to carry the singing bowls into the tomb to raise the vibration of the stones. I gifted each member of our family with a peacock feather, which for the Egyptians symbolizes the Phoenix. As we moved through the fire ritual and allowed our true spirit to be birthed through the golden egg, the crystal singing bowls would allow us to access the unseen world and the presence of the Phoenix.

When we ascended from the rebirthing chamber we couldn’t have received greater confirmation than the actual image of the Phoenix appearing in the sky.

I couldn’t pay for these types of props. This was a powerful gift from the Goddess ensuring us we were on our sacred path.

We left the tomb and moved to the sanctuary of the temple known as the heart chamber where one stands before the altar and feels a tremendous heart opening.

We were alone in the temple grounds and found a profound stillness that allowed us to listen to our own heart for guidance.

A beautiful energy fills your entire being and one is able to listen to the gentle voice of ones truth.

Our final morning together and we were up at 3:00am as we had been granted access into the Great Pyramid for a private visit and the Sphinx.

I had planned to go into the pyramid first to prepare the energy for the group. Six men met me at the door and began to argue if I would be allowed to carry in the battery-operated candles. As they argued I sat on a stone and just sent love. Finally they allowed me to enter. I asked permission to go into the Queens Chamber. The guard unlocked the doorway and I was allowed to stand within the chamber creating a pillar of light.

I knew that imprinted in the inverted pyramid that lies beneath the visible one that stands above ground was the imprint of the Flower of Life, the sacred symbol gifted by Thoth the Atlantean Priest to assist the human in escaping the Grid of Experience.

I began to activate the Merkaba that would support our group in the Kings Chamber as each person activated their Merkaba. I had gifted each member of our spiritual family with a beautiful crystal Merkaba that had been blessed on Mount Shasta, the root chakra of the planet.

In silence the group began to make their way up the narrow passageway that led to the King’s Chamber.

I would have several minutes alone in the chamber as I climbed into the sarcophagus.

It is instantaneous when one lies in the sarcophagus as it serves as a star gate. When one lays within the chamber, directly beneath the apex of the pyramid ones soul spins into the celestial realms connecting with source.

As the group gathered now in the chamber, each individual would lie within the sarcophagus, as the energy grew stronger. All of a sudden I felt the star beings enter the chamber as a surge of energy moved through me. This was something that I had experienced before and I knew there was nothing I could do but allow the energy to move through me.

I was quite aware that it was the Sirians. I had known them since I was ten and the Lady of Light had appeared to me as a child bringing my companion the white wolf to walk with me.

It is a strange sensation as my body begins to distort and the pure star energy anchors in. They had come to bring special blessings, they had come to honor each individual who had made this journey and they had come to shower each of us with unconditional love. It is as though I am present and yet at the same time removed. I could hear the sound coming from my mouth and understood every word as I spoke the ancient star language. It is a language of love, understood by the heart and many in our group understood the words being spoken. For me it is as though an electrical jolt moves through me, pure starlight.

When each person had been able to travel to source through the star gate we would join together and sing three Oms within the sacred King’s Chamber. Our chanting vibrated through the pyramid.

We left the Great Pyramid to travel now to the Sphinx where again we would have private access.

The Sphinx is linked to Atlantis and here is a special power one feels when you stand between the arms of the ancient one and face the dream stella. There was so much uncertainty in the fast world and soon we would be returning to our individual lives. We all knew the Goddess was awakened within us and the future now lay before us.

I was grateful for this beautiful group of souls that had accompanied me through the sacred lands of Egypt. I had watched each one change dramatically. We could never be the same after all we had experienced together.

There was one more surprise I had for our group…. a camel ride in the early morning around the Giza Plateau. Not an easy task to gather 30 camels at one time but my amazing guides had fulfilled my request and we were off. It seemed surreal, no one on the Giza Plateau but us and the magnificent pyramids in the background.

As we left the complex and looked back at the Great Pyramid, hundreds of tourist were now arriving and the parking lot was full of coaches.   I made the comment to our group. “That is the experience of the average tourist who comes to the Great Pyramid….. and then there is the White Wolf Journey’s Way”. Michael gave me the thumbs up and told me I was doing a great job. It had been a life changing morning.   I was still feeling the celestial energy cursing through my blood.

A heart felt thank you to all who participated in this amazing journey. We are forever bound together and an equally heartfelt thank you to all who held the space for our group from around the world.

I am working on the journeys of 2017, which will be created to awaken the Goddess within in the Year of New Beginnings, the Year of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine Returning. I will be announcing them shortly.

We have had one spot open for our Bimini journey in if you are called to join us.   We will be weaving the magick of the sacred lands of Egypt back to the spiritual center of Atlantis at the time of the WESAK Full moon in May to swim with the dolphin. Please contact Guy if you have an interest in participating for details at [email protected].

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