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Get ready to step forward Jupiter goes direct on 9 May 2016 in Virgo


Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth, higher wisdom and new ideas.   Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter.  This kind and benevolent planet, wants us to grow and flourish in a positive way. Jupiter ensures we are on the right path by presenting us with challenges that highlight areas in our life that need to be addressed in order for us to grow.   Jupiter retrograde is a regular cycle occurring every 13 months and lasting for about 4 months. Jupiter retrograde represents a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. During the previous months since Jupiter entered the retrograde zone, you will have been dealing with particular issues involving growth and development, personal happiness and success.

Having been retrograde for several months, we have had tremendous opportunity for personal, spiritual and material growth. Success can now be achieved in whatever area of your life needs more fulfillment, from new love relationships to breaking addictions,  stepping into abundance consciousness and opening the channels of creative expression.   The actual Jupiter retrograde period brought up our insecurities and self doubts.  We have to clear these issues before the full potential of Jupiter’s good fortune, success and happiness can be unleashed so we have been challenged.

Events or relationships will keep reinforcing the problem areas in your life during a Jupiter retrograde.   Take the time to review the last few months and acknowledge the situation and individuals who have brought areas in your life that still need to be cleared into your consciousness.   When you are listening to your inner Jupiter and utilizing the full essence of Jupiter’s influence you find you become more accepting of others, happy, comfortable and content with yourself.  You relax into the immediate now.  By the time Jupiter stations go direct on the 9th of May, you should have come to terms with relevant issues and be prepared for the next phase.

Regardless of how you are living the adventure of your life, Jupiter in Virgo shows us how our journey is related to our willingness to work  humbly but with intense focus in our service.  Are we still making excuses, hesitating to not step forward?   A blast from Jupiter will be the nudge we need to make a change.   It can renew our sense of service to a greater Truth, Goodness, Compassion, and Beauty.

May full moon Diana

For those who are members of our online subscription series I have now posted the Full Moon audio meditation (click here to log in) dedicated to the Goddess Diana.   The May Full Moon will assist in integrating the insight offered from the Jupiter Retrograde.  Under the Sagittarian full moon the hunt represents our quest for wisdom, engaging the fire of aspiration that takes us into a larger view of the world.  Diana has nothing on her mind but the desire in her heart and is not distracted by outside influences or the lives of others.  The power of her magick is to hunt down all that she desires, a powerful presence to call upon at the time of the full moon to help with focus, commitment and direction towards ones dreams and desires.   Diana is never discouraged.    If you would like to join our subscription please click here.


I am heading to Bimini the day Jupiter goes direct with a wonderful group gathering from all parts of the world into the Atlantean waters to activate the crystal grid and reestablish the alliance between the world of human and that of the unseen as we swim with the dolphin. This is to continue to reseed the sacred waters that began with the Final Total Lunar Eclipse on the Dream Isle of Atlantis, the Island of Iona last September.   I ask that our spiritual community join together seeing a silver cord that weaves you into the web.  Together we can send prayers of healing and light into the crystal temple that exists within these sacred waters.  The dolphin will carry the prayers through their  sacred sound.

If you take the time to meditate on the crystal temple you will find a wave of love being sent back to you.  This light can heal the physical body as well as provide support to the emotional and mental body.   Whenever the timing works between May 9th and the 13th we will be on the waters that hold the memory of Atlantis.  The mistakes of the human world that created the core fear we are all moving through in this Year of Self Mastery can be cleared. What is important is to be clear of anger, judgment, guilt and self doubt when sending the energy as we are seeding a new consciousness that will be woven next to Stradbroke Island, Australia in June, the sacred passageway of the whales and finally to Egypt in October at the time of the turning of the wheel when the veils are thinnest.

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Wishing you an enchanting week.

Love and dolphin cuddles, Robbyne

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