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Get ready for the planetary influences of April How will these impact you? Anyway you choose.

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The month of April holds tremendous opportunities for reflection and growth as we continue to navigate through the increased activity of this year known as the Seed of Life. Our lives are governed by the movement of the celestial bodies, the planets, the stars, the moon and the sun. The Moon waxes and wanes, rises and sets, drawing the waters of the world with it. The Moon has such a strong influence on the earth that twice a day, it makes the waters of the ocean ebb and flow. It also affects other parts of life on Earth. Plants, the weather, animals, man’s physical and emotional being, all are subject to lunar influences. This month we have the first of two total lunar eclipses, a solar eclipse and a powerful Grand Cross Alignment. In total, three very strong influences will impact us over the next couple of weeks.


 First Influence – Total Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon – April 15th

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one object in the sky moves into the shadow of another. The total lunar eclipse signifies a time of conclusion, fruition, climax or culmination. It intensifies the powerful energy of a full moon and illuminates what is not working in our life as it takes us into the shadow. Solar eclipses, like any New Moon, signify a new beginning or a new direction unfolding. On a personal level the big events in life often happen when an eclipse occurs. Even if it’s not immediately clear what the meaning is, it might take time for a transiting planet to activate it. Falling in the middle of the upcoming eclipse cycle will be a Grand Cross Alignment which sends the eclipse cycle into over drive.


 Second Influence – Grand Cross Alignment – April 22/23/24th

A Grand Cross is formed when two oppositions take place at the same time, on opposite sides of the sky, forming a cross formation creating pressure and tension. April’s Grand Cross is a Cardinal Grand Cross, ushering in change and new beginnings. Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter will all be in this intense standoff, peaking on the 22nd/23rd/24th April, This will be building all month, amplified by the Total Lunar eclipse.

So you have a better understanding what this means, here is a quick overview of what these planets influence.


Uranus, is the planet of radical change, surprise, synchronicity and the unexpected. Uranus asks us to take a new look at situations in our life that create disharmony. It asks us to stop making excuses and acknowledge what is NOT working. It is the planet of truth and if we work with the energies of the Grand Cross alignment we will be given insight. We can find solutions to what has appeared to be a hopeless situation. If that requires radical change then so be it.


Pluto, planet of movement and revolution. While Uranus needs a cause for change, Pluto is meant to keep us from being comfortably board and stagnate. We are in a time of great expansion and evolution and its Pluto’s job to push us. This is the influence that we feel when we ask ourselves, ‘I don’t know why or how, but I’m compelled to make change. It’s that knowing in your heart that you are meant to be so much more which will cause a restless feeling inside. We often look outside of ourselves in search of what can make our life more joyful, comparing our lives to others which then causes us to focus on what is not working. We can become jealous and competitive, obsessing over someone else’s journey. During this alignment we need to look inside to discover what we need to change within ourselves first.


Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos. Mars is aggressive energy demanding action. Not willing to deal with old patterns or restriction. This is a volatile energy and we can feel the volcano building inside. It won’t take much to trigger an explosion. All that unresolved anger or feelings that we have been taken for granted, or used, will come rushing to the surface. Mars is also in retrograde so issues of control will be burning inside. What still needs to be forgiven will surface to BE FORGIVEN. There is so much the world has to offer if we can get over our fears, disappointments, and betrayals of the past. Its OVER, so let it be OVER. There is a wonderful definition describing the difference between pain and suffering. Pain is the initial experience of a situation or event that causes us discomfort. Suffering is when we know the event, situation or person will cause us discomfort and we choose to continue to repeat the same experience. This Grand Cross Alignment will help us clearly see where we choose to suffer, then it will be up to us to make a course direction.


Jupiter, is the king of the planets, known as the planet of luck, good fortune and expansion. Jupiter brings growth, abundance and opportunities. The other three planets are breaking down the old illusions while Jupiter is pushing us to expand beyond our comfort zone, WAY BEYOND. MY motto in working with Jupiter. Be willing to let go of the lesser so you can create the greater. There isn’t room for both. The Lunar Eclipse will illuminate what is old and worn out and then it will be up to you, to LET GO of it. Buckle your celestial seatbelt as we are in for quite the ride, but the outcome will be the new beginning you seek. Review how the influence of these planets is merely bringing you clarity and pushing you forward.

In sharing with you the influence of these significant events you will be prepared and clearly understand you have not been singled out. You are not losing your mind, the universe is not picking on you, it is just a part of the ongoing influence of these grand celestial bodies that are truly supporting us in clearing out the old to allow the seed we carry to be activated and nurtured. Knowledge is power and my intention is to share tools to assist you in overcoming chaos when it hits so you are not thrown off balance. It may feel like a wave that throws you out of your boat. You will be fine. No amount of whining, feeling sorry for ourselves or blaming others will help, it is up to us to create a new reality. The possibilities are unlimited in this highly charged month if we harness the energy properly. Every word you speak will carry a even stronger influence in the reality you are creating, so guard your words before you speak them. If you speak of what is not working you will get more of what is not working. If you speak of what you are grateful for, you open the door for wondrous experiences to flow to you.


 Final Influence – New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 29th.

The eclipse aspect of the new moon enhances magick. There is need for personal empowerment through taking control of our health. All aspects of it. This is a time to really examine what we are doing to ourselves. If we are eating an unhealthy diet we may need to clean it up and the New Moon is an excellent time to begin a detox. Do we need more exercise? Are we not sleeping because of the stress we are carrying? This is a powerful day to really examine what is not in harmony in our life. Are you abusing alcohol or substances to mask what you don’t want to look at in your life? The intensity of this month will put that which you don’t want to look at front and center. Remember the Grand Cross alignment will bring it to the surface, the solar eclipse will give you an opportunity to make a choice. Choose wisely. You are co creating with the universe.

Nothing we will face this month is anything we haven’t faced before on multiple occasions. The only difference we are wiser, more powerful, awake, and we asked for change. Not everyone will be impacted equally by the Grand Cross. Some of you will be called upon to be the balance, the voice and the source of strength for others. Some of you will seek support and need to ask for assistance. One thing for sure when April transitions into May we will all be different.

I will send out a ritual for each of these planetary events that will provide tools to work with these influences closer to the time of the event.

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Wishing you a magickal and harmonious month of change, expansion and growth.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Kim Jobst

    Robbyne – this is a magnificent articulation that has hugely helped prepare me. Thank you for taking the trouble and making the time to share the wisdom.
    With Love

  2. Denise

    Hi Robbyne,
    This makes me smile! I was writing in my gratitude journal just now and writing how I am so grateful for the information you share. Which by the way, I share with all my friends. Even my daughter will listen when I share with her about your information on the full moons etc, but only the planet stuff. (She is 24 and thinks I am nuts most of the time, but she will listen about the moon. She is a swimmer and grew up in Laguna Beach and would check the tide report everyday.)
    I came to your website to send it to my friend and I was think how much I wanted to send you a thank you for helping me. As I was scrolling down this page, low and behold, a place to leave a reply!
    Thank you Robbyn! Sometimes when I am feeling crazier than usual, I remember to check to see if you have sent something out. Every single time, and I mean every single time I am out of whack, I check, and you are always right on, always!
    It helps me so much and reminds me that I am not alone and not really as crazy as I think I am. Plus helps me to adjust my thinking (for a bit anyway) and put my emotions in perspective. Then I pass it on, either by sending your website or reminding my friends to go check out your new posting. I always the same feed back, which is exactly the same as mine, that we aren’t crazy!
    Thank you Robbyne, thank you, thank you!


    Denise Grateful

  3. Debra Martin


  4. Patrick OFlaherty

    Hi I cannot register for your newsletter, cannot work the spam code.

  5. Jennifer Williams

    Long time no see Robbyne . thanks for this just what I needed great description of what is going on love Jennxx

  6. Michelle Plaisted

    Thank you for sharing this wisdom allowing me to be prepared and to make the most of these opportunities and share them with others.

  7. Sylvia scarsbrook

    All you are saying here resonates with my own experience at this auspicious time,so thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement

  8. Laurel Gibbons

    I dabble a little in Astrology and found your website most interesting.
    I will be 88 years young in June and my chart shows the Grand Cross. How exciting is that? I have been working with all things spiritual for many years.
    I love my life and am so grateful that I am healthy.

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