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Full Moon

Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


Normally, eclipses come in pairs – a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. But this year, in the mix of all the other strong planetary influences, we have three eclipses in a row.   It began on July 7th with the Full Moon.   Many of you joined physically with me in the enchanted garden to place intention, while others all around the world joined with our group to create a vision of universal oneness.  The second eclipse was the recent Total Solar Eclipse  on July 21st/22nd and once again many of you joined with me as we held the vision on the sacred mountain of Mount Shasta,  connecting to the realm of the Masters, under the guidance of Saint Germaine and the Dark Mother Goddess. Next week we will have the third eclipse which is a lunar eclipse.  I will be returning to Sedona where I am called to create ceremony connecting to the ancestors of long ago at the Mago Retreat Center.  I have shared a part of the story regarding Mago in a recent posting.  For those of you who may be interested please click here. I am preparing to bring a gathering to this sacred sanctuary in the near future.

Lunar eclipses create opportunities for us to shed old habits and let go of the past so that the doorways to the future can open.  With this final eclipse we are asked to shed our ego and our pride, to eliminate the drama of our lives, and our misconception that we are the center of the universe.  I continue to see the last remnant of self interest groups trying to promote fear and create negative influences regarding the progress that America’s new President is trying to make. With this final eclipse we need to move beyond our political affiliations and join forces for what is in the highest good of everyone, not just the self interest groups.  What is in the best interest of our global community is progress and change.  Yes its painful, but we already know the old systems, the old structures, the old ways of doing business just don’t work anymore so why would we want to hold on to the past.  With my last journey to Mount Shasta, the guidance came that the solar eclipse will usher in an illumination of light that will focus now on those individuals and corporations that are still operating with self-interest.  From their fear of being exposed, they will make every attempt to create fear and slander.  If you are easily influenced or feel discomfort, I highly encourage you to turn off the television, put down the newspaper that promotes more gloom and doom.  This is merely the opinion of those who want you to live in fear and once again turn over your power to a system that is no longer sustainable.   We must rise above this and look to find ways of supporting one another.   With the instability many feel, it will be easy to judge another, to criticize another, to be jealous or feel insecure.  This is what the eclipse will require all of us to let go of.  There is plenty of everything out there for everyone so be very careful not to express poverty consciousness. Guard your thoughts so they do not come from fear.  With the eclipse it is most important to stop focusing on what you don’t have.  Instead use this powerful energy that is being gifted to us to step forward and focus on what you are manifesting.  Complaining, feeling sorry for yourself, making excuses, comparing yourself to someone else just won’t do any good.  It will completely drain your energy and most definitely make you unhappy.  Why be unhappy when there is so much to be joyful for.  You are alive at this time of tremendous change, you are awake and most importantly you are aware and part of something wonderful if you choose to follow your truth.

Full moons always provide us with additional power to focus and visualize what we desire to manifest.  This is not about instant manifestation so don’t fool yourselves.  You will not get rich overnight.  This is about laying the foundation for something that is true and comes from collective efforts.  A highly creative time when new ideas and inspiration can come.

With Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron all retrograding in Aquarius along with the North Node of Destiny, we are being asked to integrate new visions and possibilities for the future into our individual creative vision as well as support our communities.  We need our communities to join together and create a different vision for our future.  We need to write a new story and then live that story everyday.  We need hope and we need to know truth.  This you will not find from an outside source, this you will find inside of your heart.  The world that we are creating is one where we must all become stewards of the Earth and share resources with each other.   These three eclipses mark a beginning that will grow in the next years into a new global spirit.  We need to become activists and join together in every way possible.  We need to awaken collective consciousness.  We are just beginning.  Our nation, our global community and our individual selves.  Take this time until the retrograding planets go direct to regroup, refocus on all that has been personally revealed to you during these three eclipses and focus on where we are going together.  You will be so busy doing that you won’t have time for regret, disappointment, sadness, anger or feelings of lack.  That is unless you choose that path.  Please don’t… you are far too special to waste your beautiful talent and energy, you have too many gifts to be shared and there is too much joy yet to be experienced.  At the time of the eclipse visualize a golden doorway that opens and that path before you is illuminated.  See that the Black Jaguar joins you on the right and the White wolf leads you forward.  Pay special attention to who you see joining you as you walk forward on this path.

Once again I ask you to join with me on the night of the Lunar Eclipse, to create a focused and collective vision.  This time see that where the earth is still in darkness that light is emanating to awaken those still sleeping. Continue to make your prayer that our leaders make right choice and wise decisions, place the intention that we awaken to the original teachings that are the foundation of the indigenous people and those of the Celtic and Druid traditions, that will bring our world back into harmony.  You will have moments of doubt, but take heed, don’t speak your words of doubt, instead affirm that you are abundant, manifestations of light expressing the God and Goddess with each step you make, you are expressions of joy, happiness and love walking on the earth.


The eclipse will occur:

West Coast at 5:39pm, August 5th

East Coast 8:39pm, August 5th

Switzerland/Germany – 2:39am August 6th

England – 1:39am August 6th

La Paz, Bolivia – 8:39pm, August 5th

Cancun, Mexico – 7:39pm, August 5th

Singapore, – 8:39am, August 6th

Sydney, Australia – 10:39am – August 6th

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Wishing you magick and light to illuminate your journey.

Love and Rainbows,


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2 Responses
  1. Lorey Amaro

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures and stories from your trips. I always look forward to your newletter. My sister is Charlene Pao-Watt who told me about you. I recently started a metaphysical gift and book store online. http://www.joyfulvibrations.com The picture of your hummingbird really caught my eye. I would like very much to share your link on my website. Would that be ok?


    • Robbyne

      Good Morning Lorey:

      Absolutely, please share. My intention is to share the continuous
      messages of hope and oneness that come from the unseen world and to
      unite a spiritual family together with focused intention as this is what
      can create balance and restore beauty to our world.

      Wishing you magick.

      Love, rainbows and hugs, Robbyne