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Full Moon Guided Meditation has been posted

As we say goodbye to 2020 officially from the Gregorian calendar, I sat today in stillness to receive a message from the natural world.  Two powerful elders shared their wisdom with me as I felt everything in my reality shift.

mountain clouds

What an amazing experience to open your ears and hear the voice of the Goddess speak through the wind.  Wind is mysterious, powerful, invisible and only evident by the affect it has on the other elements.  It is air in motion putting one on alert to prepare for change.  For me it is the breath of the Goddess.

mountain clouds

Chief Seattle shared “that the wind gives our children life”.  Today I felt life move through me and all around me.  As I looked up, I watched in wonder the movement of the clouds.  Cloud beings are a combination of water and air.  Water symbolizes purity, air symbolizes wisdom.  In my own stillness I found such beauty surrounding me and was given such powerful messages of hope.

The old is being blown away to make room for the new.  We are entering a time of purification and we each in our own way will choose the direction we will go.  Remember we are entering the Year of Emergence.

singing bowls

For those who are part of our online subscription series I have posted a sound bathing meditation with the new crystal singing bowl to support the emotionally charged energy of the December Full Moon.  This is a moon of receiving, nurturing and healing for our delicate nervous system as we prepare to step forward.  Please click here.  If you would like to join our online subscription series for the coming year, to receive rituals and teachings on how to commune with nature for guidance and direction, monthly new moon and full moon rituals to work more deeply with gifts offered every month, rituals for the sacred sabbat celebrations such as the solstices and equinoxes, and an audio guided meditation to support your journey, please click here.

Wishing you magick, enchantment, hope and love, Robbyne

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