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Fort Lauderdale Workshop May 2016


Embrace The Year Of Self Mastery


the Wisdom gifted through the

Emerald Green Tablets of Thoth


Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Saturday, May 7th

10:00 to 4:30

Private Sessions available

Friday, May 6th and Sunday, May 8th


Please contact Guy at [email protected] to schedule a private session or reserve your space


The Emerald Tablet is one of the most revered documents  gifted to our world by its Egyptian author, Thoth  the Atlantean priest, and Pharaoh. Thoth is the master teacher who has channeled through many initiates over centuries of time with knowledge that serves as powerful tools as we enter the Year of Mastery

The teachings of Thoth offer the oldest spiritual traditions in the world,  practiced by those who follow the Ancient Earth Traditions.   Instrumental in assisting the human, known as the Surface Walker to connect with the Dream Walker.   It is the basis of everything that contains the sum of all knowledge for those able to understand it. It is the knowledge of the Priest and Priestesses that were able to work with the elements and travel the pathways to the unseen world.

Occult historians agree that the tablet was found in a secret chamber under the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, around 1350 BC. Described as a rectangular green plaque with bas-relief lettering in a strange alphabet similar to ancient Phoenician. It is made of emerald green crystal and carries a vibration very similar to the Andara Crystal.


In the Cabala, there is a pathway travelled only by mystics which crosses the center of the abyss.  The mystic safely travels this road above the abyss because of  a burning desire to  merge with the “Divine Will”, known by those who honour the earth traditions as the Dream Walker.

Thoth, the God of Wisdom and knowledge created a grid of experience. Electromagnetic in nature to allow for the bipolar aspects of linear time and illusion. It is the grid of illusion we have all been pulled into. Thoth gifted humankind with the Merkabah, a mystical vehicle that allows one to access into the unseen to break free of the grid of illusion. A non physical vessel that represents As Above…So Below. This is the ancient wisdom followed by the Priest and Priestess of Isis.

Join us for a one day transformational journey into your own soul story to heal the ancient Atlantean Seed Fear of failure. An imprint that has kept humanity locked into the illusion of the grid of experience.

  • Experience the Weighing of the Heart Ceremony to find your truth
  • Tap into the source of your full creative potential.
  • Heal the ancient imprint of burden and guilt known as the Atlantean Seed Fear
  • Discover the power of the Merkaba  to access the grid of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Learn to access the pathways known to the ancient mystics to gain insight and wisdom as you step from illusion into a deeper knowing of you divine destiny.
  • Experience the mergence of the Dream Walker and the Surface Walker in sacred ceremony.
  • If you are ready to truly step forward and embrace the Master within, you must first master Self Love. Only when the heart is clear can you receive the guidance of the dream walker.
  • Rewrite your soul story as you tap into the wisdom of the Emerald Green Tablets
  • Experience the high healing of the andara crystal and the Obsidian stone being that serves as a galactic computer allowing you to access your own stone wisdom.
  • Feel yourself come into a deep state of inner peace as you experience the ancient sound healing of the crystal singing bowls and celestial elemental chimes.

Total Investment for this Day of Empowerment and Change

Includes all meditations, rituals, inner journeys, mystery teachings of the mystic

and ceremonial tools as well as lunch.


Please contact Guy at [email protected] to schedule a private session or reserve your space.



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