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Following the Path of the Dark Madonna

Goddess Sophia

To follow the path of the Black Madonna means so much more than following the footsteps of the Magdalena. It is a journey one takes when they are willing to journey deep into their soul story with the purpose of stepping forward.   I have long followed the path of the dark goddess to discover truth. In the Year of the Goddess Awakening, the lost wisdom of the Goddess Sophia is awakened when one chooses to journey though the sacred sites of the Magdalene. Known as the breath and the power of God, a reflection of eternal light, Sophia brings life to the one who calls upon her. Sophia’s wisdom and power has been suppressed and many carry the ancient wound of the divine feminine being hidden. Her knowledge is not found in books but in the pages of nature. Stored in the landscape for the priestess who walks between worlds. The veil is open for those who have the courage to reclaim the ancient knowledge. To walk with Sophia is to step fully into your destiny.

Our journey began, I gifted each person with a scallop shell, the symbol of protection for the journey. We would find the scallop shell everywhere throughout the journey serving as a constant reminder to stay focused on our personal journey. The grooves of the scallop shell represent we each choose a path and eventually that path will lead us back to the divine. An ancient symbol of the Goddess it serves as a vessel to receive and a reminder to step out of judgment into love.

As a child I was summoned by the God Source with clear instructions at the age of 4. When I would begin to fall asleep a reoccurring dream would come two to three times a week where I saw myself flying over a cemetery. When I looked down upon the graves beneath me I saw that the bodies within the graves were not dead but nearly asleep. Each time I flew over the cemetery it seemed to get longer and endless. Just before I would wake up a voice would clearly say. “Never, Never, fall asleep”.

As this journey through France began I remembered that voice and understood that for the last 25 years I had been weaving a web to awaken those still under the illusion of the fast world. I was excited about the journey and happy to meet those souls who would be joining us for the first time. I knew this was a continuation of the journey from the year before through the sacred lands of Egypt. I also knew everyone would be tested on this journey as it would provide an opportunity for each of us to grow if we made the decision to do so.

We came together as a group for the first time at the seashore in Saintes Maries De La Mer. The village is set amidst herds of wild white horses, black bulls and flamingoes. Believed to be the place where the three Mary’s had journeyed from the holy land after the crucifixion. These were dangerous times as the feminine energy would be suppressed and imprinted in the lands. A journey these brave women had taken into the unknown as they truly had no idea where the boat that carried them would arrive or if rough seas would destroy the small boat they traveled in.

As we stood at the shore we honored the goddess and made a commitment to journey into our own soul story.

It would be our faith that would guide us throughout the journey.

There was a beautiful energy of stillness as we released roses into the water. We were awakening the Church of the Rose within us. Far too long it had gone unrecognized as the Church of Rome had tried to erase it from the memory of those who had fallen deep under the spell of illusion.

This was a special place for me as here the gypsy spirit is strongly felt. As Marlis and Ueli sang to the sea with their flutes and Lorrie played the crystal singing bowl our journey was truly beginning. In this small fishing village the Dark Madonna the gypsies identify as Sarah rests within the crypt.

She is acknowledged as the Goddess Kali, a goddess of destruction and I knew many would have a powerful experience with her. Even though history has identified the gypsy as thieves and nomads, it was the gypsies that were entrusted with keeping the old knowledge alive. We each would take our time standing before Sara asking for guidance for the long journey that lay ahead.

Many believe that the Magdalene was pregnant with the child of Jesus, a female named Sara who later became a priestess in Avalon.

We had been blessed when we arrived at the crypt, as there were few people in the church, which allowed us time for silent meditation to awaken the teachings of the Church of the Rose.

Every year the gypsies carry the statue of Sara to the seashore to honor the dark one and the journey of the three Mary’s. Thousands make a spiritual pilgrimage to be part of the celebration on May 25th. I was grateful we were there at a time when it was just our group.

Some would later choose to swim in the sea where we had done our ceremony together. Water holds a consciousness and I knew it would stir past life memory in many. I could feel waves of emotion beginning to move the group.

The next morning we traveled to Arles, a gorgeous village known as the “the soul of Provence”. A source of inspiration and creativity where the famous artist Van Gogh painted some of his most celebrated works.

Working with intentional magick, we would find the source of our inspiration in this magnificent village that had inspired so many before, writing our intentions and asking for guidance how we could bring the essence of the Goddess into manifestation through our own unique gifts and talents.

We would merge with the gladiator for courage as we sat in the coliseum writing our desires and dreams.

Symbolically meeting the Goddess half way we would climb the stairs to the top of the tower breathing in the expansive energy of unlimited potential.

A few hours to catch our breath and regroup as another adventure was waiting for us.

In the afternoon, we would experience the magick of the Goddess’s handiwork through the incredible scenery of the Camargue region on horseback. There is a mystery found in the Carmague where all horses born turn white. The horse is the symbol of freedom allowing our deepest memories to be released into our consciousness and our greatest desires to be revealed.

The horse spirit will teach you how to ride in new directions and discover your hidden power. For those who follow the earth religion, horse is the symbol of the wind and can teach you how to awaken and discover your own freedom. It was a magickal day. Only day 2 and we had experienced so much. As I observed the group I became aware that the Goddess Epona whose symbol is the white horse was present and would take each of us on a journey to find our truth and face our fears.

Join us tomorrow as we go deeper into the lands of the Magdalena in search of truth.

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