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Finding Your Sacred Inhale and Sacred Exhale….. Lessons from the Bimini Blue


Having just returned from another incredible heart opening encounter with the dolphin of Bimini, we are forever changed.  Being in the protective vessel that Bimini provides you feel the moment you move through the portal and leave the fast world of the land dwellers behind.  My heart instantly fills with delight and wonder with anticipation of another reunion with the sea angels.  These amazing beings are highly advanced star beings with the purpose of opening the heart of the human.  As we navigate through these times of uncertainty it is more important than ever to remain heart centered.  In this place there is no room for confusion or fear, hatred, or judgment.

Dolphin close up

Each day we were invited to enter the underworld playground of these magnificent beings as we were taught lessons that would help us navigate the world of human when we left this mystical place behind and reentered the realm of the land dwellers.


To be dolphinized and feel the sensation of the sonar move through you, is a powerful experience.  The human-dolphin connection creates a field of pure love where the dolphin becomes the teacher. Swimming in the ocean with the simplicity and elegance of the dolphins, one is linked to the Infinite wisdom of Love.   Dolphins invite us into their world to teach us that to walk in balance as land dwellers we need to live in tune with the patterns and rhythm of nature. The waters of Bimini serve as an embryonic fluid for us to tap into the dream we carry as we birth our own magnificence.


Held within these crystal-clear waters, we can find our own personal rhythm and timing as we find our sacred inhale and sacred exhale.  As we snorkeled in crystal clear waters it would be the elegant sea fan that became my teacher.  I was mesmerized by the flow and could feel and hear the sacred inhale and exhale of the Bimini Blue.  As I allowed myself to become part of the energy signature of the ocean, I found my own personal rhythm.  Questions I had brought with me, found answers in the simple movement of breathing and allowing the ocean to support me.  I was grateful for the teacher that lived beneath the sea.

mermaid cloud

As an earth listener, I am aware of all that I observe in my energy signature.  I love confirmation when it is given.  We had been invoking the spirit of the mermaid in our evening meditation and as the sun rose her presence would rise holding the sun confirming she was with us. I love the essence of the mermaid as she guards the portal to the dreamtime and aids the human who invites her presence.  Mermaids are maidens of enchantment, seductive and charming born of the sea.  They speak of non-conformity, they churn the sea of dreams within our psyche stirring up delightful images of what we can be when we step out of our overthinking, soul numbing reality, we as humans create.  They help us focus on the elusive dreams that come in and out of our consciousness and remind us of the song of the sea.   Their song hypnotizes us to venture into other worlds and to see our true beauty.  They open us to the flow and invite us to move through the veil separating our worlds to play in theirs.   They teach us to flow in the moment and see the treasures all around us.  For those who honor the sacred blue they align us into the flow of effortless manifestation.   Mermaids represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits, and ferocious independence.  They bring courage and enchantment into one’s world, delight, and wonder.   When I enter the sacred blue, I invoke my inner mermaid to merge with me as it enhances the sheer joy I experience when in the sea.

For those who would like to experience the magick of an up close and personal dolphin encounter, we will be returning in May 2023.  If you would like more information and feel the call to enter the playground of the dolphin, contact Guy at [email protected].  These journeys fill up very quickly as new members of our pod find their way, so I encourage you to register early.

May 15th/16th we have a brilliant full moon, total lunar eclipse.  For those who are members of our online subscription I have posted a ritual and guided meditation to allow you to utilize the full energy this lunation can provide the seeker of truth.  Click here.  Total lunar eclipses can make us feel uncertain and energy depleted at times, so I encourage you to be gentle with yourself and make self-nurturing and self-care a priority.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

I want to remind you that Mercury is now retrograde until June 3rd.  Being aware of the words we say and how we say them to those we are in relationships with (emphasizing relationships with significant others, friendships with an emotional tie, and business partnerships), especially if emotions are running high, can be very beneficial during this Mercury retrograde period. It is also important to remember that communication encompasses both speaking and listening. Truly listening is oftentimes the key to clearing up any misunderstandings. With any Mercury retrograde, expect the unexpected.  Going with the flow and allowing space for change can help ease any stress that may be felt.

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Love and dolphin cuddles, Robbyne


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