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Finding your Heart Song

with this special New Moon Solar Eclipse

Kaikoura from ocean

Nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean on the South Island of New Zealand, lies an enchanting seaside town known as Kaikoura.

Seal in water

Few places in the world are home to such accessible wildlife from whales to dolphin, seals and a variety of Albatross.  Here the ocean floor releases nutrients that are a rich food source for those who live in the deep blue where it plunges to more than 800m which allows the mighty sperm whale, the one who dives deeper than any other whale to choose permanent residency here.

seals on rocks

The beautiful blue, is home to so many magnificent creatures.  We humans need to remember the ocean is a sentient body of energy, the very blood of our earth mother, undulating with feeling and emotion, memory and a super consciousness.  Our dreams and intentions are captured in the molecules of water creating patterns within the ever-changing waters.

etheric whale

When the spirit of the whale calls you, you feel it in the very cells of your being. These beautiful ones had called me as had the ancient ones known as the Waitaha.  The ancestors of the past had traveled these lands and their spirit remained.  They were the water carriers and held the blueprint of peace.  From the first time I stepped onto the lands of Aotearoa over twenty years ago, the elders appeared to me and the memory of my connection to this land awakened something in my heart that would never release the hold it has on me.   Fourteen years ago I come to Kaikoura and swam with the dolphin.  That encounter changed my life forever.  With the total lunar eclipse approaching the end of the month and a powerful new moon tomorrow it was the soulful song of the whales I now heard calling me back.

sunrise kaikoura

I had spent the night before calling to these beloved beings with my own heart song and speaking with the weather faeries asking for a gentle day on the ocean.  We awoke to a magnificent sunrise and I just knew the whale would come.  The boats the day before had been cancelled and I knew there is never a guarantee that the whales will come.  This is their home and they are wild beings. They say you are blessed if you see 1 or 2 as the sperm whale can dive for over an hour, being the largest mammal that is able to dive to these depths it is the sperm whale  that was the inspiration for the story Moby Dick.

spem whale kaikoura

When whale chooses to join you on your journey the whale is asking for you to slip deep into your soul and feel…really feel.  Push yourself beyond denial and pain to see the source of what holds you back.  It was the sperm whale that was calling.

Sperm Whale Tale

They are here to help the human navigate the emotional memory that has created the deepest of wounds.  I was well aware of the impact the total lunar eclipse is having on each of us and my prayer to encounter these magnificent ones would be answered.

Whale tail

We would be blessed with four sightings.  Each one bringing a different message for me to go deeper into my story, into the wounds I carried from past lives.

Coastline Kaikoura

I stood on top of the vessel as the fourth whale plunged into the deep blue, feeling everything inside me stirring.  I was so grateful for this encounter and this magnificent day.   I was breathing in the magnificent scenery that this special place on our water planet held when suddenly I began to see the water ripple.  An energy was surging towards me and just as I had thought to myself…”How Does Life get better than this”?

dusky pod

It did!!!!  Rushing towards our boat were 200 plus dolphins.  It was very clear they had come to greet us and remind us of the celebration of life we have all been given.

Leaping dusky

They leaped and twirled.  Dove into the water and leaped again.  I stood there with tears once again streaming down my face feeling such a connection to these magnificent ones and such gratitude for this special gift.

dusky dolphin

Their presence reminded me of the gift we will all be given with this new moon solar eclipse.  Our intentions placed this night will be energized with the upcoming Full Moon total lunar eclipse two weeks later.  Once again the animal kingdom seemed to pose for Guy.

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Those joining us in Mount Tamborine for the Total Lunar Eclipse, get ready as things were just stepped up after this special day of communion.   This is going to be an even more powerful day as we gather together to share this celebration of life.  I will be bringing the Ocean blue singing bowl that holds the song of the whales to navigate your personal journey and the celestial chimes.  These gifts of the elemental kingdom restore balance and chakra clearing as your cells are massaged with the beautiful vibration of universal sounds as you are bathed in celestial light.

Wishing you a wondrous New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Waves of Love and blessings from Grandmother Ocean, Robbyne

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