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Finding Ones Truth

Avignon Palace Popes

Our journey would continue as we traveled to Avignon and the Palace of the Popes. A sharp contrast between the Church of Rome who built grand structures to worship God and the Cathars who followed the simplicity of the Church of the Rose. Inside the palace we would find a beautiful art exhibition of African artists sharing their story and making a conscious choice to heal the pain of their country through creative expression.

What a beautiful message to the world to let the past go and create a new story.   Many of the group were shedding past pain and their old story associated with these lands. We were all in a state of transformation. If we are unable to heal our past we will forever be in a state of suffering and illusion. These artist had chosen to channel pain and judgment into incredible expressions of the Goddess.

As we left the palace, I wanted to awaken the child and remind everyone that although this was a spiritual pilgrimage back to ones divine self there could be humor and laughter.

Not to mention fabulous crepes and other favorite dishes from the region to tantalize the taste buds, a reward for being human.  Our group took over the entire carousel as we entertained the French and other tourists. Even our coach driver and guide took their place to join us.

In Avignon is a famous landmark known as the broken bridge. History shares that whoever owned the bridge owned the trading rights of the region as the river was the only means of transport and the bridge joined Avignon with the rest of the Europe. The broken bridge symbolically represented the doorway to the future.

Here we did sacred ceremony to connect with our future self as together we visualized an etheric bridge that extended beyond illusion.

We would each ask for guidance and vision for the next part of our journey.

Our final destination this day would be our arrival into Sainte-Baume. Here Mary Magdalene came to live for the last thirty years of her life as a hermit. Her presence is felt by those who come seeking her guidance.

In 1279, excavations of the crypt beneath a small church in St. Maximin, France began after the presence of Mary Magdalene appeared to Charles II, the count of Provence in a dream. There a sarcophagus made of marble was discovered.   When the sarcophagus was opened, a sweet smell of roses emanated from inside and the bones of the Magdalene were discovered.

I had no idea what would happen as I began to share the wisdom of the Goddess Sophia before the Church of Rome.  All of a sudden I was overtaken with emotion. A sphere of light entered my heart and I felt the presence of the Magdalene inside. I could not speak as her presence filled me with such a beautiful energy and tears began to flow. My entire body was vibrating as she acknowledged each person and her joy that we had returned to her. These were tears of joy.

When I could finally speak we journeyed together to the crypt where the Magdalene’s bones remain. We stood as one light, making our committment to the Church of the Rose, deep in the heart of the Church of Rome. I watched as others were overcome with motion as well. Such incredible love was flowing to each of us.

The church itself had been built on a sacred Goddess site once a place of celebrating the natural world. The dragon lines that flow to these lands from the Temple of Isis were being filled with our vision of peace and prayers of unity. The Magdalene had created the Church of the Rose to share the wisdom of Sophia with those who walked a path of beauty.

I would return to stand in the crypt alone with the obsidian skull and andara crystal as she began to guide my journey. I could feel her courage and strength. Her secret was held within the walls of the Church of Rome but her truth would be revealed to those who came seeking her guidance in the Grotto. It had been a powerful day for everyone.

Join us tomorrow as we journey to the grotto and cave where the Magdalene lived the last portion of her life sharing the teachings of the Church of the Rose.

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