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Finding My Wild in the Wilderness of Alaska

alaskan glacier

Gunalchéesh which means Thank you in Tlingit is similar to Mahalo in Hawai’i.  I have such gratitude in my heart for all that the wilderness has gifted me this last week of self-discovery.  The raw essence that is Alaska had called to my soul once again. I was answering the call to follow the annual migration of the humpback whales from their birthing waters in Maui to their feeding waters in Juneau.  They had come to replenish and nurture their massive bodies, and I had followed them to feed my soul with their song of wisdom and to listen to the wild nature of Alaska. They had called me here, but there was so much more the wild lands of Alaska would gift me.

eagle raven

Besides the whales that I feel a special kindred spirit with, and the bears, the two most iconic animal symbols of Southeast Alaska are the raven known as Yéil and the eagle Ch’áak’. These majestic birds are year-round residents and very sacred to the Tlingit and Haida people.  Guy was able to capture both the raven and the eagle sitting in stillness side by side.

Many a God and Goddess have cloaked themselves in the image of the raven to communicate with the human.  Raven is a bird of magick aligned with Merlin the great alchemist.  For the Tlingit tribe of Alaska, raven is a special messenger.  One that would share his wisdom with me as I looked within to reclaim the wild part of me that was fearless and able to see through the illusion of all that was occurring on a global scale.

Raven and the Box of Daylight is the Tlingit story of Raven and his transformation of the world bringing light to people via the stars, moon, and sun.  Raven steals the stars, the moon, and the sun from Naas-sháki Yéil the Old Man at the Head of the Nass River.

The Old Man was very rich and the owner of three legendary boxes that contained the stars, the moon, and the sun.  Raven transforms himself into a hemlock needle and drops into the water cup of the Old Man’s daughter while she is out picking berries. She becomes pregnant with Raven and gives birth to him in the form of a baby boy. The Old Man falls in love with his grandson and dotes over him.

Raven cries incessantly until the Old Man gives him the Box of Stars to pacify him. Raven plays with it for a while, then opens the lid and lets the stars escape through the chimney into the sky. Raven begins to cry again for the Box of the Moon, until the Old Man gives it to him but not before blocking the chimney. Raven plays with it for a while and then rolls it out the door, where it escapes into the sky. Finally, Raven begins crying for the Box of the Sun, until the Old Man breaks down and gives it to him. Raven knows well that he cannot roll it out the door or toss it up the chimney because he is now carefully watched. Raven waits until everyone is asleep and then Shapeshifts into his bird form, grasps the sun in his beak and flies up and out the chimney bringing light to the world.

There is a huge message for humanity in the magick of raven.  Even in the darkest of times we are asked to bring light into the world with acts of kindness.  We are asked to gather together to pray for a kinder, gentler world.  We are asked to find our own sacred sun and shine it out into the world.

eagle seagull

The elegant eagle would be my next teacher in the wild.  I watched with great awareness as the magnificent one sat quietly in the tree at sunset.  Along came the sea gull, screeching, flying close and annoying the eagle.  The eagle’s talons could easily shred the sea gull and yet the eagle just sat on the branch as the sea gull came again and again screeching and complaining, I stood in amazement watching this encounter, The eagle didn’t respond or fight with the sea gull.  It did not spend any time or energy allowing the sea gull to affect him.  A profound message came from the eagle that night.  Not all battles do you need to respond to. Not all arguments or critics do you need to respond to or answer back. The eagle shared a profound lesson that night, to simply rise above negativity and it will simply fall away.   Don’t waste your breath or energy.  Life is meant to be lived.  Happiness is meant to experienced.  The eagle would come to me daily with his teaching and I would be grateful to be in his presence.

Orca breaching

As I continued to find my wild nature a very special gift would be given as we received an unexpected visit from the orca. The captain of our boat also follows the migration of the humpback whales from Maui, and I knew I had seen him before.  After our first encounter with the humpback whales, he asked us if we wanted to remain with the whales who were mainly feeding in the calm waters, or should we set off to explore what might be around the corner of the island.   It was unanimous with this group to see what was around the corner.  To my absolute delight we would be greeted with the orca.  Expect the unexpected has always been my soul theme and this morning the unexpected happened.  The orca breeched before us.  I had waited and waited and waited for the chance to see them.  As they breeched, my heart leaped from my chest.

Because orca societies are matriarchal, it is believed the elder females carry knowledge and wisdom for the pod.  Similar to the wise woman of the goddess traditions, these wise beings of the sea had much to share.  For the first nation people the orcas are said to be the sea wolves. Biologists have learned that orcas have complex rituals, traditions and even social mores that are passed down by mothers and grandmothers. As I listened, the orca spoke to my heart, asking me to dive deeper into my own soul psyche to find even more the wild part of me.  The part who was continually discovering new ways of expressing myself.   I was changing, reinventing me and as the orca breeched, I heard.  “Make no excuses for you.  Be you”.  Like our Captain who was willing to journey just around the corner, it was there the magick waited.  A powerful message for each of us to step out of what is familiar and safe, venture from what we are comfortable with, and open to the magick and unlimited potential that is within us.

brown bear

My final teacher into the wild would be the amazing grizzly bear.   As we sat quietly on a log watching in awe a bear fishing in the water directly in front of us, from behind unexpectedly came a mother and her two cubs.  Up close and personal she quietly walked by, aware of our presence but also aware of the relationship of respect we had for these magnificent beings.  Grizzly bear are unique messengers teaching hoomans to find their own natural rhythm and to allow the gifts the universe has for you to come from unexpected places.  Be open to unlimited possibilities.  Bear invites you to embrace your power, your personal magick and strength.  Bear will guide you into your knowing when to enter times of stillness and when there are times to be active.  Bear is the guardian of the dreamtime as we enter the womb of the void.

Each day our encounters into the wilderness would bring new teachings and wondrous gifts from the animal kingdom.  I left the wild landscape renewed, energized and with a strong sense of my own wild nature.  My heart was filled with incredible gratitude. Gunalchéesh Alaska.   Thank you!

Yes Alaska, I will be returning.

September is just around the corner, and I will be sending the monthly planetary influences in the next few days.

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Wishing you enchantment and wonder.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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