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February’s Moon of the Dark Madonna

Full Moon – February 22 in Virgo


The February Full Moon is dedicated to the Dark Madonna as the Full Moon rises under the sign of Virgo.   This is a powerful night to work with the ancient mysteries guarded by the priestesses of all cultures and faiths.   When we take the time to heal and honor ourselves, we have a greater capacity to heal others. When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind. When we walk a path of beauty we become expressions of the Earth Mother, we become fertile with creative potential to manifest. The transformation and healing of the planet will come when all of humanity fully embraces their divine power, wisdom and light. As we heal ourselves, others are healed. As we protect and nurture our dreams the dream that has been dreaming us is realized.   It serves no one to be less than who you were born to be in this Year of Self Mastery.


Virgo is the sign of the Great Cosmic Mother, the Goddess of the Universe. She is the essence of Mother Nature who gave birth to all existence without another. Known as the Virgin Goddess, the meaning of the title Virgin meant a woman who was bound to no man. She was free and independent and not necessarily someone who’d never had a sexual relationship. Throughout the ancient world, virgins were the Priestesses of the Goddess, their main focus in life not being motherhood but rather the search for truth and knowledge. The image of the Virgin represents the Virgin Priestess who dedicates her life to the Goddess and the teachings of the Earth Religion. The foundation of these teachings is the knowledge of how to work with the Moon Cycles and the seasonal changes that occur with the turning of the sacred wheel of nature. Priestesses of the ancient world were the keepers of knowledge. They were not celibate but selective and every year participated in the celebration of the Sacred Marriage.

The Virgo Full Moon of February is preceded by the sign of the Lioness as the January full moon was dedicated to the Egyptian lion headed goddess Sekhmet.   In the ancient world two lionesses were often depicted flanking gates and thrones in their sacred role of Protectresses and Guardians of the Mysteries.  

Below you will find a ritual for the Virgo Full Moon and an audio meditation so that you can experience the richness this night offers to all.   We hope you have enjoyed the rituals and meditations I have shared over the last two months in appreciation for your patience as we gave birth to our  new website.   Beginning in March, the rituals and meditations will become exclusive to our online subscribers where I will also be sharing throughout the year different rituals; protection, love, prosperity, healing and gratitude rituals.   Teachings on candle magick, power days for specific rituals, wisdom of working with the phases of the moon and sacred sabbats, including guidance for creating sacred space, altars and alchemical magick. March offers a powerful New Moon Total Lunar eclipse, which promises to create a night where we can channel through guidance in this Year of Self Mastery.   If you are interested in subscribing. please click here. For those who have subscribed, I continue to work on the personal messages for 2016 and they will be sent in the order I have received your subscriptions.


After numerous requests from our members of the Online subscription series, I am going to be offering rituals kits. These can be ordered each quarter and will include all the items you need for your rituals including candles, sacred salt mixtures for a ritual bath, personally selected stones, sacred herbs and other special items to enhance your altars.   All items will be charged and blessed in the sacred sanctuary of Mount Shasta. I will be taking orders the beginning of  March for the first quarter, which will include all ceremonial items for your altar for April, May and June. For those of you in Europe and the Southern hemisphere you will need to place your orders the beginning of March so there is enough time for them to arrive prior to the New Moon in April.


This night is dedicated to Maria Magdalena. Those who follow the path of the Dark Madonna will feel a strong resonance with this particular full moon, as we have an opportunity to clear the suppression of the divine feminine and our imprints of rejection, betrayal,  insecurity and doubt  Together we can send  prayers to end the suppression women in many cultures still experience. We can send prayers to empower the divine feminine and open the hearts of all humans. Even when we personally move through the darkest of times, we are not alone if we return to the old ways and open our hearts for guidance.   In order to continue to bring powerful change, we must change within ourselves. We must have the courage to step forward and be the full expression of who we have been born to be.  We must become the light that illuminates the path for others.  


On the night of the Virgo Full Moon, Create an altar with pink rose petals   Rose is the flower of unconditional love.  Pink roses  are associated with Maria Magdalena and the Dark Madonna. Add a rose quartz heart or piece of selenite, known as celestial light.  Those who have the andara crystal, the stone of unconditional love, place this in the center of your altar. The color of the Black Madonna is purple, the color of higher wisdom. Place a purple candle on your altar.   Magenta is the color that vibrates with the soul expression of Maria Magdalena. You can create a dream satchel using a piece of magenta cloth and placing lavender and a piece of rose quartz in it.   Tie the satchel with a pink ribbon.   For those who have the Black Madonna oil place some on the satchel. Place a drop on your wrists and rub together. Breathe in her essence. Place it also on your heart center and feel your heart open to receive unconditional love this night. It does not matter what faith you follow, this is a night to rededicate yourself to the Mother Goddess and fill your soul with her blessings. Maria Magdalena was an initiate of the Temple of Isis. Those who are seekers of truth can utilize this Full Moon to journey deep within their own soul story. There is a secret the Dark Madonna holds.   It can only be accessed by a gentle and loving heart.   Light the candle and turn the lights off.   Call the presence of the Dark Madonna to you. Sit in stillness and listen for her guidance.

Below is a guided meditation to assist you on your journey deep into your heart.  Prepare your altar as described above, light your purple candle and enter the silence.  

May the beautiful Virgo Full Moon, nurture your soul and illuminate your path.

February Full Moon Meditation-Essense of the Dark Madonna

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Love and rose petal caresses, Robbyne

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