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February Planetary Influences

cathedral rock sedona

We cannot change the world without changing our thinking

With Mercury retrograding through Aquarius until mid-February, we have a beautiful window of time to change our thinking from doubt, fear, judgment and insecurity to a clear sense of purpose and the courage to step forward.  What we think internally we manifest externally. This will require complete dedication and commitment to expanding your awareness and stepping forward.  We already are everything we were born to be, we just need to remember. 2021 being The Year of Emergence will provide many opportunities for us to break through what we perceive as obstacles and barriers.  We all feel the stirring inside, the tugging that there is so much more to experience and to express.  The desire to live the vision and dream that we carry inside.   I invite you to experience the Dragonfly Emergence Program.  This is a one-on-one program of expansion and growth created to take you deep into your knowing as you birth the fifth dimensional expression of you.   A deconstruction of the old you to emerge, through co-creating the true expression of you into magnificence.  Our global community needs you to step forward with your gifts and talents.  We all have a purpose in the divine plan. For more information CLICK HERE.

Planetary Influences for February

goddess brigid

February 2nd – Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere

Imbolc is a magickal time of hopeful anticipation. As Winter is melting and Spring is budding, we begin to prepare to emerge into a new expression of ourselves. This is a time to experience growth by tapping into the limitless potential of new beginnings. This is a time to celebrate Brigid, the sacred Goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann, known as the Goddess of healers, poets, blacksmiths, childbirth and inspiration.  Imbolc is her holy day and those who celebrate nature will receive her blessings for works in the arts, writing, dance, and craftsmanship. This is a time to experience the wonder of infinite possibilities that we can tap into for manifestation.   I have posted a ritual to celebrate this special time.  Click Here

Metal Ox

February 12th – New Moon Chinese Lunar New Year

In Chinese Astrology, the yearly cycle completes, and we now officially welcome the Year of the Metal Ox and all that this magickal being brings.  Homes are thoroughly cleaned before the New Year in order to remove any traces of negativity and create an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. Patience and willpower are the key tools for anyone wishing to get ahead in 2021. Focus on physical, mental and emotional health will be a strong theme this year.  We want to nurture our body temples that house our spirit.  In the year of the metal ox, this is a year of rebuilding and unity.  Something we humans can strive to create in a world that has become painfully divided.   Let’s make this a year of WE and US instead of “What’s in it for Me?”  2021 holds great promise to unite our world together if we stay strong, optimistic and refuse to become part of the fear and drama. Success is guaranteed but it will require commitment, focus and a lot of hard work.  In Buddhism, it is said the ox represents “the Buddha nature,” the fundamental nature of all beings that anyone can gain enlightenment if they are seekers of truth. While it means many things, the most striking symbol of the Buddha Nature is the Lotus flower emerging from the muck in the bottom of the pond (symbolizing our challenges, struggles and attachments).    The lotus flower is untouched by the mud becoming an expression of love, compassion and forgiveness.  Remember anything that opposes us is less than us.  The expression of love rises above the chaos of our human experience.

For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a few rituals to support one in moving into the beautiful energy of 2021. As the new moon falls within in days of Valentine’s Day, I am posting several rituals to celebrate love by rekindling romance in your current relationships as well as rituals for attracting in love and partnership.


To connect more deeply to the Buddha nature, I have created the Buddha Oil, a beautiful blend of pure lotus, myrrh,bergamot, frankincense and rose from Egypt.  Blessed in sacred ceremony at the time of Wesak when the Buddha consciousness returns to the earth expression, bestowing blessings of love, gentleness and unification of all sentient beings.  This beautiful blend brings about a sense of compassion and gentleness nurturing our spirit when we feel overwhelmed and anxious.  It opens the lens of our heart so we can see our emotional triggers through different eyes that support us in moving forward on our journey.  When we are in a state of calm and stillness, we find the solutions we seek are before us.  We are vibrating at a higher frequency to manifest as we align with the right resources and partnerships to support our dreams.  Place the oil on your wrists and rub together. Breathe in the essence of these powerful plant beings.  Place on the third eye, crown chakra,heart center and causal chakra,   If you would like to order the Buddha oil please contact Guy at [email protected]The cost of the Buddha oil is $60.00 plus shipping.

february full moon

February 27th – Full Moon in Virgo

The February full moon is a perfect time to eliminate clutter, get rid of non-essentials and shed the extraneous. In a year of change, growth, expansion and emergence we must master change by letting go to make room for the new.  One great way of accepting the changes to come is to prepare for it by simplifying our life.  2020 gave us the opportunity to think differently.  Under the influence of this full moon make it a ritual to clear out material things that are packed in storage bins or the back of your closet.  Clothes that you no longer love.  Discard the thoughts and things that are holding you back. This is going to be a year of constant change, so it is essential to master the art of flow.   Doing so will make you far better equipped to handle the changes ahead.  We can’t turn back time, but we have been given an opportunity for a do over.  Use this full moon to gather insight into new pathways.  We are NEVER returning to what we identify as normal.  We are meant to co create a new expression of who we were always meant to be.  I will be posting rituals to celebrate the February Full Moon and a guided meditation to support your inner journey on this night as we spiritually clean house.

Bell Rock Sedona

The Goddess expresses herself through the sacred soil and nurtures our minds with a dynamic beauty, using her palette to paint our skies and landscapes. She consistently recreates and asks to do the same through you.  If you are called to begin 2021 in the ancestral red stone elders of Sedona and would like to experience a deeper connection with a personal journey of discovery, please contact me at [email protected].

Antidepressant microbes found in the rich soil of Sedona raise cytokine levels which produce higher levels of serotonin.  This has been known to increase cognitive ability, lower stress and increase better concentration.  Nearby trails into the forest offer an opportunity to exchange the red and green breath with the natural world as you receive the healing energy of the tree spirits.  Sacred rivers offer moments of reflection and emotional balance.  In the magnificence of the natural beauty, one is inspired to go inward.  Here you are able to tap into your imagination where miraculous things can be manifested into your reality.  The seemingly impossible becomes possible.

If you are unable to travel but desire to make a deeper connection to the natural world, I invite you to explore the Path of the Rose.  Please click here

Wishing you inner peace as we continue to navigate through the ever-changing moments of 2021 with clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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