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February Planetary Influences

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Our ancient ancestors relied on the movements of the Sun and Moon to guide them.  By meditating and working with the natural world through ritual and celebration, one establishes a relationship with these powerful messengers and creates an opportunity to gain insight into ourselves while experiencing a true connection to everyone and everything.  February brings another month where every planet is in forward motion so we have a glorious opportunity for our own forward motion and creative endeavors.  The first of the Sabbats occurs in February.  These holy days belong to everyone and provide powerful moments of insight and awareness.  In the Southern Hemisphere we will experience Llamas on February 1st.  In the Northern Hemisphere we will experience Imbolc.

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February 1st   Celebration of Llamas in the Southern Hemisphere

The subtle changes of the waning sun that occurred at Summer Solstice become more evident as the balance of day and night seem to shift more dramatically. It is the point in time when the first grains are collected and ritualistically sacrificed to ensure the continuance of the cycle of life both physically and spiritually. Known as the Festival of First Fruits or First Breads. For more information on this sacred sabbat celebration and the rituals that support the alliance with the natural world please click here


February 2nd Celebration of Imbolc in the Northern Hemisphere

Imbolc serves to remind us that spring is approaching.  This is a holy day of new beginnings and growth.  Part of the teachings of the ancient earth religion is to light candles at sunset and place them in the windows of the house to honor the Goddess at Imbolc. This is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox serving as a powerful time to nourish the dreams and wishes you placed the night of the Winter Solstice.  Being a writer and one who loves the creative arts this is a special holy day for me to celebrate. It is a day to honor the Celtic sun/fire Goddess Brigid known as the triple Goddess of healers, poets, writers, artists, smiths, and craftsman. As the Goddess of Inspiration, she blesses those who bring beauty into the world through music, story and visual expression by gifting inspiration on this night.  For those who would like to go deeper into the celebration of Imbolc with ritual and celebration I have posted sacred ceremony to honor Brigid.  Please click here

year of pig

February 5th Chinese New Year and Super New Moon

In Chinese Astrology, the yearly cycle completes and we now officially welcome the Year of the Earth Pig and all that this magickal being brings.  Homes are thoroughly cleaned before the New Year in order to remove any traces of negativity and create an opportunity to start over with a clean slate. The earth Pig is slower moving, practical, and doesn’t engage in drama. The Pig is also a component of the yin/yang symbol in Chinese astrology, with the Pig being the yin.  The Pig is a symbol of wealth. When you see “fatness” in a Chinese symbol, you are seeing symbols of wealth and prosperity. This is why any symbol of the Pig is chubby, happy, well fed and optimistic and why we have Piggy Banks. When the Chinese Lunar New Year begins on February 5th, it will usher in the Year of the Pig, the last sign of the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle and an auspicious year for reflecting on the past and preparing for the future.  This brings a lucky lunar cycle of prosperity and good fortune. Throughout the year of the Earth Pig, the energy is joyous. Its a year to keep our friends and family close and put an end to any toxic relationships.  Patience and willpower are the key tools for anyone wishing to get ahead in 2019 as well as team building.  Focus on health and well being will be a strong theme this year.  We want to nurture our body temples that house our spirit.  In the year of an Earth Pig, a sense of community and unity is the driving energy.  Something we humans can strive to create in a world that has become divided.   Let’s make this a year of WE and US instead of “What’s in it for Me?”  2019 holds great promise to unite our world together if we stay strong, optimistic and refuse to become part of the fear and drama.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a few rituals to support one in really moving into the beautiful energy of 2019.  Please click here.   I am working on the personal messages for those of you who have subscribed with an annual membership.  They do take me some time, but they will be coming in the next few weeks.

Goddess isis

Full Moon – February 19th in Virgo

Be Bold and Fearless is the theme of the Virgo Full Moon dedicated to Isis, the Great Mother Goddess of Egypt.  Isis taught those who followed the Path of the Rose the right use of magick, the healing arts and the importance of “using words of power”. The sacred task of Virgo is to restore health to the mind, body and spirit. Isis was known to the ancients as the Life of the Nile, Mother Moon, Queen of Magick. Isis symbolizes faithfulness, unconditional love, beauty, intuition and spiritual awareness.  The lesson of a Virgo Full Moon is to be consciously aware of our negative thinking patterns so we can change them.   We cannot change the world without changing our thinking.  Please click here for ritual posted.

Love and Rainbows Robbyne

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