The Rise of the Dragon

We as a collective consciousness are awakening and remembering the ancient knowledge shared throughout many lifetimes and coded into our own soul story.  Wisdom needed at this time as we all navigate through a world that is spinning.  Almost all our ancestors believed that the earth was inhabited by these great creatures. Throughout history, from cultures as distant as the Aborigines and their Dreamtime, the Vikings and the people of China, Japan, England, Ireland and Scotland, Dragons have been mentioned in one form or another.  As a keeper of the ancient dragon lore this year brings great hope, unlimited opportunities to tap into our inner power to manifest and the resilient spirit to move forward.

With all planets now direct providing a special window of opportunity, we are coming out of a five-month deep dive into our internal worlds to see where we feel stuck, blocked, limited, or confined so we can free ourselves. We are asked to come out of hiding and let our truest selves shine bright. Moving forward we need to be who we truly are and make the necessary shifts. The Nodes of Fate stir and we are summoned by the higher realms to show up and be everything we were born to be.

New Moon in Aquarius on February 9, 2024

This new moon occurs in Aquarius. Aquarius is the second of the three air signs and represents rebellion, revolution, change, authenticity, and nonconformity. This new moon will be square Uranus, which is the planet that rules Aquarius. A square in astrology is designed to bring tension or friction so that we can see what needs to change. Uranus is in Taurus at the time of this new moon, which is the sign of embodiment. This shows that this new moon square Uranus is inviting us to see where we may be blocked from embodying our most authentic selves. This is important because when we are finally able to recognize why we are not allowing ourselves to be who we truly are, we can make the shifts we need to step up and be our truest selves. This Aquarius new moon asks us to be ourselves, unapologetically.

This new moon in Aquarius also signals the start of the Year of the Green Wood Dragon in Chinese astrology. A dragon year occurs once every 12 years and are seen as highly significant and powerful years. An important part of any dragon year is to unequivocally believe in yourself and your dreams. This is because out of all 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the only one that doesn’t exist in the mundane world. Dragons are mythological creatures, which can sometimes be interpreted as unreal or imaginary. This can be further translated into believing that our dreams are impractical, unrealistic, or too big. Believing this can shut us down from even attempting to make our dreams a reality. By believing in yourself and your dreams this year, no matter how big they are, is so important because the seemingly impossible becomes possible during a dragon year.  The energy is ripe for new beginnings and undergoing new ventures, but we have to create stability and work from the heart. Green is connected to the element of wood and the heart-chakra, so in the year of the Dragon, we are going to be constantly reminded to come back to the heart, and to open ourselves to receiving.

The Year of the Green Yang Wood Dragon is a fantastic time to start a new business or to begin growing and expanding your hopes and dreams. It is a year to push beyond your comfort zone and be a little more daring. Confidence will be on your side.    If you  are leading with the heart, we are able to create a lot of success.

As the dragon lines that serve as intricate webs of light across our sacred blue become activated, we may be guided to make a move, change our work to be in alignment with our true destiny or cosmically level up to let our light shine brightly.  Throughout the year I will offer several retreats and events to share the ancient knowledge.  The first in the Redwood Forest communicating with the mycelium and great standing tall elders for the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere.  CLICK HERE, the second offering is in Austin Texas just prior to the total solar eclipse that will have a huge impact on the world as we have known it.  Dragons work in harmony and service with the Black Jaguar that makes its appearance during the time of the total solar eclipse. CLICK HERE.  And finally in the northern hemisphere I will be gathering our tribe to celebrate the WESAK Full Moon in the red stones of Sedona in May.  CLICK HERE. For those in the Southern Hemisphere I will be heading to my heart home in New Zealand June 1st and activating the dragon and whale song lines in Castle Hill and Kaikoura.  I will be posting the details for this to celebrate the Winter Solstice, June 20th to the 22nd in a separate email.  I will be returning to Australia to share the Dragon Magick in August and celebrating the 8:8:8 in the Hokianga Harbor on the north island of New Zealand.

For those who are members of our online Sacred Sabbat and moon cycle series I have added a new moon ritual to support your journey as an earth walker.  CLICK HERE


February 24, 2024 – Full Moon in Virgo

The February full moon occurs in Virgo. Virgo being an earth sign that represents efficiency, details, the alignment between mind and body, and bringing order to chaos. This full moon is highly significant because it aligns with Thuban which is a very important fixed star. Thuban is a star found in Draco, the Dragon constellation, and is considered the star that represents the heart of Draco. In other words, this full moon will be conjunct with the heart star of the Dragon. It is not a coincidence that this full moon is connecting into the heart of the Dragon only a few weeks after the Year of the Dragon begins. Dragon years underscore the importance of our dreams and getting clear on what our dreams are. Making our dreams livable can seem daunting at times, especially if we ever believed that there was no possible way that a certain dream of ours could come true. With that said, Virgo being the sign of practicality and details, shows that this full moon is inviting us to take these big dreams of ours and break them up into small, practical steps. By doing this, we can begin to bring our dreams into form. The manifestation of our dreams, and living the lives we would like to, is a significant theme of this full moon in Virgo and wood dragon year.   I will be sharing a powerful full moon ritual to work with the dragon energy and a guided meditation to take you into the 10th dimensional realm where they currently exist.

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I continue to offer spiritual guidance to assist in providing clarity for your earth walk navigating with the influence of the dragon through various readings and personal sessions as well as create personal sigils for 2024 to support your rituals of manifestation.

A big thank you to Natasha our star child for her celestial wisdom.  If you would like to schedule an astrological reading with Natasha she can be reached out [email protected].

Wishing you a magickal and fantastical February as we begin a new adventure as earth walkers working in harmony with the dragon. As you navigate through February, be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

Kia Kaha.. Be Forever Strong

Love and Rainbows, Robbyne

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