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Fabulous February offers Forward Movement

Double Hearts

The planets are all in forward motion which will provide a window of inner calm and stillness, but the full moon on the 5/6th will be quite intense. I invite you to honor the old ways of the earth religion and take the time to honor yourself on this night.  It is a grand opportunity to reclaim a sense of personal power and balance.  Below I will share the star wisdom of the planetary dance for the month, as I continue to commune with the whales in the sacred blue waters, seeking their wisdom and listening to their song.

bread grain altar

February 1st Llamas in the Southern Hemisphere

The Wheel of the Year begins to shift from a growing time to a harvest time.  The first of three Celtic harvest festivals, the Festival of Bread and fruit is a time when the Sun God begins to weaken, and the days begin to grow shorter as the nights grow longer. This is a powerful night to be reminded that nothing in the universe is consistent, and the lesser begins to give way to the greater.  The Goddess is honored and traditions and rituals for this night of prosperity, abundance and good fortune are performedIt is a time of change as active growth is slowing down and the darker days of winter and reflection are beckoning. This is a night to celebrate in gratitude. Please click here for ritual post for this night.

Imbolc blessings

February 2 Imbolc – Northern Hemisphere

Imbolc is a time of renewal and rebirth as the Goddess springs forth from deep within the earth where she has rested since Samhain. These are the first stirrings of Spring as they bring the promise that the Goddess is awakening.  She is released from Winter’s embrace, rejoicing in her resurrection from the grave. It is said that the Goddess walks the earth on Imbolc Eve, August 1st.  Before you go to bed, each member of the household should leave a piece of clothing or strip of cloth outside for the Goddess to bless.  Bring the strips of cloth inside the next morning, as they now possess powers of healing and protection and can be used for magickal talismans.  If you would like to celebrate the turning of the wheel, I have posted a sacred ritual to honor the magick of this day.  CLICK HERE

Full Moon in Leo on February 5/6th dedicated to Sekhmet

The new moon in Aquarius that kicked off this lunation period on January 21st was the closest the new moon has been to earth in 1000 years! That makes the potency of this full moon in Leo incredibly powerful. Leo is the sign of the Lion and represents creativity, joy, and self-expression. The asteroid Sekhmet, named after the Egyptian Lion Headed Goddess of Destruction and Healing, will oppose this full moon, while the asteroid Pele, named after the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes, and Uranus, the planet of revolution and the future will square this full moon. The opposition and square are the tensest aspects in astrology. They create friction in order for us to notice and pay attention to what has gone unaddressed for too long so that it can finally shift and begin to heal.

Sekhmet and Pele are Goddesses that are fierce and bright. While they represent healing and new creation, they both have a destructive side to their natures, which are often feared.   This can be interpreted as fearing our own shadow sides. With that said, this Leo full moon is reminding us that we are meant to shine.  Sekhmet, Pele, and Uranus are showing us that playing small, dimming our light, and repressing or denying our emotions (especially anger or grief) will no longer work moving forward. The Age of Aquarius is calling for us to be our most authentic selves and in order to do this we need to face and honor the shadow parts of ourselves in order to shine our truest light. I have added a special ritual to work with Sekhmet on this powerful lunation to release anger, grief and loss and they we hold on to.  CLICK HERE   

I will also be uploading an audio guided meditation to assist you deeper in invoking the presence of Sekhmet.  She is symbolic of self-reliance, self-confidence, and sovereignty.

planets move

February 6th – Mercury square Eris

Mercury, the God of Communication will square Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. This can make for tense, almost Mercury retrograde-like energy around communication. So, it’s important to be kind to yourself at this time and tap into patience and adaptability. The gift of this aspect acts like a catalyst so that we can finally see truth in situations. It’s usually truth that’s hard to face, but once we do, we have the ability to radically shift our perspectives or the areas of our lives that most need it. Lastly, Mercury squared Eris on December 25, 2022, and December 31, 2022 during his retrograde journey, so thinking back to what was coming up for you during that week could help clarify things you may still be working through and processing at this time.

Mermaid New Moon

February 19th/20th – New Moon in Pisces

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac and represents unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. In its shadow, it can rule escapism and emotional overwhelm. Saturn will be conjunct this new moon. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and hard work as well as boundary setting and keeping. Pisces is amazing at transcending into other worlds but can have a difficult time creating and keeping boundaries here in the physical world. With that said, this new moon and Saturn are helping us to see where we need to unapologetically set and keep healthy boundaries in our lives so that we may thrive.  As we continue to embrace the Chinese Year of the black, feminine, water rabbit, I have posted a new moon ritual dedicated to the mermaid to support you in being in the flow as we navigate a year of continuous uncertainty and change.   Mermaids are the guardians of the oceans. They are a bridge to the world of the unseen and the watery world of magick.  They play a key role working with the whales, dolphin, and sea turtles to support the human who chooses to establish a relationship with them.  They can assist humans with emotional problems, finding balance and bringing in abundance.  Being female, the symbolism and meaning of the Mermaid ties to the Sacred Feminine, specifically Goddesses like Venus who rules love, and the Sea Goddesses. CLICK HERE

Mermaid dolphins

For those who feel a kindred spirit with the mermaid and would like to create an intimate relationship with her invoking her assistance I am offering two special items that have been blessed in the Maui Magick waters.

  • Mermaid Talismans – $35.00 plus shipping includes:
  • Mermaid Charm – Mermaids are the guardians of the oceans.  They can assist humans with emotional problems, finding balance and bringing in abundance.  Being female, the symbolism and meaning of the Mermaid ties to the Sacred Feminine, specifically Goddesses like Venus who rules love, and the Sea Goddesses.
  • Clear Quartz – Holds the song of the whales to help navigate one’s journey
  • Shell – Hebrew shell from the Maui waters. Shells symbolize mystery, divinity, love, and prosperity, birth, good fortune, and resurrection.
  • Kyanite – balancing emotions as well as accessing meditative states. It can also help us connect to our intuitive abilities and recall dreams, and it opens the third eye chakra. Kyanite helps us find clarity.
  • Sea Glass – The sunlight casts beautiful shimmers of colors as it reflects the sea glass in the water. The warmth of the sun energizes and purifies the sea glass while the coconut oil brings out the natural color and luster of the glass.
  • Labradorite – ignites spiritual expansion and higher levels of the mind and spirit.
  • Pearls are a gemstone of the sea providing inner wisdom. They have huge healing energy and as they carry the lucid movement of water within them, they are all about inviting you to find your own balance and flow.
  • Also included is an enchantment to call the mermaid spirit to you.
  • Mermaid Oil – $60.00 plus shipping

Mermaids are maidens of enchantment, seductive and charming born of the sea.  They speak of non-conformity, they churn the sea of dreams within our psyche stirring up delightful images of what we can be when we step out of our overthinking, soul numbing reality, we as humans create.  They help us focus on the elusive dreams that come in and out of our consciousness and remind us of the song of the sea.   Their song hypnotizes us to venture into other worlds and to see our true beauty.  They open us to the flow and invite us to move through the veil separating our worlds to play in theirs.   They teach us to flow in the moment and see the treasures all around us.  For those who honor the sacred blue they align us into the flow of effortless manifestation.   Mermaids represent wild freedom, rebellious spirits, and ferocious independence.  They bring courage and enchantment into one’s world, delight, and wonder.  Place this elegant oil from their realm on your heart and dream center.  Place on your wrists, rub them together.  Breathe in the mermaid essence into your aura and watch the magick unfold.


A big thank you to our star child for sharing her star wisdom.  If you would like an astrological reading to help you navigate the coming year, I highly recommend Natasha.  She can be reached at: [email protected].

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.

If you would like to develop a deeper relationship with yourself in this year of seeding your future, I am creating private retreats in Sedona, Maui and New Zealand throughout 2023.  I will also be announcing upcoming workshops where I am excited to share the teachings of the Way of Water, the Phoenix, and the gifts of the Tuatha de Dannan throughout the year.

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If you would like to explore further honoring of the cycles of the moon and turning of the wheel with a monthly New Moon, Full Moon, and Sacred Sabbat Ritual, as well as a monthly guided audio meditation dedicated to working with each moon cycle, please CLICK HERE.  By actively participating in these natural cycles, we can attune ourselves to the creative forces that flow through us and learn to live in harmony and balance with ourselves and with the beloved Earth.

Kia Kaha…Be Strong and true to yourself.

Much love, whale cuddles and mermaid kisses, Robbyne

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