As June begins, we will be navigating through the current Mercury retrograde. This particular Mercury retrograde will expose secrets, scandals, lies and buried memories. The art of misinformation and fear-based narratives will be at an all-time high, so I encourage you to take a technology break as often as possible during this retrograde. Avoid the news or getting pulled into the drama of others.  Being the planet of communication, we have an opportunity to go within and dispel the misinformation we have accepted as truth.   Things we have pushed in the closet are going to come to the surface to be examined, dealt with and ultimately healed.  We cannot blame anyone else for our discomfort.  It’s time to have a serious dialogue with yourself.  This will be amplified within the eclipse cycle.


Following the last super full moon and total lunar eclipse, I am just now finding my footing once again and feel an even stronger pull to sit in the stillness of nature.  According to NASA, on May 22nd a flurry of 11 Solar Flares unlike anything they had seen in a very long time were emitted in rapid-fire explosions that hurled multiple overlapping CMEs into space. The intensity of the solar flares peaked on May 26th with the super full moon, total lunar eclipse which provides insight as to why many are feeling off balance.  I have felt the Mercury retrograde coming and am hoping to share tools to help support you through it.  Silence is golden at this time.  Holding back from lashing out and instead observing and diving into our own emotional pools will support the process.  The Hopi share to not take anything personally during this time of global resetting.  If you are triggered, before you react, look inward to find the cause of the discomfort.  If we have been deceiving ourselves, all will be exposed in the coming weeks and through the next several months.  The only way out of this Mercury retrograde is through it.

Mercury is my ruling planet, so I am embracing the ride it brings and take the opportunity to journey inward.  This is the time I give my husband a blanket statement…”I’m sorry, just in case I lose my mind and say the wrong thing”.    After 17 years and numerous Mercury Retrogrades, he merely rolls his eyes.  I am an emotional creature, so I feel things very deeply.  I do a lot of talking to myself during Mercury Retrogrades but always find my greatest Aha moments come at this time, so I welcome the opportunity to change what I need to change.  This particular Mercury Retrograde will find me swimming in the sacred waters of the Bimini Blue to listen to language of love emitted from the dolphin in the silence of ocean.

new moon

June 10th New Moon Solar Eclipse

New moons always provide the opportunity for new beginnings. Solar eclipses amplify the energy and occur when the sun is obscured by the moon.   Symbolically, the sun reflects our core essence. It illuminates if we find stillness, the path we must walk to step into our full potential.   This solar eclipse is influenced by Saturn which is moving through it’s own retrograde cycle.  This can cause an emotional imbalance as we move between personal freedom and responsibility, self-expression and restriction.  Saturn is the planet of rebellion and has been greatly influencing much of the breaking down of old structures and institutions as well as the  rethinking of society.  On a personal level it provides an opportunity to continue the process of reinventing ourselves.  I was born on a new moon, so I feel I am in a perpetual motion of rediscovery.  Under the solar eclipse, we must protect our delicate psyche from information overload.  There is a lot of misinformation, deception, judgment, hatred and fear flowing through the collective consciousness. Avoid conversations where the narrative is fear based and judgmental as those who are sensitive to energy will pick up on the vibration of words spoken.  Remember words can be used to empower, support, awaken and bring hope, or they can be used to generate fear, promote separation, invoke anger and judgment.   Solar Eclipses are all about new beginnings and preparing for forward motion.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I will be adding a New Moon ritual for this powerful night of enlightenment.

summer solstice

June 20th – Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere

The word solstice means “sun standing still” and is one of the most powerful times for each us to create the space of stillness within our heart.  Far removed from the distractions of the outside world and the chaotic energies of the multitude of thought forms of fear, doubt, scarcity and lack that surround us.  The illusions created by the Surface Walker in our mind.  This is a time to journey within and connect to the heart of your soul. A time to take stock of where you are and who you are becoming.  We are all part of the same collective current that flows through this Universe and beyond. As we pause to celebrate the turning of the wheel, we need to remember that we are all having the same journey.  We each strive to learn, to grow, to experience life as we try to make sense of the chaos in our world.  The Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year to honor the Sun God and celebrate the longest day of the year. All of the seeds we have planted with our intentions come into full power.  This is a day and night of magick.  Take out your crystals and charge them in the sunlight.  Soak them in salt and place them on an altar to celebrate this powerful time of magick.  Celebrate the power and energy of the sun which is the source of warmth and light around the world.  We can all use a little more light to illuminate our path as we continue to move into a world we do not yet know. I have posted a ritual and details on how to create a powerful altar to celebrate the turning of the wheel at this time.  CLICK HERE

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter Retrograde (June 20 to Oct. 18)

Jupiter will station retrograde this month at the same time as the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.  During this time, it will begin its steady movement back into Aquarius on July 28, where it will remain until December. Known as the planet of expansion and growth, a Jupiter retrograde encourages meditation on religion, belief systems, philosophy of life, individual vision, ideals, and growth potential.  We are all going to feel the push with this one.

Summer Solsitce rituals

June 21 – Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere

In the Southern Hemisphere we experience the longest day of darkness.  It is from the state of original chaos, the black void, that the old creatrix goddesses are said to have brought forth all that is. The belief that the world started with the sacred spark of creative potential contained within the primordial womb is one of humanity’s oldest concepts. The birth of the archetypal sun, from the Great Mother on the Winter Solstice, brings forth light from her dark womb and offers it as the gift of life to the world. This light that retrieves us from the dark of night, is a microcosmic recreation of the origination of the universe. The Winter Solstice is an anniversary celebration of creation.  I have posted a ritual for the Southern Hemisphere to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  Click Here

Planet Mercury

June 22nd – Mercury Goes Direct

It will take a few days for the forward movement to be felt but if we take the time to be still and listen to our own heart, we will find we now have clarity on what is no longer working in our lives.  We will awaken with a new sense of direction in this ongoing year of breaking down and building up.  To assist with that process, I continue to offer the Dragonfly Emergence ProgramClick Here

Goddess Epona

June 24th, 2021 – Full Moon in Capricorn brings a renewed sense of hope and optimism.  This full moon is all about the construction of the 2021 version of ourselves.  Dedicated to the Goddess Epona, this is a time to embrace freedom and the full expansion of self.  I have posted a full moon ritual dedicated to the spirit of the white horse and the Goddess Epona.  The white horse is an avatar or master of knowledge and faith. A teacher of spiritual progress leading us to freedom.  The white horse conveys a sense of majesty, power, nobility and freedom.  It is said that the Buddha left the world of human riding on a white horse.  Working with the white horse can stir your imagination and make you feel alive with renewed vision. For those who would like to work more deeply with this spirit animal I am offering the Spirit of White Horse Oil.  I have posted a full moon ritual and will be uploading a guided, audio meditation.  CLICK HERE

horse white running

Spirit of White Horse Oil

The white horse is a spirit guide that can assist one in finding the freedom you seek to become all you were born to be.  No matter where the white horse spirit takes you, you will always have a sense of balance of how to ride and not fall or fail.  Horse reminds you to take care of your emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  It has an unbridled desire for freedom because its true nature is wild and powerful.  Created with lavender from the Camargue region of Southern France where the horses mysteriously turn white in the lands where Maria Magdalena arrived from Palestine.  The Camargue horse is an ancient breed of horse indigenous to the Camargue area in southern France. Its origins remain relatively unknown, although it is generally considered one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world. Using transference magick the spirit of the white horse was invoked into the sacred blend of plant beings.  This oil is a beautiful combination of oils from Egypt that create a sense of freedom and expansion blessed in sacred ceremony.  Place on the heart chakra, the third eye and the dream center.  Place on the wrists, rub together and with each breath acknowledge the Goddess who shape shifts into the white horse guiding you into the deepest part of your knowing.  The greatest freedom is when we detach from the ego mind and listen to our own heart.  Cost is $50.00 plus shipping.  If you would like to order, please contact Guy at [email protected].

Planet Neptune

June 25th Neptune Retrograde (June 25 to Dec. 1)

Neptune is the planet of dreams, fantasies, and illusions. When Neptune enters retrograde, it gives us the time to reflect on our hopes and dreams. It also urges us to focus on our connection with spirituality and our visions for the future. This retrograde will help you remove the glasses of denial so you can see things in a more realistic way.  We may be shaken to our very core if we avoid the very thing that must change in order for us to move forward.  With Saturn the planet of karma and rebellion also in retrograde, this is an excellent time for a Karmic Life Lesson reading.  Click Here

 Wishing you an enchanted journey into freedom.

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Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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