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The morning of the eclipse we traveled to a faery meadow to connect with nature.  A truly magnificent place of beauty filled with wild flowers, butterflies, a flowing river and very visible faery houses.  The faeries seemed to touch each of us and we were soon all filled with joy.  We offered our gift of skittles (a favorite amongst the faery folk).  I could have stayed here all day in this magickal field but it was time to blow a kiss to the lady who guarded the meadow and head off to Stewart Mineral Springs.

Indigenous cultures all over the world recognize that just prior to a solar eclipse it is important to purify the mind, body and spirit and this sacred place of the First Nation People offered an oasis to experience the ritual purification and cleansing.


One enters the mineral baths, which are known to release toxins from the body; this is followed by sitting in a cedar sauna warmed by a fire and sacred herbs to bring forth the toxins to the surface.  The third step is to submerge your entire body into the crystal clear healing waters of the river.  This ritual is repeated three times aligning the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.


Sitting before the fire reflects the male energy followed by the submergence into the gentle river represents the feminine energies connecting to the divine mother and creating a sense of inner unity, harmony and balance.  Time seemed to slip by and before I knew it, it was time for us to return to the mountain to prepare for the Solar Eclipse and prepare the altar to welcome the Black Jaguar into our dimension and receive the blessings from the Black Madonna.

During the time of absolute totality we sat together as I played the crystal-singing bowl that holds the vibration of ancient Lemuria and can assist one in being able to access through the doorway to other dimensions.

The singing bowl emanates the sounds also of the magenta ray and we joined together to create a focused vision of sending this magenta light around the earth to places still in darkness.  We prayed for unity and peace, we prayed for the souls to awaken. I could feel the cosmic spider web illuminate with light as I clearly saw the points on the web also become brighter as each of you joined together with our group that was anchoring this on the sacred mountain. I had placed the obsidian crystal skull known as EB on the altar and at the beginning of the eclipse totality I felt and saw the Black Jaguar leap through the doorway of the Great Central Sun and jump into the EB.  A few moments later the mountain was filled with a radiant magenta ray as the Divine Mother stepped also through the doorway.  I felt we were each cocooned in her loving light.  As the light was returning to the earth and the totality of the eclipse was ending there was a renewed sense of hope and light emanating from the earth.

The Black Madonna shared her message.

As the light begins to return to your world, I have now come forth to walk with you.  Take my hand and feel me guiding you forward.  Lay down your defenses; don’t waste your precious life force on excuses.  This is the time to   walk forward with a sense of victory in your heart.  Walk as my messenger to awaken others.  Even now the remembrance is stirring within them. Soon they will find you and their hearts will be filled with great joy to walk with you.  It serves no purpose for you to continue to deny who you are.  Take my hand and step from the darkness.  Here you will find your brothers and sisters who await your arrival.   Look for me in the eyes of a stranger; feel my presence in the very one you would seek to turn away. I have sent my messengers in the form of the crow to guide you and the black Jaguar to walk with you as protection and strength.  You have all you need to awaken those still sleeping but you cannot do this alone.  You must join together and remember the source of the web that weaves each of you together.     I wrap my arms around you.  Know that you are loved and there is great work for each of you to do.  This is the time of the Grand Awakening.


The obsidian skull will now be carried with the group that is being called to journey to Maya Tulum in September to the Temple of the Black Jaguar in Ek Balam.  Here the spirit of the Black Jaguar has been sleeping waiting to be fully awakened.    As we join with a beautiful soul, Fabian, we will call forth  the spirit of the Black Jaguar in the ancient Mayan temple and  awaken the spirit once again within each of us.  If anyone is called for this journey please contact me immediately as registration will be closed after August 2nd.  If you would like more information on this upcoming journey please click here.

The impact of the Solar Eclipse on each of us individually will be felt for the next several months.    Just prior to the eclipse we hiked to Hummingbird Springs


where a source of the waters from Telos come up through the ground.  This water is absolutely pure and has the vibration of ancient Lemuria.  The water was placed on the altar during the tine of the eclipse and I will be preparing the andara crystal elixir with this water as the base for anyone who may be interested.  The elixir can support one through the integration period of the solar eclipse energies, and bring forth greater awareness, balance and harmony to assist one through these times of personal and global change.  For more information please click here.


Again, my heartfelt thank you to all who joined with me and to those who continue to share with others weaving the web across our beloved earth.   I would love to have you share your experience regarding the Solar Eclipse with our spiritual community and invite you to leave your comments.     If you are receiving this from a friend or family member and would like to become part of our spiritual community, please click here.

Much love, rainbows and light, Robbyne

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3 Responses
  1. Carola Fragner

    Hello everyone,
    on the morning of the solar eclipse I made my ritual joining the group on Mount Shasta. Shortly after I began I felt the Black Madonna standing in the room and the Black Jaguar at her side. After I made my prayers I opened my heart wide and let the Black Jaguar jump inside, as many times before. The whole day I felt something very strong and powerful deep inside of my heart and it feels like this \"powerful something\" wants to erupt from deep inside. Now that I am writing this the feeling ist still present. A few minutes ago, when I read the part of this posting when the Black Jaguar jumped inside Eb and the Black Madonna stepped through the doorway shivers were running down my spine and they still do when I think of it.

    And there is a funny story I want to share with you. Three weeks ago me and my friend were on a mountain. On our way down we passed a sheep-run with a few sheep inside. As we had tuning forks with us we stroke them together and all of a sudden the sheep came running towards the fence loudly baaing and they became more and more. We hadn\’t seen them all because the ground was a bit hilly. So finally there were about 30 sheep, standing closely crowded at the fence and were baaing in our direction. It was so funny, so we collapsed with laughter. Well I think this is the humor of spirituality.

  2. Kibbie

    Hello all and blessings!
    I was at Mt. Shasta the same time you were there and I am very sorry I missed you. I wanted you to know I have been visited by, I have been calling her The Black Panther. She came to me in a dream…the night of the lunar eclipse. She wore a gold headdress & gold necklace. She asked me for my book of life & asked if I was afraid or hiding anything? I gave her my book of life & told her I was not afraid & that I was who I was. She roared so BIG looking right at me, as to say “Lets get started”. The next night she came to me and was teaching me balance, using water as an example. There is more…I just want you to know as this time with her is such an honor and your love brought her to me and I honor you all and thank you for your service to all!! I ask for blessing and love for you all!! Loving light of JOY to you!! We are family!!

  3. Robbyne

    Thank you both for sharing your story. I love to hear about the experiences that others are having at the time of these significant planetary events and invite all of you to share with our spiritual community. We are indeed all woven together in the web.