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Embraced By The Magdalene

mary magdalena cave

We began our day with a gorgeous drive through nature to the grotto of the Magdalene.

A stunning sight when you first see the rock face of the mountain where it is said Maria Magdalena lived and taught within the cave. The climb up the mountain would be challenging for many but a necessary journey of reclaiming ones power and awakening the divine feminine inside.

The magnificence of the surrounding beauty of nature could take ones breath away. I watched as many in the group slowed their own pace to help those who were struggling with the climb. A universal message for all…. If we don’t take each other’s hands and accept one another we will not move forward.

As we entered the cave of the Magdalene, confirmation would be shown with the symbology of the beautiful scallop shell.

The grotto of the Magdalene is another sacred place of pilgrimage that draws thousands each year and yet we were blessed as we quietly sat together within the crypt to receive her guidance while mass was taking place in the sanctuary above us.

This was a time to heal the past and awaken the Goddess within. We would each take an opportunity to climb the stairs meant only for the priest, symbolic of embracing our truth, reclaiming our power and creating a new story. So much was hidden within this sanctuary but it required each of us to look inside to find our truth.

We would continue to climb the mountain to the top. Here the Magdalene would climb seeking guidance herself and to reflect.

I could feel her presence and envisioned her sitting on the stones alone seeking guidance from the divine and strength to continue her service to the Goddess. These were dangerous times to be in opposition with the Church of Rome.   We would need her faith and vigilence as we continued to move through these times of uncertainty. To not allow fear to enter into our consciousness and to stay focused on why our soul is truly here.

We joined together to send love and sing to the stones. We prayed that the leaders of all nations would make heart based choices for the highest good of our global community. We would not let go of the vision or our faith.

A hawk began to soar above, an animal ally bringing confirmation that we each carried a message and were being put on notice to pay attention to the signs the universe was sharing.

Benoit our beautiful driver led us down a path into the forest which was for me the true place of worship as I knew the Magdalene had been there. I felt her walking with us.

Join us tomorrow as we travel deeper into the lands of the Cathars and Templar Knights.

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