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Earth Day—Nature Summons

img_36872Nurturing ourselves spiritually is not an easy task living in a culture that disconnects us from our inner self and yet it is an absolute necessity to do so.  During this time of introspection that we are all in as our entire global community seems to be in grand transition this must become a priority or we will feel more than ever emptiness deep inside our core.  A hollow feeling that something is missing from our lives.  We have in the past tried to fill this void with things that only temporarily quiet the hunger for more in our life experience.  The Venus Retrograde that we have just moved through has brought to our attention where that emptiness lies.  Although I am so grateful on a daily basis for my life journey, being an earth guardian and messenger for spirit, there are times when I recognize the need to find absolute stillness in my life.  To seek a sanctuary that nurtures my soul and allows me to recharge.  This nourishment can only come from the Divine Mother and can only be found in the safe haven of nature.

My life is enriched with a  sense of community and the growing spiritual family that I share my earth walk with.   After the invitation of two very dear friends to visit their sanctuary in Oregon, I could feel something stirring in my soul that it was indeed the time for me to take a few days and disconnect to fill the spaces within my soul that had been recently cleared through the turbulent stirring of energy that Venus Retrograde had gifted my life with.  After the Animal Communication Workshop on Sunday it appeared the animal allies were even more intent on bringing me messages to guide me through the twists and turns of my life’s journey.  A wonderful day was shared by all who attended, reinforcing once again the wonderful healing that can occur when we join together with our spiritual community supporting one another and allow ourselves to be nurtured by the nature kingdom.  Those who attended experienced the magic of the medicine wheel. The sacred doorway to spirit that allows us to connect with the world of enchantment and Great Mystery.  As each individual stepped into the sacred circle the web was strengthened between the world of the seen and the unseen world of spirit.  A heartfelt thank you to all who participated in this day and brought their personal magic and prayer into the sacred wheel.

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Following the call of nature, I boarded a plane and headed to Oregon.  As I arrived on my friends land I have to say I was overcome with emotion at the beauty they were the caretakers of.  Spirit had guided them to this place, actually had called them home from another time when they ran the hillsides as Children of the First Nation People and now they were protecting this sanctuary as all of mankind should protect our earth.  They had not forgotten they were part of the WEB and nature responded with love and nurturing to all who came to this land with respect.  You could feel the mothers heart beat the minute you stepped foot on this land and all worries and cares seemed to melt away.  I smiled when I saw that Sky had an urgent sense to till the land in preparation for seeding the garden and wondered if he consciously knew the New Moon was just around the corner or if it was that connection he had to the Earth Mother and the animal beings that was signaling the timing that must take place.  I could smell the essence of earth and let it permeate my senses as the moist dark soil came to the surface.  The soil rich in the abundant life force that would give life to the food that would nurture our bodies.    I too felt somehow I had known this land before as well,  and it was calling me home to pass on guidance and provide the nurturing my soul needed.  For me during these times of change and uncertainty, the furthest I can get from the cement world we as human beings have created for ourselves the better, and so I was in absolute bliss.

I awoke the first morning celebrating Earth Day to a most wonderful gift, the feeling   that I was wrapped gently in the earth mothers arms.   The invitation I had gratefully accepted from my friends to experience their sanctuary would provide a magical day of many gifts coming from the nature kingdom.  These are gifts that are not purchased in a store, gifts that move us forward on our journey with clarity, wisdom, guidance and love.  As I opened my eyes to a gorgeous blue sky and emerald green hills,  there peeking in the window at me, hovering just outside the glass, was a ruby throated hummingbird, whispering the message that I was about to go through a very heart opening experience.  Hummingbird creates an internal message to our soul restoring health and well being by opening us to the experience of joy.  No other bird has the ability to fly backwards so this messenger was putting me on alert that I would be exploring something from my past, drawing from the memory and taking this gift to move forward.   Within seconds of this morning greeting, a beautiful Robin flew onto the deck bringing my second message of the day.  I knew the significance of color and took note at the message being delivered by this winged one.  The red breast of the Robin is the color of new growth, new ideas, new pathways opening for the future and my mind for days had been spinning with unlimited opportunities yet to be explored so imagine my excitement to have this messenger now cross my path.  Whenever Robin comes it is a time to make a wish, and patiently watch that dream come true over the next few months.  I made my wish and before I could even get out of bed turned to look out the other window as I wanted to check on the female Canadian Goose that I had been told had laid eggs and was dutifully tending to the eggs.  There she was sitting in the grassy island in the pond.  As my eyes focused I saw her stirring and noticed a few puffs of yellow.  To my absolute joy I realized that the babies had been born.  Born on the morning of Earth Day.  I wondered if this was tthe heart opening experience hummingbird had shared would be my gift?  I began to reflect on what I now wanted to give birth to and  would set  in motion  with powerful intention on the upcoming New Moon, April 24th.  I smiled when I realized I had somehow unknowingly planned my visit to be here on this sacred land of the First Nation people to experience the New Moon.

img_37062New Moons always carry the promise of new beginnings and provide us humans opportunities to plant the seeds of desire and vision to be manifested in the coming cycles.  I could feel now a deep desire to connect to the earth, and quickly dressed to head out to sit by the waters edge of the pond and take in the beauty of this sanctuary.  I was seeking guidance and planned to just sit in stillness and experience the moment, for it is here that answers always come.  Almost immediately I began to hear the most incredible music and thought Jeanne had just put on a beautiful CD for me to meditate with.  I thought a little more about how the sound was reverberating all around me and wandered how Sky and built such an incredible sound system to be heard as though it was surrounding me.  A few moments later I began to realize this wasn’t a CD and Sky had not hooked up some elaborate sound system for my enjoyment.  This was the gift that hummingbird had shared was coming.  In the distance were Canadian Geese honking their message that a journey was about to begin.  Situated in the canyon the sound was bouncing of the emerald green hills, almost on cue, one bullfrog after another now joined in with their individual soul note, followed by a huge gathering of song birds each offering their individual song to the orchestra that was forming.  A bumble bee began to circle around me adding yet another sound and even the splash of two ducks making their precision perfect landing on the surface of the pond just in front of me added to the symphony.  I was actually hearing the sounds of nature in such perfect harmony without any disruption of outside noises that my heart felt as though it would burst wide open.  I had connected to my heart song.  I could feel the smile that could not be contained stretching across my face and then could feel and hear the earth mothers heart beat vibrating up through the earth through the balls of my feet.  The four elements began to make themselves quite visible as a gentle breeze from the air spirits blew my hair, the sun carrying the element of fire warmed my body and of course the water was now filled with this harmonious choir of bull frogs singing louder and louder and the smell of the freshly tilled earth of the garden filled my nostrils.  As I sat in my chair I let nature’s intelligence reveal to me my future.  There in that moment of listening, and honoring the earth, all the questions that I had for months were answered, all the uncertainty became perfectly clear, at least the need to know that all was taken care and in the right time any action I needed to take would be revealed to me.  Hummingbird was right, I had indeed just had probably one of the most profound experiences of my heart opening that I had ever had.  I gave thanks that I was allowed to walk the earth at this time of remarkable evolutionary change and I made my commitment to continue to follow the guidance of spirit and carry on the work my soul had asked to do.  I was given glimpses of what the future held, not just for me but for the United States and the entire global community.  Again I was shown why this is such a significant time for the human race,  filled with unbelievable hope and magic as we move forward.

Journeys to retrieve the knowledge of the First Nation people, workshops and gatherings to help others remember and provide opportunities for healing and receive the same clarity that had been gifted to me were revealed.  All of this I will share in future postings.

The next significant opportunity we have after the New Moon on April 24th will be the powerful celebration of Beltane.  Those of you who are able, I invite you to join with me to celebrate this turning of the cosmic wheel as it is a powerful time of fertility and creative potential as well as healing and purification.  One of those special and rare nights when the veil between the world of the seen and unseen are revealed and we can gain insight that can us move forward.  As hummingbird shared with me it is a time to experience a wondrous heart opening moment in celebration and ritual.  There is a very special ritual shared in the 2009 Sabbat Celebration and Ritual Book and the description of the Beltane Celebration can be found on the WEBSITE under Upcoming Events for those of you just joining our spiritual family.  Just a reminder this is an open forum for our ever growing spiritual community and I invite you to share your thoughts, experiences and stories on Weave the Web.

Happy New Moon everyone, take the time to plant the seeds for new beginnings and remember to experience the magic in every moment.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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5 Responses
  1. Terra

    Thank you for your message, Robbyne. And thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. Your descriptions are so vivid, it is almost like being there. This message was a good reminder to be still, observe and listen to nature around us. Also, the photos were wonderful! THANK YOU!

  2. Elisabeth

    I love the descriptions of your encounters with animals and birds. I am sorry I was unable to take your class. I would like to use your White Wolf elixir Power Animal to try to connect with my animal helpers. Would the New Moon be a good time to use this? Also, what is the best way to use the oil? Thank you.

  3. Robbyne

    Dear Elisabeth: I am so excited that you have the Power Animal Oil. It is one of my favorites, a base of pure amber and musk oils from Egypt that have been blessed in sacred ceremony. Both of these oils were used within the temples to call upon animal spirits sacred to the ancient Egyptians. If you place a drop of the oil on your third eye to open your wisdom center to receive the guidance of your power animals, the heart chakra,as this is where we truly communicate with nature’s intelligence and rub a small amount on your wrists breathing this into your auric field it will align you with the unseen world. You can either create sacred space within your home by finding a place to be still without interruption or I have found this oil is most effective if you sit within the natural world and simply place the intention to call your animal allies forth to proivde you with guidance and messages. I often wear this oil just before I am going for a walk in nature as it helps me to understand with greater clarity the messages that are coming from the animal beings that cross my path.

    The New Moon is indeed a wonderful time to use the oil but anytime you desire to communicate with your animal allies it can assist greatly. Another oil that I highly recommend is one of the new ones called Spirit of White Wolf. Wolf is the teacher and pathfinder and can certainly assist in guiding your journey, especially if you are moving into unknown territory with unexpected changes. White Wolf is a powerful totem and will come to anyone who opens their heart and seeks the guidance of this animal being. Hope this helps.

    Love and rainbows, Robbyne

  4. Alexa

    Love the photos of the place in Oregon. Is it remote, or just secluded? Looks like there are no houses or civilization around. How peaceful, no wonder you are able to connect with nature there!

  5. Jo-Dean

    Hi Robbyne. My husband and I enjoy your website. I have a question and I hope you won’t be offended. First of all, we are excited about the new president and feel the U.S. in now on the right track. But times are still hard. My husband just took a big cut in pay. Are there oils or certain ceremonies we could do to try and keep our spirits up? I need to be optimistic and have hope. Also, what could we maybe do to bring some abundance (of hope OR money!) our way? Thanks Robbyne and if you don’t have time to answer, we will understand.
    Jo-Dean, West Va.