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Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown…

be more concerned about not living life to its full potential

stepping into unknown

We are moving into the thick of the planetary influences that April will be gifting us and the theme of the month should be embracing the unknown. We have a beautiful full moon in Libra occurring over the next few days. April 10/11 we will feel the flow of the celestial light and are reminded to pause and allow the healing energy to nurture our soul. Libra is ruled by Venus and we are moving through the final phase of the Venus Retrograde. Issues around money and relationships have been highlighted these last few weeks and trying to maintain balance can be exhausting. This is a night to open and receive the celestial blessings of the goddess. For those who are members of our online subscription series the rituals for April; Full Moon, New Moon and the sacred Sabbat celebrations, SamHein in the southern hemisphere and Beltane in the northern hemisphere have been posted to the website as well as a guided meditation to work more deeply with the guidance on this beautiful full moon. Click Here

Having returned to Mount Shasta after a beautiful time in New Zealand and a wonderful gathering in Saint Helen’s Tasmania, I was hesitant about my impending move. Waves of uncertainty and an anxious feeling had found there way into my morning as I realized the enormity of this move in the small window of time I had be given.

A walk along the sacred river known as the Long Person, gave me insight into the energies influencing us at this time. Water is receptive, it flows, washing away the past and bringing forth the new. It reminds us of the cycle of everything. This time the Long Person was rushing. Usually there are moments of pause along the river, but not today. The long person was on a mission, and so we must be as well during this time of strong planetary influence. Golden opportunities await us as we give up resisting the changes and relax into the unknown. If we don’t fear this time of uncertainty we can trust something grand is manifesting for us in the creative void. Something we may not have thought possible. When I decided to relax into the experience of this move, I discovered I am now actually finding it to be an amazing process.

A new nine year cycle is beginning. I am jumping into the river allowing it to take me where my soul will find its greatest joy and I can be of service to the Goddess, reestablishing the alliance between the world of human and the natural world. Utilize this full moon to breathe in the light of the Goddess as it will nurture your heart and soul. We can all use a little nurturing.   Venus is the Goddess of love, beauty, sensuality and is reminding us as she shines light into the darkness of the unknown, that we must love ourselves enough to give up the lesser and be receptive to the greater.

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We have had a recent cancellation for our Dolphin Encounter next month in Bimini, the spiritual center of Atlantis for the Wesak Full Moon. If anyone is interested in joining us, please contact Guy at [email protected]

Just a reminder, in May we also have a very unique event planned to provide financial support to a wonderful organization that is changing lives daily. Wolf Connection in Acton, is a beautiful sanctuary of love, providing healing and guidance for At Risk Youth as well as providing a sanctuary to save the lives of the terrestrial cousins to the dolphins, the wolf. This is an afternoon/evening event where you will have an amazing encounter with these beautiful four legged beings as well as ceremony and sacred ritual beneath the stars. If you would like more information please click here. If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute please click here. Wolf Connection is completely dependent upon personal contributions and not government funded.

Wishing you a nurturing Full Moon of love and blessings, Robbyne

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