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December’s Planetary Influences

Lotus Goddess

As the Year of Self Mastery nears completion, the Full Moon on December 13th/14th provides a powerful night of reflection and awareness of the soul lessons we have each moved through. We can anticipate the turning of the wheel on the 21st and the beginning of 2017, the year of the Goddess Awakening and the Divine Feminine Returning.   We must be strong and true to our own hearts as we allow the Goddess within to express herself through our actions and endeavors.   There is still uncertainty as to the changes occurring in our world at this time.

We all recognize that change is necessary but it certainly creates fear and anxiousness if we allow it to distract us from our heart purpose   There is also hope, so lets fuel the Goddess essence within. She is the creative one, the compassionate one, and the one who walks a path of beauty and follows the voice of her heart.   She is the one who knows with unquestionable certainty that she is here to bring light into the world where there is darkness, to be the voice of encouragement when someone has lost their way, and to bring beauty into this world. She has an inner knowing that it is her role to be a vessel of love and to hold the faith no matter what occurs in the fast world. This is the year to awaken the Goddess within.

For those who are members of our online subscription Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat Ritual series, the Final Full Moon Ritual has been posted as well as the guided meditation, the Solstice Celebration and the New Moon. The traditions and rituals we celebrate are intricately designed to help us be in tune with the goddess.

For all of you who subscribed for an “Annual” subscription at the beginning of 2016 and received my personal message this process is going to be delivered in a different way this year. Since many of you have subscribed throughout the year I will provide your personal message regarding the influences of this year upon your renewal date that you originally signed up. All “New” Annual 2017 Sabbat Celebration and Moon Cycle Ritual series Subscribers will receive a message shortly after confirmation has come through. Every year I try to share more and create new rituals honoring the ancient ways and earth religion. I have many exciting things planned for 2017 that will support the Goddess Awakening allowing you to truly be that vehicle of light and vessel of love you have always been intended to be.


December 13th/14th – Full Moon dedicated to the Crone 

The Final Full Moon of 2016 is dedicated to the Crone celebrated on December 13th/14th. The crone is the wise woman, the ancient one who has gathered all of her medicine and now celebrates the journey of the year. The fullness of the moon at this time provides a review of the year, reflection on the wisdom the journey provided and the gifts we received as we grew spiritually. The ritual and guided meditation which are now posted to the website, are a celebration of our year’s journey. The super full moon of December energizes the dream each of us have the potential to birth into this year of new beginnings as the wheel begins to turn on the 21st. Click Here to Log in


December 19th Mercury makes its final retrograde cycle

After the planetary influences we have all been through in this year of Self Mastery, the final mercury retrograde cycle will be a breeze. Just remember when this planet is retrograding the areas most often impacted are communication and decision-making. It will go direct January 7th but will be in full retrograde over the Christmas and New Year holidays when tensions run high and there seems to always be stress as we overdue. Be aware and you will be fine. Mercury retrogrades can sneak up on us quickly. Pay attention and you can prepare in advance for a Mercury Retrograde. Back up your computer. Get your paperwork in order. Do not sign contracts or make large purchases and do not make life changing decisions during this time. When it goes direct you will be questioning those decisions. Mercury Retrograde can enhance our ability to receive information and to catch details ordinarily missed in our daily lives if we work with this energy effectively. Journal, meditate; this is an excellent time to take classes on developing your intuitive skills. The second week of Mercury Retrograde is the most challenging but also the week we have the opportunity to really fine-tune our ability to receive guidance from our teachers and guides if we take the time to open those lines of communication.


December Solstice celebration 21st/22nd

In the Southern Hemisphere it is a time of the light returning as the Sun is honored in sacred celebration as the longest day of the year.   In the Northern hemisphere the earth is going into a dormant phase and the Winter Solstice is celebrated, the shortest day of the year. Depending on which hemisphere you reside I have posted a Solstice celebration to embrace 2017 and awaken the Goddess within.   Click Here to Log in


December 29th New Moon in Capricorn

The first new moon of 2017 occurs on December 29th as the New Year officially begins with the turning of the wheel at the time of the Solstice on December 21st.  A New Moon in Capricorn provides a time to deepen our roots and steady ourselves. When we steady ourselves, we steady the world. If we slip the world goes spinning. It is important to recognize it is not about trying to change the world “out there” but turning the focus within, grounding into Mama Earth and humbling ourselves to the greater journey of Creation. We cannot grow unless we meet the obstacles on our path and find solutions to them through compassion and wisdom. Tune into the natural world and you will hear the voice of the Goddess. She will show you where to step so there is solid footing.  Click here for a powerful ritual on finding your footing and balance as we begin a new journey.

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