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December Planetary Influences 2020

Jupiter and Saturn

December brings one of the most anticipated astrological events of the decade, known as the Great Conjunction in Aquarius.  This powerful alignment wraps up the year with the revolutionary energy of change.  Jupiter and Saturn will make a rare alignment and the entire world will experience the impact of these two powerful planets.  A time that belongs to everyone regardless of your religion, political point of view, gender, sexual preference.  This is a time of choice. Jupiter the planet of expansion, prosperity and good fortune teaches humanity through faith, humor, personal expansion, abundance, freedom, opportunities, joy, and luck. Saturn the planet of karma, teaches through hard work, dedication, karmic rewards and consequences from past actions, responsibility, and demanding we stay in integrity. Saturn is also the key to self- mastery and enlightenment. Although they teach in completely opposite styles, both of these planets coming together at the 0 degree point in Aquarius shows that they are working together in a celestial dance to facilitate evolution on a grand scale.  The closeness of these two planets makes this a very rare conjunction.  With only about a 10th of a degree separating the two planets, the last time it occurred was in 1623.

This major alignment signifies that all of humanity is being given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes bringing back into balance shadow and our light as we move and progress into the Age of Aquarius.  26,000 years ago, the collective consciousness made choices through deception, manipulation and greed which resulted in the collapse of consciousness into a third dimensional reality.  This time offers the opportunity to cosmically level up into our full potential.  This is what we were born for.

You will hear many interpretations of what this time will bring.  I am one who creates my bubble of reality and will not let fear or negativity into that bubble, so what I share is merely the reality I create from an ancient memory of what we have experienced.  Imprinted deep within us is a collective knowing that peace on Earth is possible. That equality and justice for all is possible. That life can be beautiful and abundant for everyone. It is remembering my past, and it is your past.  Together we can create a new reality that honors the past and the lessons we have learned.

From chaos we can create a new vision of beauty, kindness, gentleness, and love. This is an ongoing experience that will require, commitment and dedication to your spiritual path, whatever feels right for you.  A daily practice will be necessary to support the change that is coming. For those who wish to join me in that fifth dimensional bubble, I will be posting various rituals to support you for the upcoming New Moon total Solar eclipse, the Winter and Summer Solstice depending on which hemisphere you live in and the Full Moon.  I will also be posting a guided meditation for the exact moment the alignment occurs so that we can all share our collective vision and imprint a kinder, gentler world where that bubble can manifest.

Aus Uluru

From the power chakra of the planet, Uluru, Australia, a great celebration and ceremony will occur on the 21st of December, that we can all be a part of.  We need to be prepared by being the best versions of ourselves as the incoming light will only increase in power over the next few months. To hold these higher levels of photonic light we need to take the best care of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. We need to eat natural, organic high energy foods and drink lots of pure water.  You may require more rest and sleep than usual to integrate these higher levels of light so give yourself permission to listen to your body. My guidance is to detox your mind of negative thoughts and judgments that create division, anger and hatred. Detox your heart by forgiving all past situations and individuals.  Holding on will just drain your energy and anchor you into the current chaos.  December holds the promise of so much magick if we open to receive it and make the effort to emerge into greatness.  No one can do this for you.

total solar eclipse

December 14th/15th New Moon – Total Solar Eclipse

The December 14th/15th total solar eclipse combined with the November 30th lunar eclipse forms an eclipse phase that lasts until the lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021.  The energy of the new moon/solar eclipse inspires us to turn our focus inward to examine personal philosophies and spiritual belief systems from a fresh perspective and through the lens of the heart. An ideal moment for reflecting on how our beliefs and priorities have changed in 2020. Acknowledge the lesser version of you that is emerging into the magnificent you as a result of the year.  Begin to prepare a new vision that you will seed at the time of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius at the time of the Solstice.  I will be posting in the next week, a ritual for going within at this time to nourish the seed within your heart and bring into consciousness the vision of all you are becoming.

god anubis

December 15th – Chiron the Wounder Healer goes direct

To become fully present again, you need the courage to do deep self-healing. Chiron retrograding since July has brought your awareness to what needs to be healed.  Often it feels that a fresh wound is laid open in in the present moment when Chiron is retrograding.  You can feel shattered, but if you examine it more deeply, you will find that it reminds you of something painful from the past and that the past has bled into the present.  You are experiencing both wounds at once, but that may not be apparent until you look at the situation more deeply. Chiron’s purpose is to restore wholeness as it reconnects things that have been separated or broken apart so they may be mended and reintegrated with each other.  If you allow it to happen instead of fighting it, you become more integrated, more whole in that area than you’ve ever been before.  In ancient Egyptian astrology, Chiron goes by another name, Anubis, the god of the afterlife.  Just like Chiron, Anubis was abandoned as a child. It was through this painful experience that Anubis was able to rise up and become the guardian of the underworld.  Anubis is known as the re-newer of souls of the dead. In order to assume this role, it was necessary to release his attachment to his own wounding by moving into forgiveness, love, and a larger understanding of the deeper meaning behind the wounding. Thus, he is transformed into a great healer and a guide for others.  On this day take the time to examine how your old wounds have made you stronger, more compassionate, more forgiving.  Reflect on how your wounds have become a source of power to redefine and recreate you.  Take the time to journal your awareness of the new you.  The pain of our experience becomes our greatest teacher in showing us the way back to joy.  If you would like to find joy in your life once again, I invite you to journey with me down the Pathway of Joy as part of the teachings of the Path of the Rose.  Click Here

White Dragon moon

December 20th/21st Solstice and the Great Conjunction In Aquarius

 The elders of many nations speak of a Pleiadian starship that has carried a special device to Earth.  They refer to it as the Magic Box which has a power beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.  If unassisted by humans with a higher consciousness, it can do nothing beyond await instructions.  Its purpose is to feed off pure human energy.  Those humans who are unaffected by pandemics, economic chaos, warfare, anger, and fear, who instead focus on the positive energy of love, compassion, gentleness and kindness are part of the activation of the box.  It will absorb the positive energy, amplify it and then distribute it throughout the dragon lines and dreaming tracks on the sacred blue on what has been identified as the precise hour of 9:04pm on December 21st in Uluru, Australia.

I have created a new oil that will be infused with this light at the exact time of the alignment.  For those who may be interested.  This oil will provide support as we transition and emerge into the new expression of ourselves in 2021.

Thoth oil- $60.00 plus shipping

Thoth the Egyptian God of wisdom, time, writing, magick and the moon, gifted to the human world the Emerald Green Tablets, tools for our evolutionary journey as well as knowledge of the Merkaba, the light vessel and the sacred geometric symbol known as the Flower of Life which creates a harmonic frequency to bring one into union with all of nature and universal influences.  This powerful oil created with pure musk from Egypt, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Clove, Angelica. Rose, Cassia and other powerful oils that open one’s consciousness accessing universal wisdom.  Created at the time of the Full Moon it will be charged in the energy of the Grand Conjunction at 0 degrees in Aquarius when the veil between worlds is thinnest and the medicine of the plant beings  is greatly heightened with fifth dimensional light.   When worn in meditation it can deepen the experience as well as assist in activating one’s Merkaba, stellar star gate chakra and Soul Star Chakra. Place on the third eye, crown chakra, back of the head to open the Causal Chakra and on the heart center.  Place on the wrist, rub together and breathe in feeling your light body accelerating with light.  Focus on opening the Stellar Star Gate and Soul Star by meditating and breathing golden light from the celestial realms into the top of your head.  Both of these 5th dimensional chakras were shut down with the fall of consciousness during the time of Atlantis 26,000 years ago.  We are now awakening and activating these chakras once more.  Please contact Guy at [email protected] if you wish to order. 

The Solstice is a time where the veil between dimensions is thin. Between our world and the spirit world, there is something known as liminal space. The word liminal stems from the Latin “limen,” meaning “threshold.” Liminal space denotes a time and space between the physical world and the spirit world.  It is also a time where we are more open and connected with the energies of the Earth. The Solstice is the start of a new season depending on where in the world you live, and a new season always brings a transition of energy.  This solstice of 2020 will be like none we have ever experienced.  The December Solstice was chosen for this day as it was said to signify a “return to the light.”  For those who follow the Path of the Rose this is the turning of the wheel into the Year 2021.

summer sol

In the Southern Hemisphere it is the summer solstice, and we experience the longest day of the year.  The word solstice means “sun standing still” and is one of the most powerful times for each us to create the space of stillness within our heart.  Far removed from the distractions of the outside world and the chaotic energies of the multitude of thought forms of fear, doubt, scarcity and lack that surround us.  The illusions created by the Surface Walker in our mind.  This is the turning of the wheel as we transition into a new decade and a new year.  I will be posting a ritual to celebrate this day of change known as the Summer Solstice.

winter sol

In the Northern Hemisphere we experience the longest day of darkness.  It is from the state of original chaos, the black void, that the old creatrix goddesses are said to have brought forth all that is. The belief that the world started with the sacred spark of creative potential contained within the primordial womb is one of humanity’s oldest concepts. The birth of the archetypal sun, born of The Great Mother on the Winter Solstice as she brings forth a light from her dark womb offering this light as the gift of life to the world. The Winter Solstice is an anniversary celebration of creation.  I will be posting a ritual for the Northern Hemisphere to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

cancer full moon

December 29th/30th Full Moon in Cancer

The magnificent mother moon represents the most intimate expression of our uniqueness, our emotions, instincts, feelings, memories, vulnerabilities, and our sense of safety and comfort. This is the second full moon in Cancer which will appear in December 2020. After the full moon in Cancer on January 10th, at the beginning of this year, we have all been working through a series of cycles that need to be sorted out for us to move on. The full moon in Cancer will help you wrap up the year and acknowledge the progress you have been going through.  I have learned a great deal about myself as I have grown in so many ways since January.  My life was completely altered as I began this year in Sedona and have found myself positioned here once again for this full moon in Cancer.  Grateful for everything and excited about the possibilities of what lies ahead.  I know it will take focus, dedication and commitment.  I am ready to uphold the Code of the Dragon and the teachings of the Path of the Rose.  I will be posting an audio guided meditation for the Cancer Full Moon as well as a powerful ritual for this moon cycle.

Life is transitory and fleeting.  Don’t take everything so seriously, this earth walk is meant to be enjoyed.  There is such precious little time on this beautiful planet so make every moment count.  Love and then love some more wherever you go.   I invite you to connect with the ancestral soil of your soul. Sedona has a deep connection to the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.  Come and dance on the land with the ancestors who are embracing the Rainbow nation.  Receive the activation that will allow you to step up and fulfill your sacred contracts.  Redefine yourself in your full expression.  Connect on a deeper level to Lady Gaia.  It is her body we walk upon every day, but do we listen?  She is the substance of our own bodies.

Bell Rock Sedona

The Goddess expresses herself through the sacred soil and nurtures our minds with a dynamic beauty, using her palette to paint our skies and landscapes. She consistently recreates and asks to do the same through you.  If you are called to begin 2021 in the ancestral red stone elders of Sedona and would like to experience a deeper connection with a personal journey of discovery, please contact me at [email protected].

If you are unable to travel but desire to make a deeper connection to the natural world,  I invite you to explore the Pathway of Ancestral Soil as part of the Path of the Rose.  Please click here  I am also offering a new sharing known as The Path to Emergence to support one in making life changes in  2021 – the Year of Emergence.  For more information, please contact me directly at [email protected].

Wishing you inner peace, clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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