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December is known as the month of reflection, providing a moment to think about all you have achieved during the year and acknowledge how much you have grown.  An opportunity to look at your life through the lens of the heart and decide if you will be a ripple of change in the coming year.  The Solstice is for me my New Year Celebration.  2023 represents the gift of my journey as a land dweller, and 2024 now holds the potential of my dreams and desires.  Using a little bit of alchemy, a lot of trust, and the foundation of my faith, I choose to experience the turning of the wheel with hope and gratitude.  I choose to be a ripple of change.

I first want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each of you who share this journey with me, our amazing and beautiful tribe.  Each of you enrich my life as we travel the pathways of learning from each other together.  For those of you who gather with me to hold a new vision and share your personal magick as we pray for a kinder, gentler world, thank you.   We each need to gather with our tribe to feed our soul, to share with one another and to stand together as Faith Keepers.

2024 is a year to create a sovereign relationship with the natural world and spend more time listening as we become the future we have been holding space for.  I will be posting the energetics of 2024 in the next couple of weeks but wanted to wish all of you a joyous holiday season, celebrating all faiths and beliefs.  I will be entering a time of stillness and quietude as I journey to Maui to greet the whales returning from Alaska and become part of the healing of Maui.  The sacred waters are calling, and my soul must answer.

These days we are challenged to our core as we are witness to a world that continues to change.  Nothing feels familiar and we are asked to keep going down a road that appears to be in darkness.  Take the time to step into the sacredness that the turning of the wheel at the time of the solstice offers and the December full moon’s lunation will bring.  Take the time to honor the full moon as she reveals herself each month. In doing this, we gain expanded awareness widening our view to see beyond what we see with human eyes.   It takes courage to think for yourself when we are bombarded with negativity and fear-based opinions, to keep dreaming the dream that wishes to be birthed through you.

Someone once shared with me the profound wisdom that I choose to live by.  “If your dreams do not scare you, then they are not big enough”.  Mine absolutely terrify me but I am going for them anyway!!!

I wanted to share the celestial dance of December and the astrological wisdom of our star child Natasha as well as rituals for this final month of 2023.


December 6th – Neptune stations direct

Neptune went retrograde on June 30, 2023 in Pisces and will go direct on December 6, 2023 in the same sign. Neptune known as the God of the Sea, governs dreams, intuition, psychic abilities, spirituality, and other worlds. Neptune rules Pisces, so when he is in this sign, his power and influence are amplified. When Neptune was retrograde, he invited us to deepen our relationship to our dreams, emotions, intuition, and the unseen realms. When Neptune goes direct, we have become more attuned to listening to our intuition and dreams and can do this more in our day-to-day lives.  Neptune also emphasizes the importance of the connection we have to our own intuition, spirituality, and inner worlds especially in times of great change. No matter how chaotic the external world gets; we can remain centered and grounded when we are guided from within.

December 12th – New Moon in Sagittarius

The slate has been wiped clean with the Mourning Full Moon of November and the soil is being prepared in darkness for new seeds to be planted. New Moons are the best time to start something new, get clear on the future and bring fresh energy into our life. Set your intentions and journal them down.  This is the new moon that will prepare you for your journey into 2024 when the wheel turns at the time of the Solstice. This new moon takes place in Sagittarius, the sign that governs expansion, open-mindedness, freedom, and higher wisdom. Sagittarius is the sign of the truth seeker. At the time of this new moon there will be a YOD formed in the sky. A YOD, also called the Finger of God/Finger of the Goddess, is an aspect configuration that occurs when two planets are aligned in such a way that they point to a third planet. When this aspect appears, it’s like the cosmos is letting us know what is significant at this time and where we need to focus. The planet that will be highlighted by the cosmos at the time of this new moon is Uranus, the planet of rebellion, revolution, authenticity, and sudden change. This is highly significant because even though Sagittarius is the truth seeker sign, sometimes we don’t realize when we are following the truth of others. This can look like trying to live up to the expectations of others, allowing what others think of us to overtake how we see ourselves, or abiding by societal or cultural rules that keep us small and contained. With this new moon and the YOD pointing to Uranus, we are being asked to have an honest check in with ourselves to be sure that the truth that we follow and live by is the truth of our own hearts.  To be less than who we came here to be serves no one. To work with the expansive energies of the final new moon for the solstice, I have posted a New Moon ritual.  CLICK HERE

planet mercury

December 12th – Mercury stations retrograde

This is the last Mercury retrograde of 2023. Mercury will go retrograde in Capricorn on December 12th and will go direct on January 1, 2024 in Sagittarius. Capricorn is the sign of tradition, responsibility, hard-work, and dedication. Sagittarius is the sign of opportunity, expansion, luck, and freedom. Mercury beginning in Capricorn and then going back into Sagittarius shows that this Mercury retrograde period is showing us where we may need to let something go. This is because in shadow, Capricorn will stick with things—relationships, jobs, beliefs, etc—even when it is no longer in alignment with who we are. Mercury is showing us the freedom that can be had when we no longer try to cling to the things that are falling away. As a note, with any Mercury retrograde, expecting the unexpected is key. So, tapping into our humor and our most flexible and adaptable mindset can help to ease any stress that may arise if/when things don’t go according to plan.

milky way

December 18 -19th – Sun conjunct the Galactic

Once a year our Sun aligns with the Galactic Center, known as the supermassive black hole that lies in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Some refer to the Galactic Center as the heart of our galaxy, and some astrologers believe that the Galactic Center is a transmitter of Divine Consciousness. When the Sun, the star of our solar system, aligns with this powerful center, the Sun’s rays pour forth the frequency and energy from the heart of our galaxy on Earth. In astrology, the Sun represents the core of who we are. It represents the essence of our soul and what gifts we have come to shine out into the world. As the Sun crosses the Galactic Center, it helps to activate our soul, to awaken us deeper, and to remind us that there is so much more to this life than we can see or even really fathom.  We are also reminded to not allow anyone or anything to dim our precious light.  It is so needed at this time. When this alignment occurs, it is a great time to go into mediation, go into nature, or gift yourself time alone to tune in and receive the messages that the cosmos is communicating to you.


Sacred Wheel

December 21/22nd

In the Northern Hemisphere it is the Winter Solstice, a time where the veil between dimensions is thin. Between our world and the spirit world, there is something known as liminal space. The word liminal stems from the Latin “limen,” meaning “threshold.” Liminal space denotes a time and space between the physical world and the spirit world.  It is also a time where we are more open and connected with the energies of the Earth. The Solstice is the start of a new season depending on where in the world you live, and a new season always brings a transition of energy.  The December Solstice was chosen for this day as it was said to signify a “return to the light.”  For those who follow the Path of the Rose this is the turning of the wheel into the Year 2024.  A winter solstice ritual has been posted click here

December 21/22nd

In the Southern Hemisphere it is the summer solstice, and we experience the longest day of the year.  The word solstice means “sun standing still” and is one of the most powerful times for each of us to create the space of stillness within our heart.  Far removed from the distractions of the outside world and the chaotic energies of the multitude of thought forms of fear, doubt, scarcity and lack that surround us.  The illusions created by the Surface Walker in our mind.  This is the turning of the wheel as we transition into a new decade and a new year.

As the final turning of wheel in 2023 you will feel a higher power stirs from within, bringing us greater awareness of our spiritual abilities and gifts.  As we step into 2024, we need to ground in greater awareness of our gifts, powers, and unique spiritual capabilities. The Universe is ready and so are you.  Don’t underestimate yourself. Realize what you are capable of and step into your full power. A Summer Solstice ritual has been posted.  Click Here


December 27th Full Moon Dedicated to the sacred spider

Time is passing by very quickly and we are witnessing the collapse of many of the institutions that were once familiar ways of life. Within ourselves, we are experiencing physical changes as our bodies rearrange to accommodate the new energy vibrations. The Cosmic wheel has turned and we slowly begin the next journey into the magick of 2024. This full moon takes place in Cancer, the sign that governs home, family, roots, ancestors, and the past. It is the sign of the Great Mother. This is a potent full moon because, similar to the new moon that takes place earlier this month, a YOD will be formed in the sky. A YOD takes place when two planets align precisely in a way that highlights a third planet. It acts like a cosmic finger pointing us to what we are being invited to focus on. With that, the YOD that occurs during this full moon will point to the dwarf planet, Chiron. Chiron is the Wounded Healer and reveals where our greatest wounds reside and shows that if we do the work to face these wounds, our greatest healing can take place. Additionally, this Chiron YOD is further amplified because just 3 hours after the exact full moon takes place, Chiron will station direct. This means that Chiron will be at a standstill in the sky and will begin to exit his underworld journey. The power of any planet that comes to a standstill is said to be amplified in astrology. This shows that Chiron and the full moon are shining a bright light on the experiences, situations, and memories that we may be holding that house some of our deepest hurts because we have reached a point where we are ready to let them go. We have reached a point where we are ready to heal.  2024 is a year where we are given an opportunity to master resilience.  A year we can learn much from the spirit messenger spider.  The message and medicine of spider is the wisdom that there is a time to weave and work our way into the world, to exert ourselves; and yet there’s also the rhythm of coming back to our center allowing and resting in heartfelt receptivity. Spider is here to remind us of a more harmonious path, one of patience and trust. When we weave a web from our heart, we realize we are delicately woven into the larger fabric of things. If we follow the tugs of our heart strings, we will enter a weaving-receiving, co-creative partnership with the universe and serve the goddess from that rhythmic flow.   For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a Full Moon Ritual dedicated to spider. CLICK HERE.  I have also posted a guided audio meditation to work more deeply with this lunation in weaving your own dream and new reality.  CLICK HERE


December 30, 2023 – Jupiter stations direct in Taurus

Jupiter shifted into Taurus in December 2022 and will be moving into Gemini in May 2024. So, for the next 5 months, Jupiter will be finishing his transit through Taurus and won’t be back in this sign for 12 years. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, opportunity, and freedom. Taurus is the sign of stability, practicality, and letting go of urgency. From December 2023 to May 2024, Jupiter is inviting us to expand into the beauty of slowing down, taking our time, and listening to our own internal rhythm. Additionally, if there is a goal you would like to accomplish that requires steady effort and focus, Jupiter in Taurus supports you in your endeavors at this time.

 As you navigate through December, be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence.  If you would like to receive guidance for the coming year with a Soul Life Reading I am scheduling sessions for January.

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A big thank you to Natasha our star child for her celestial wisdom.  If you would like to schedule an astrological reading with Natasha she can be reached out [email protected].

Wishing you a magickal Solstice celebration.

Kia Kaha.. Be Strong

Love and Rainbows, Robbyne

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