So powerful was my experience at the Black Madonna, that we decided to cancel our original plans and stay an extra day.  I had one of the pieces of Pounamu, the stone of peace and unity that had been gifted to me in New Zealand by the Waitaha elder and I knew it needed to be deposited in the river.  Rivers are the source of life and the bloodline of the earth mother.  They carry the prayers and dreams of human beings and can change the course of events of the future or heal the mistakes of the past.

When Lucia, joined us, she shared with me the source of the three rivers merging together in Passau and I knew instantly this was where the greenstone needed to be deposited.  I had carried the greenstone to the Black Madonna and asked that she bless the stone with forgiveness and healing for all that had taken place on these lands in the past.  Healing of the land for all the lives that had been lost, not just in war but those who had followed the Earth Religion and walked upon the earth in truth but were accused and murdered in the name of the church.  Three is a sacred and mysterious number and found in every religion.  For the Church of Rome it is symbolized as the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  For those that follow the earth religion and the acknowledgement of the black mother goddess it symbolizes the Maiden, (childlike innocence), the mother, (the nurturer and care giver) and the crone, (the wise woman, the grandmother wisdom keeper).  It also symbolizes Heaven, Earth and Human.

The three rivers that come together are the Danube, which is the second largest river in Europe and has its source in the Black Forest of Germany flowing from the West.  It touches nine different countries Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia and Ukraine making its final destination into the Black Sea, the Inn River flows from the South whose source begins in Lake Lunghin passes through Switzerland and creates the border between Germany and Austria.  The third river is the Ilz, a river of the Bavarian Forest, which flows from the North.  At the place where the three rivers merged together, we would deposit the greenstone.

As we released the stone into the river it created a beautiful ripple across the water.  Knowing that this prayer would flow through so many countries it would send our prayer across most of Europe.

My guidance would lead me to discover something else that touched my heart deeply.  There are many stories that claim that Adolf Hitler moved to Passau with his family at the age of three.  There are reports that a young boy fell into the river and would have drowned had a Catholic priest not pulled the struggling boy from the river.  The boy was said to have been Adolf Hitler.  I wondered for a moment if the history of humankind could have been altered that day.  I knew that somehow I was doing a small part to altar the history that was stored in the land and in the water by placing the blessed greenstone that held the new dream into the waters.  I had answered the call of the Black Madonna and now much was being set in motion.  It was clear I would return to these waters and to the dark lady of Altotting one day with those who would also be called by the dark lady.

We were gifted with a gorgeous and sunny day and made one final journey into the cathedral.  Even though I do not claim to have an allegiance to any particular religion as I choose to be of universal faith. I honor the first religion, known as the earth religion which belongs to everyone.  I made a point to pray within the cathedral for the end of separation that humanity still experiences with our religious differences and to pray for one world, one faith coming together once again in unity and harmony.  I will never stop believing this is the new dream, nor will I miss a single day to be part of the change.   What captured my attention  when I entered the cathedral and made my heart smile was not the display of wealth that the church had spent in creating this stone structure,  but the magnificent tree that stood at the altar.  The tradition of bringing a Christmas tree into the home began thousands of years before the birth of Jesus and was brought into the home at the time of the Winter Solstice to bring the elemental kingdom into the world of human when the alliance between the two worlds was strong.

The magnificence of this tree being,  symbolized the very dream we had just placed in the waters of Europe.  The lights represented the souls of all living beings that share our beloved earth. The great Standing Tall One, quietly reminding us to find our connection to home as it stood with its branches pointed upward in a symbol of prayer.   My heart was filled with joy and I could feel the faery folk smiling back at me.  I smiled too knowing they were fully present within this stone structure man had built to communicate with God.  All we ever really needed to do was connect to nature.  This was the guidance of the Dark Mother Goddess and this would be the focus of all the journeys and teachings I would share.  To reestablish the alliance between the world of human and that of nature.  To help one remember the old ways of magick that come when we embrace nature.   To weave the web of light and find those of the rainbow nation.  This was going to be a grand year.  Magick was everywhere and miracles easily found for the one who looks with the eyes of a Shaman.  Avalon was indeed calling me home.

Wishing you magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Dear Robbyne, how beautiful to read your account of your time in Passau, the Pounamu greenstone, the cathedral, the tree being, your words ‘to re-establish the alliance between the world of the human and that of nature’..I want to tell you about an experience I had which has oriented and directed the course of my life for the past two years or so based on something very close to this. I had a dream which I will never forget around two years or so. In the dream, there was a woman, a creature, who was as if part human, part spirit, part nature goddess, and this woman was instructing on how to live as one with nature.. she was healing the planet, instructing on healing the planet through the communication and relationship that she had with nature, the natural world and the planet. It was as if she was saying, this is how we engage, commune with nature and the planet, how we touch the trees, how we walk on the earth, how we speak, act, behave, exist, this is the reverence and the energy we have in relation to nature, all life and all living beings. It was an incredibly moving dream. I have tried to realise this dream in my work as a dancer, a choreographer and teacher creating a dance work called Soul of the Beast, and ‘The Restore Project’ to begin trying to realise the message of this dream. Recently, again, a few months ago, I received the words, ‘Give the Earth Back to Itself, Give Men’s Bodies back to Themselvees, Give Women’s Bodies Back to themselves..’ Again, this is a higher force, a higher consciousness commmunicating with me around this. How to embody these words, how to bring them to life, and how to honour them in this 21st century with all the focus on material acquisitions and material to bring this vision to the realm of everyday life, this is what I am doing now and your words from the faerie beings in the tree there at the cathedral..speaking to me as well through your writing..’All we ever needed to do was connect with Nature.’..Thank you. More info on the Restore Project on p://

  2. PS. If you have any support, help, advice that you receive for me to hear and receive I would be really grateful. Thank you.

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